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10 Ways To Make Your (Wedding Reception) Memorable

10 Ways To Make Your (Wedding Reception) Memorable

The wedding is a special occasion for the couples and needs thorough planning. Everything needs to be well thought out from flowers to venues, to food and reception. Yes, the reception! The reception is the last wedding ceremony that will be remembered by guests. Every couple wants their reception party to be special and well custom according to their taste and preferences. Do you want too?

To achieve a reception party that will be remembered by the guest not only for the days but for the years, you have to work hard. Here are I suggest ten things that can help you to make your reception day an unforgettable day for the wedding guest and you. Or you can take help of event companies near me or you.

1. Make Reception Venue Feel Like Home

Wedding reception

Choose the reception venue, like a heritage palace, an inner room of the restaurant, etc. If it is not possible, then design your selected reception venue in a residential way. It gives you and your guests a home feel.

It is absolutely unique and creative for the last wedding ceremony. You can go with best wedding decorators in Jaipur.

They are professional in their work and completely change the random venue in the residential venue with the help of best tent house in Jaipur.

2. Add Spice To The Bride And The Groom Chairs

Groom Chairs

The basic chair format of bride and groom is getting old now. Time to add some twist to the old decoration. Discuss it with your flower decorators, how to make it creative and unique.

Embellish the chair with reception theme. If you want to go natural, decorate it with the leaves and blooms. Otherwise with the label of Mr., Mrs. or with some special love quotes notes on the chair.

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3. Hire An Ice-Cream Bike

Ice cream bike

It’s time to wow your guests and creates a memorable experience for the wedding dessert. If you choose an ice cream for a dessert, then instead of ice cream stole, bring an ice-cream bike.

It would be unique and attract the guest’s eyes. It is perfect to serve the ice-cream indoor or outdoor. Your guests will be served by a traditionally dressed member of staff.

Bring verities of ice-cream and cones with multiple flavors and prepare the official menu for the ice-cream.

4. Surprise Your Guests With Singing Tables

Guests With Singing Tables

A singing table plays a random song whenever the guest will serve the food from the food counter. It will be sure to get everyone laughing and singing along.

You can manage this idea with the help of DJ Sound in Jaipur. Before finalizing the vendors, tell them your ideas. Is he/she is comfortable to do or not? If he/she is ready then time to spread the fun on the reception night.

5. Serve Bride And Groom Cocktails

Bride And Groom Cocktails

Instead of serving regular champagne or wine on the bar counter, why not add bride and groom drink.

Mix the different type of alcohol and prepare the verities of cocktails and name them as bride and groom. Or you can try serving the bride’s and groom’s favorite drink in the guests. Share your favorite drink with guests to know your taste and likes.

6. Bring Photo Booth & Props

photo booth & props

Get your guests giggling in the photo booth with the photo props. Instead of regular perfect posed wedding album, be unique with the photo booth & props. Capture the fun time with props.

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We love how the couples and guests made use of photo booth and photo props for a great photo. The photo booth and photo props idea, not only make reception night creative but the wedding album too.

7. Light It Up With Colorful Lights

Colorful lights

Lighting can make everything look well. Decorate the wedding venue with the best wedding decorators in Jaipur with the colorful lighting. Use soft ambient light in different areas with a different idea.

The right kind of illumination on the walls, the floor and table lamps for the floor, use the scented candle on the table, etc. Make your reception night to the next level with some creative lighting strategies. You can easily find all type of lighting even in every color on the best tent house in Jaipur.

8. Order A Superhero Wedding Cake

Superhero Wedding Cake

Nowadays, brides and grooms love the idea of superhero wedding cakes. To be the one that celebrates the wedding with a superhero wedding cake among all wedding guests, pick this idea.

Choose your Superhero Wedding Cake according to the reception theme or your favorite superhero or your partner’s superhero. The non-wedding related cake turns every guest’s eye on your cake.

9. Play With Various Fabrics

play with various fabrics

If you are an interior designer, then personalize your reception venue with your creative interior art. If you are not then still you can go with this idea. Explore your fashion taste and ideas in terms of fabric and fabric print for the entire decoration of the reception venue.

It reflects your personal style and choices. It is budget friendly and easy to use. Consult your wedding decorators in Jaipur to manage the fabric decoration.

10. Invite Your Pet

Invite Your Pet

Do you ever see pets in the wedding? If no, then you can. Allow your pet to your reception day. Make a special corner for your beloved pet. Groom your pet as well in the reception themes and prepare it to take part in the reception photo.


If you want to turn all guest attention to your wedding reception day, then make it. You have found the ideal and few quirky things that you should consider in the reception decoration. All are simple ideas that are easy to manage for you and your flower decorators and make your day stand out from the crowd. 

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