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7 Most Common But Important Wedding Social Media Mistakes

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7 Most Common But Important Wedding Social Media Mistakes

The wedding ceremony is more than typical wedding photography, bridal makeup or any other thing. Social media has an important role play in announcing the pre-wedding celebrations and the total journey till you get married.

Posting Pre-wedding photos and Couple click by tagging your in-laws is quite common nowadays. However, do not get enlisted amongst the faulty wedding couples that end up getting forwarded as a WhatsApp joke. Make sure that everything you upload over the social media is absolutely perfect and does not become a topic of mockery.

Social Media

Social Media Wedding

Infographic Credit: aiowedding.com

Following are some social media mistakes that are commonly committed-

● posting pictures before getting engaged/married

Post Selfies On Social Media

It's quite natural for people to feel anxious regarding the wedding dress and the wedding couple when they hear your wedding news. Definitely, the wedding couple is already in touch with each other. But that should not end up ruining the fun by posting pictures beforehand. You can definitely share the intricate moments with your loved ones after getting married.

● Do not substitute traditional invitation with e-cards

The people based invitations are quite correct and substantial at the same time. They have no replacement to date. Sending a digital e-card is environment-friendly but that is not a social way of invitation as yet. You can definitely send a follow up thank you message after the guests attend your wedding. sometimes old fashion way of invitation works better than anything else.

● Don't spend your wedding day on chatting

A wedding is an important day which requires you to make it memorable. Spending your maximum time on social media network for getting suggestions about your wedding dress and wedding makeup is of no use. Later on, you will definitely regret not enjoying the functions and rituals that were held on your behalf.

● Don't forget to tag

A bride to be can create a good impression upon the future in-laws by sending them a friend request and tagging the relevant people in the uploaded pictures. Getting tired by the new member of the family is the best feeling ever. Therefore, the bride is definitely going to receive a positive response it should also. On the other hand, if a girl simply uploads the picture of her husband, it might disappoint the in-laws by making you appear a social media buff.

● Do not post your honeymoon pictures

Social media platform is a way to tie up with formal and informal relations. You might have certain official people added to your social media account. Uploading your honeymoon pictures is definitely absurd and indecent. You should take care about the sensitive data and completely censor yourself before posting any content online.

● Do not forget to ask about the best themes and colors

Wedding Hashtags

The social media experts have all the ideas about latest wedding themes, photography and wedding dress. They can give you the best of ideas for hiring experts. Do not take a backseat in posting a question regarding your wedding theme or any other problem on a social media platform.

● Avoid posting pictures with random people

Until and unless someone is your cousin or real sibling, the best is to avoid uploading pictures that particularly comprise you and the opposite gender person. In-laws are quite sensitive regarding the content you post on your profile. Who knows they are tracking you for getting all the updates about.  casual pictures with your buddies can make them doubtful regarding your relationship. Therefore, the best is to follow the societal norms and avoid doing anything which can create a mess.

● Upload Pre-wedding photos after getting married

Pre wedding pictures are cool and a social media Hype. More than anything else, Pre wedding photos are definitely going to receive hundreds of likes within an hour of upload. The latest trend is simply breaking all the rules of traditional wedding photography. However, you need to remember that these pictures are quite sensitive in nature. Therefore, upload them only after you are finally tied in the eternal knot.

● Do not forget to use Snap chat filter and wedding hashtags

Snap chat filter pictures

One of the most creative ways to upload information on social media network is by using wedding hashtags. Choose your favorite wedding style and make sure that you communicate your happiness to every person who follows you online.

● Do not forget to upload the picture of the wedding ring

Post Engagement Rings

Pictures of the wedding rings are much awaited after the world comes to know about your wedding date. Integrate thebeautiful bokeh effect wedding rings so that people chant get to know things better.

● Keep everything perfect

The hand with the engagement ring is the most noticeable part on a social media upload.  make sure that everything is absolutely perfect while you publicize anything. Do not mind fixing an appointment with a nail expert so that you do not receive negative comments on your nails and hands which hold the ring.


Caption everything perfectly and remain happy for everything you do. More than wondering what others would comment remain confident and satisfied with the blessing that almighty has given you. No matter what, there is always a group of jealous people on social media network would never appreciate you. Just pay a little attention on wedding photography type and upload it right away after giving a little thought.

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