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Major Wedding Style Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Major Wedding Style Mistakes You Must Avoid

So, you are all set for getting married! You have convinced yourself to accept the biggest change of life that is marriage. Then, celebrate this beautiful turning point of life in the best possible way. The most important thing that matters a lot is the way you look at your big day and how perfect is wedding style.

The wedding planning starts from the day, your date is fixed. You start looking for unique wedding theme ideas and best wedding photographers, to ensure that there are no chances for any mistakes. Still, there are many unavoidable mistakes that most of the people miss out; we will explain some of the major ones here to help you in avoiding them at your wedding -

1. The first and very common mistake that most of us make is that we get too excited and start shopping for our bridal wears or groom dress at first, without even deciding the wedding venue.

Mistakes In Bridal Wear

First, you need to look for the location that whether it’s a spacious hall or a small one? Whether it is a breezy lawn or banquet hall, etc; all these will help you in choosing a dress according to your wedding location.

For instance, if it’s a breezy lawn then you can prefer a heavy dress as the lawn will keep you cool and away from sweat.

2. Playing with colors and creating unique styles is fun but when it comes to the wedding, you need to stick to 2 to 4 shades only. This helps in creating a smooth cohesive flow which highlights every detail, carefully.

wedding decoration mistakes

Too many colors look too messy and the wedding theme doesn’t seem too clear in it. The wedding decorators generally use combinations like a bold color such as purple with creamy white; this gives a modified look along with creating maximum impact on the invited guests.

3. Always plan your wedding according to the weather. In winters, you need thicker material clothes for brides and groom while in summers you need wedding outfits, in which you can breathe easily.


Not only dresses, but the entire wedding style, theme, and décor need to be according to the season in which you are getting married. You can set up a hot beverage bar for winter weddings and a cool cocktail bar for summer wedding receptions.

4. Another mistake is that you need to keep your wedding planner, decorator and your fashion and makeup artist in the loop always, which many young couples fail to do. This causes troubles when the wedding arrangements are not in proper synchronization.

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Yeah, it is important that your wedding outfit, wedding décor & stage backdrop and everything else should smoothly blend with other to give you the best pictures for your wedding album.

5. Another very common and innocent mistake that we generally make that we prefer modern stage and venue décor for our wedding style but we go with traditional outfits for the bride and groom.

Mandap Decoration Tips

It is better to maintain a balance between both of them, as the excess of any style will spoil the entire look of the wedding. So, you can prefer traditional outfits with modern colors and patterns on it. You can also select contemporary wedding styles but don’t fail to add a touch of traditional customs to it. A modern mandap can work as perfect wedding style for 2018.

6. A major mistake that we make is the distribution of the wedding for different tasks. In which we allow the maximum amount of shopping for gifts and to food and catering services. We fail to acknowledge the importance of wedding style. One needs to allocate proper time and money to decide that what kind of wedding they want.

Get Together Party Hall

Whether you need a grand celebration or a small get-together? Whether you to invite hundreds of guests or you want to keep it a private affair? What kind of decoration do you prefer? And many other important questions! You need to know your preferences then only you can plan the best wedding style for yourself.

7. Another issue is our imagination. Many times, we see something good at some wedding and something nice at another, we add them to our wedding setting too. It’s not healthy; we can’t just mix both features together until we have the complete clear picture of its impact.

Wedding Style

For a good wedding style, you need to everything in the perfect organization so that the things will complement each other.

8. Many of us have close relatives who like to take family pictures. So, most of us also make a very common mistake that is we ask them to click the wedding pictures too. What’s the point of investing too much money, time, energy and effort on deciding the perfect wedding style when you can’t store it perfectly?

wedding photographers in jaipur

Photos and videos are the only way through which you can cherish your memories whenever you feel like. So, make sure you handover such tasks only to professionals. You can book best candid photographers in Jaipur as they are the experts in this job.

There are many other wedding style mistakes that we generally make in the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparation and celebration. These are some of the major ones listed above that can cause some serious damage to the entire planning. So, it is important that you study them carefully to try and avoid them at your wedding celebration! 

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