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12 Important Things Keep In Mind While Doing Wedding Photography

12 Important Things Keep In Mind While Doing Wedding Photography

The wedding day is a most special day for all bride’s and the groom’s life. Every couple and family want to save the wedding fun and enjoyment for the entire life, wedding photographers are the only one who can help them to store the memories of the special day, so couples and family member can cherish the wedding entire life. Wedding photographer has a huge responsibility for the wedding and there is no chance of any mistake. It is a big day for the couples and wants to be captured just as they imagined, especially after all the hard work they put into their wedding planning. Couple research a lot, and then finalize you as a wedding photographer or candid photographer in Jaipur to make their wedding memorable. Now, it is your time to prove yourself and give satisfying results. Of course, it is not easy to handle the pressure. But you have to get your job in right way. Here some little planning and do to list that can help you in wedding photography.


1. Explore the wedding venue properly for the shots.

For the perfect photo shoot, explore the wedding venue before the wedding day to scope out the shot location and lighting things. Completely map out the wedding venues flow. Where will you start? Which location is suitable for the preferable shot? What are the distractions on wedding venue? Where will be gone next? One round of location can help you. It is best for you if you arrive the wedding location at least an hour before the shoot to prepare all the things for the best wedding photography. Make your client feel relaxed throughout the day.


2. Find the lighting place.

While visiting the wedding location, analyze the lighting place or check lighting is enough for the wedding shoot. You can also analyze it by some few test shots with flash or without flash. Take your visit successful by finding the answer of- Do you require a white balance sheet for the flash or not? In the wedding decoration, it is obvious to have the colorful lighting. So take care of that too. Is it reflecting in the photo or not? They often have to gel the flash to match the color of the wedding venue’s lighting.


3. Be ready with the fully charged batteries.

Camera Gears for wedding

Check your camera’s gear, batteries before leaving for the wedding. Cross check batteries, that they are working properly or not or they are fully charged or not. Charge all batteries day before the wedding. If you are using flash, then your batteries will discharge too fast, so make attention to it. It is a sign of best wedding photographer, to keep extra several spare batteries for the backup that are fully charged. Make sure everything so there will be no chances for any mistakes and to disappoint you clients.


4. Allot new memory space or empty it before the shoot.

You need to empty the camera’s memory card or SD card. It is also an ideal if you bring an extra memory card in your bag. You required more than you think. It is common to take about 2000 to 3000 images of the wedding and several candid photoshoots. It is not clear that when you required the new memory space. It is better for wedding photographers to have the several smaller cards than just one or two big ones. If your one of the card is corrupted or failed, you can minimize the loss of images with multiple memory cards.


5. Should know the bride’s and groom’s wants.

Wedding Photographers in Jaipur

It is the main responsibility for all the wedding photographers in Jaipur to fulfill the bride’s and groom’s expectation. To know their expectation related to the pre-wedding or wedding photography, you should keep staying in touch with them. Visit the bride’s place once a week to let know their wants and discussion your wedding photo ideas and poses for a bride for the wedding day. Make your bride and groom feel good, so they are willing to appreciate you and your professional work through the wedding.


6. Being aware of the surrounding.

Keep in mind, your wedding photos will be share in front of many peoples and guests. Whether it is pre-wedding photos or wedding photos. To manage your professional work in a most effective way, you should aware of the surrounding. Now, whether it is indoor or outdoor shoot. Like, if you want to explore your pre-wedding shoot ideas on some outdoor location, you can find many issues if you do not aware of it. You unable to capture the perfect pose with the surroundings. Once visit the location and aware of surrounding before finalize your photoshoot ideas.


7. Keeping a calm head in an unexpected scenario and thinking about solutions rather than problems.

A wedding can be stressful due to a lot of family members and wedding disturbance or other problem like limited camera gears, forget flash white sheet, batteries are not charge, etc. Keep yourself cool. Instead of thinking about the problem, thinking about how to solve the problem. If you get panic, it can panic your client & the bride or the groom because they want a perfect wedding album. Smile throughout the wedding in every situation. Keep your reaction neutral. Clam yourself and try to focus on the solution.


8. Should able to adjust as per your shooting environment

Wedding Shoot Surrounding

A wedding can have multiple ceremonies. If you are hired a wedding photographer, your job is not restricting to the wedding day. The other ceremonies, Mehandi ceremony, Haldi ceremony, reception party and even the pre-wedding are your job. Try to handle and adjust the wedding environment. Several ceremonies have several guests leads to a lot of noise, crowd. Keep yourself cool and focused. If you are not able to adjust to the shooting environment, then you are not the professional wedding photographer. A professional is professional whatever the situation is.


9. Able to understand the point of view of pandits, bride and groom, their parents, immediate family and special guests.

A wedding has many rituals and many guests. If you are shooting for the wedding, you will face many different people like pandit, parents, guest, waiter, etc. Every person has their own work and they are willing to do their best same like you. So do not demotivate or lost your path because of other’s work. Even try to understand their point of view whether you have to wait for your turn. 


10. Able to keep oneself well hydrated and energized

Wedding Photographers in Jaipur

A whole day wedding shoot is not an easy job. To keep your energy high, hydrate yourself time to time. Inhale a cup of tea or coffee to energize yourself. Hydrate yourself within every hour with some liquid or with some juicy fruits or veggies. It helps you to boost your energy level and you stay focus on your work. Make your bride and groom happy with your professional work.


11. Create a checklist of poses that the couple to do on your special day.

It is a bit nervous point for you when a bride or a groom asks you about the poses. Bride and groom just want that they have the most happening wedding ever. To prepare the list of best wedding poses in advance for the bride and the groom is good. There are many shots for bride and groom that are must to add, let know about them ahead of time. If you prepared your poses list, provide it to the bride and groom. So they can prepare it before for the realistic shot. Make sure the pose will be realistic, whether you have to take the number of shots.


12. Shoot the small details such as rings, dresses, flowers, decoration etc.

Rings wedding shoot

The wedding is not restricted to the bride, the groom or the wedding guests. The couples plan their wedding from the months. They spend a lot of time to finalize their wedding decoration, wedding flowers, wedding rings, etc. The bride and the groom surely love your unique idea to add these special things in your wedding shoots. Capture the special engagement ring with the couples or the decoration.


If you get ready for the above planning, let’s surprise your couple. Couple does not compromise in wedding whether it is for wedding photography or something else. The only way to surprise and for a successful wedding photography, wedding photographers or candid photographers in Jaipur have to clear about what you want.


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