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Top 5 wedding sangeet theme ideas for 2018

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There are many rituals and ceremonies which together make wedding perfect and special. One of them is sangeet ceremony and without any doubt is the core part of any wedding. In fact, it is most enjoyable ceremonies for which bride, groom, and their families invest a lot of time in selecting a song and preparing dance performances. With DJ attuned to needs of aunties and relatives on a dance floor and cocktail bar which doesn’t stop; all these are few things that make sangeet ceremony even more exciting. But, however, some people are not able to enjoy their wedding functions so much as they get busy in the preparations and finalizing other important things.

So, if you want to give up the responsibilities like handling decorations and all then you can hire wedding decorators in Jaipur. They will provide best decoration services that you and your guests are going to adore a lot. Not only this, they even have unique ideas which are going to make your sangeet ceremony best party of the town.

Hire dance troupes to make sangeet interesting -

Hire Dance Troups 2018 Wedding Sangeet

There are so many ways of making sangeet night interesting, one of which is by hiring dance troupes. Since they are professional dancers so with them you need not have to worry about entertainment. They will put up their best efforts to make your sangeet unforgettable. In fact, you can even prepare dance with them and do practice for making your entry unique and more enjoyable. Thus, deciding a perfect and dream wedding sangeet theme is not so easy. But, if you want to throw a sangeet party in a unique and different way then following are some of the top themes which you can go with as per your budget -

Antakshari theme -

antakshari theme for wedding

This is an old-fashioned theme that will never go out of fashion. Overall, it is an evergreen theme that everyone will adore. But, while planning for Antakshari theme keep in mind not to make this an important affair because there are many other things which have to be done that day. In fact, for making this theme more interesting you can form teams and try to involve all the relatives. Along with this, you can even play games and keep gifts ready to motivate everyone.

Award night theme -

Award Night Theme

Undoubtedly, this is the most amazing and entertaining theme that your guests will remember throughout their life. With some simple arrangements, you can turn sangeet ceremony into an award night. To add fun, you can even arrange trophies and many such things that will give award night feel. While on other hands, to build suspense you can even nominate some people and let other guests guess who is going to win the award. In fact, to give real feel you can even present a couple of relatives as anchors/host whom you think can do anchoring and can make the night more interesting.

Hollywood theme -

Hollywood Theme For Wedding

If you are a true Hollywood fan and love watching movies, television series, awards and more then you can have Hollywood theme for your dream wedding sangeet. You can plan dance on top Hollywood songs and can hire choreographers in Jaipur for making your performance one of the best performances of the night. Along with this, you can even have décor matching with a theme and moreover prefer wearing western dresses that will give you a celebrity look such as the bride can opt for tail style gown while groom can go for a tuxedo. While on the other hand, you can also plan for Hollywood galas such as granny night, Oscar’s and many more. In fact, this is a most modern theme which is gaining wide popularity these days and many celebrities are having this theme at their parties.

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Fairytale theme -

Fairytale Wedding Sangeet Theme

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This is one of the few themes that every bride wants in her wedding. There are many decoration ideas when you can choose for this. Fairytale theme is based on special characters like Cinderella, Snow White, sleeping beauty, Jasmine and many more. In fact, you can even have invitation cards with palace, flowers and many such things printed on it. To make sangeet night more memorable you can also have replicas of Disney characters and fairies. Not only this, you can have a fairy tale cake matching with a theme and moreover decorated with colourful flowers, castles, dragons, a miniature of king and queen etc.

Mela theme -

Mela Wedding Sangeet Theme

This theme is really very interesting, amazing and out of your imagination. There are so many things which you can do and plan for this such as hanging puppets, pinwheels, colourful curtains, multicoloured tents and a lot more. Mela theme is something that will remind bride and groom of their childhood. In fact, to make this theme more attractive use bright and neon colour lightning. Not only this, you can also ask your decorator to bring some swings such as a merry-go-round, giant wheel, and many others. This theme is best if you have a lot of kids and teenagers in your family.

Conclusion - Wedding is the time when you can fulfil all your dreams and desires that you have dreamt of. You can make your wedding ceremonies more enjoyable with above mentioned most popular sangeet themes in the coming year 2018. Hope that you have a blast on your sangeet function which is undoubtedly one of the most important wedding ceremonies! 

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