Heart-Written Awesome Wedding Invitation Wordings For Your Friends, Dearest and Nearest Ones

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Your wedding is, and your invitation cards are getting printed, and you are planning for your wedding, “Kaise karege, Kya karege”, “Kya hoga aur kya nayhi”. You have prepared the guests’ list also to whom you want to send invites but there are some friends, relatives and special guests, to whom you want to send special invites; because they are very near to you, and those who are very, very near ones, are always dear ones. And dear ones are invited in very, very, very special warmly way. You need to create, show and express love in your words provided, just by reading the word their heart melts.

So your wedding invitation wording should be in a way that it should feel that you are pouring out your heart’s feelings. Like these ones below: Whether you want to put it out in English, or Hindi or in any other language (if you know, your choice) you can. To your dearest, dearestest friends, “jinke saath apne apni jungli or bachpan ke jawani ke saare din bitaaye hain”, unke ke liye wedding invitation wordings for friends, kuch is tarah se hain. Though it depends what kind of bond you share with your individual friend whether he or she. You need to express according to that.

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Wedding Invitation Wordings For Friends, Special Guests And Relatives:

No amount of time will be sufficing enough to celebrate our union, we would like to start with the word now! On behalf of our families, we are inviting you to be an integral part of our big day. Your gracious presence will aggrandize the event charm.


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We asked a lot of people is there anything like happily ever after? The answers were perplexing. So, we decided to try and find it out. We are commencing a new phase of life, and without your blessings, our journey will be humdrum. Be part of our celebration!


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We have heard gazillions time that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. Finally, we have realized it! To begin our happily ever after, I request the presence of my dearest friend to make our celebration more special.


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Sangeet - Now hop on to stage and shake a leg till you drop

(Date, Time, Venue)

Wedding - You could have dodged the bullet, but sorry, it's too late now!

(Date, Time, Venue)

Reception - It's all about food, come and gobble as much as you can.

(Date, Time, Venue)

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Hero Ko Finally Heroine Mil Hi Gyi!  Is shaadi main dance Hoga, Seetiyaan bhi Bajegi, Thumke bhi Lagenge, Emotional Siyappa Bhi Hoga, Band Baaja bhi Hoga, aur Khusi se Aankhein bhi Namm Hogi!

My dearest buddy, You are cordially invited  to grace my engagement and wedding ceremonies!


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My forever friend. We have known each other since school days and this beautiful bond of friendship has grown very strong. On this stage of my life when I am marrying my soul mate, I request you to please stand by my side and support me like always.


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Do you remember those days, when we all used to talk about who will get married first and who will be the last? Well, unfortunately, I am the first one! And you have to be there by my side to make the wedding day super special.


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Hey < Friend Name >

I need your help, please have a look at the list and tell me if anything is missing.

Limitless Alcohol: Check

Unlimited Food: Check

All Night Dance: Check

My Idiot Friend: Missing!

Complete this list for me and grace the wedding function with your presence. It will mean the world to me.


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It has happened a countless number of times that you’ve shown up empty handed to my birthday parties. But not today, because I am inviting you to a very special day of my life. And you have to bring yourself to my wedding, with a 10000-watt smile on your face and fill the day with loads of happiness. This is the only wedding gift I will ask of you.


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“I’m marrying my dearest one, my life partner but you are my closest one. I need your company.Without you, it couldn’t be a journey, worth-remembering”


“We both went to the same school together, live in a same colony, bad-mouthed each other from each other balconies, played together every game; you are not my best but bestest friend. Come in my wedding, without you it’s like going through hell, though I’m already”   

Date:- Time:-Venue:-

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“Come, come, come…..It’s my wedding, whisky, beers and rums; all goes all day along; we dance, party and make fun.”

[Date, Time and Venue]

Kya Pata Phir Mile Na mile, tumhari galiyo se gujre nahi gujre, aaj janaaja to nahi, jahan badal raha hain mera, aao isse aakeaur bhi hasin kar do” 

[Date, Time and Venue]

The above one for those friends with whom you share very warm and dear feelings, for those ones whom you tell your heart’s talk, your secrets. 

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“Shirts aur pants to bhaut change karke pehni ek dusre ki, ek dusre se lade bhi bhaut aur naraaz bhi bhaut hoye, par aaj bhaut kushi ka din hain, isliye aap shaamil hoye”

[Date, Time and Venue]

You must have heard in Bollywood movies “Langotiya yaar”, so above wedding invitation wordings for friends, those with whom you fight every time, yet seek them. Live in a same room in a hostel but hate each other yet love. The above lines are for those friends, those ever-fighting friends. Invite them in your wedding and make them feel special.

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“Kabhi train aur bus we safar karte-karte tum yu hi safar main saath ho liye, aaj mera safar humsafar ke saath hain, isme bhi thoda saath ho le”

[Date, Time and Venue]

This above wedding invitation quotes for friends, for those ones who met you when you were here and there traveling in a bus or a train. With whom you just banter while standing or sitting nearby whether in a bus or a train or just walk by and talk with a stranger. Sometimes it happens that we don’t know someone very completely, yet meeting them, feels like we know them for years. It is that kind of a bond that suddenly or instantly forms with a stranger. The above wedding invitation wording and messages for that stranger friend. 

Wedding Invitation Quotes For Friends:

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There are no words limits how you want to express yourself to your friends and want to invite them for the wedding. You can do as you want to do it. But if you express more in less words, it would be lot better and feel good. The above wedding invitation wordings are for your all about whom you feel they are special in your life, and you want to also make them feel special in your wedding, then you can definitely use the lines we have provided or written for you. Though it is always different and matter individually, and it is best if you could express yourself and if not, then use the quotes and messages we have written for you by heart. A warm welcome is always the great welcome! 

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