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6 Fun Tips For The Wedding Sangeet Ceremony

6 Fun Tips For The Wedding Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet ceremony is one of the most anticipated events leading to marriage. It is one such event that everyone looks forward to enjoying. The music and dance performances on this day set the mood for the wedding and special memories are created. Since wedding sangeet function is once in a lifetime occasion, it is important that you organize it in a special and exclusive manner. The idea basically is to make the event entertaining where the entire guests enjoy themselves to the core. 

First and foremost you should choose a perfect venue for organizing the function. Additionally, you should opt for a perfect decoration by following decent wedding sangeet decoration tips. You should ensure best possible arrangements and along with it, you can follow the given below tips to make your sangeet function a happening and fun-filled event.

Tips For The Wedding Sangeet Ceremony

1. Organize a theme based sangeet ceremony– One of the best and simplest ways to make your sangeet ceremony special is by organizing it in a theme based manner.  By putting up a theme based sangeet ceremony, you can entertain your guests in an engaging manner.  You can simply choose wedding sangeet theme ideas based on your liking recent trends such as retro, casino, Bollywood, and carnival or classical.  In sync with the theme of the sangeet, you can plan the music of the party, food as well as games.

Theme Based Sangeet Ceremony

Moreover, you can ask and encourage your guests to dress according to the theme so as to make the whole setup look synchronized and organic. Organizing a theme based sangeet is an exciting way to make the event entertaining, engaging and at the time same time a little dramatic and funny.

2. Karaoke night- To make your sangeet an exciting event, you can request your guests to try their hand at singing. If they can sing in the bathroom, they can certainly sing on the stage for audiences. You can encourage everyone to get on the stage and make the best of the opportunity given for singing. To make the guests feel comfortable, you can take initiative by singing one or two songs yourself. 

To ensure that everyone takes interest in the activity, you can ask your shy relatives to sing in the chorus or stand behind lead singers to sing backup vocals. This activity can prove a real entertainer once the guests get comfortable and start singing in loud voice voluntarily.  Moreover, to escalate the excitement you can pass the mike to married couples and ask for some marriage advice for yourself.

3. Organize a special dance performance- While the active participation of guests is vital to making the sangeet ceremony an entertaining and memorable event, you can also plan a special dance performance from an expert performer. For this purpose, you can hire a professional dance performer or dance group who take a specialization in performing at such events.

Special Dance Performance

Apart from that, to make the evening a special event, you can plan individual or group dance performances of your family members or siblings on popular Bollywood numbers. To make sure that dance performances look elegant, you can hire the assistance of choreographer to practice dance on popular songs from beforehand. The event can be made all the more memorable by getting your parents or grandparents on the dance floor.

4. Photo Booth- To make you sangeet ceremony an unforgettable night, you can create a photo booth where everyone can get their photos clicked in a funny way. You can equip the photo booth with silly and funny props and ask your guests to stop clicking selfies instead make poses to get clicked in a funny and entertaining way.

Photo Booth In Wedding Sangeet

In case the sangeet ceremony is held jointly, then both bride and groom take over the booth to have some funny pictures clicked of themselves. Such funny and crazy pictures with each other would certainly make for precious memories that they can cherish for the lifetime.

5. Musical Chair- Another quite entertaining and engaging way to encourage guest participation in sangeet ceremony is through musical chair game. Like dance performances, this activity is a hit too among family members especially the ladies of the family. To add an element of excitement to the game, you can ignore Bollywood songs as they are little predictable. Instead, you can request few elderly members to sing old folk songs to give a unique feel to the game.

musical chair games in wedding sangeet

Besides, you can arrange dholaks and other musical instruments that can be played regularly by someone to make the whole game a perfectly orchestrated activity. Surely this would make the sangeet ceremony a thoroughly entertaining affair and one that will be remembered for a long time in future.

6. An Award Ceremony- To add a flavor of excitement to the sangeet ceremony, you can organize awards ceremony. Turning your sangeet night into an award night can make guests competitive and highly excited at the same time. What you need is to arrange some trophies and decide on some crazy and incredibly funny categories that need to be awarded.

Award Function

Options such as miss drama Queen, Mr. trouble Maker, Mr. Mischief, Ms. Patakha are some categories that you can promote in the award to make the whole activity fun-filled and entertaining. Essentially, do not just distribute the awards simply; rather you can nominate three to four people in each category to heighten the excitement levels. This activity can also be planned with the help of one of the top wedding planners in Jaipur to make it even more exciting.

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