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20 Sweet And Cute Wedding Favors For Girls That Can Convey Love

20 Sweet And Cute Wedding Favors For Girls That Can Convey Love

So you are getting married soon? But have you thought about the wedding gifts that you will pass onto your girl gang?

No matter how insignificant this gift might sound, but don’t forget that you have spent so much time together.

They have helped you in dire situations and planned this big day with you for ages, they deserve a very special gift.

A gift which has a touch of your bond and can be given as a token of gratitude, can be the best wedding favor.

To help you plan this cute gift to your ladies, we made a list of wedding favours that can convey your love in the best way!

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20 Special Wedding Favors

Personalized Eye Mask

Personalized Eye Mask

If you are a bit short on the budget then you can give your girlies a fluffy eye mask. This eye mask can be personalized or of a unique theme. This will help them relax at night or have a comfortable journey wherever they go!

Box Of Chocolate Chip Cookies

box of chocolate chip cookies

And if you are worried about preferences then nobody can beat the chocolate chip cookies! This is everybody’s favorite and nobody can be sad at the sight of stacked cookies.

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Handwritten Letters With Candies

handwritten letters with candies

If you want to add a personalized touch then you can simply give them a handwritten letter reminiscing the old memories paired with a sweet candy. Nothing can beat personalized wedding favors if you want to pass on some love.

Vintage Sunglasses

vintage sunglasses

You can also give the trending vintage glasses to your girl friend to special this big occasion. Don’t forget to click a group picture with the group with the shades on.

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Essential Oil

essential oil

Help your ladies maintain that glowing skin by gifting them the exquisite collection of essential oils.

Seeds For An Eco Friendly Gift

Seeds For An Eco Friendly Gift

If you are planning to have an eco friendly wedding then this can be a very good choice for you! A packet of seeds will inspire them to grow more and more plants and focus on the environment around them.

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Lipstick is a weapon that every woman should be equipped with and it surely is one of the favorite gifts women can receive.

Ceramic Jars

Ceramic Jars

If you have artsy friend or friends who love to whisk the ingredients around then the ceramic jars as wedding favours that will impress them.

Bath Robes

Bath Robes

Get customized bath robes for your friends and yourself as the wedding favor. This can be a very costume for a cute wedding shoot with your friends.

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

If you want to spread some positivity in the lives of your friends then you can gift them a beautiful glass wind chime which will ring and glisten in a windy and a bright day.

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Chocolate Bars

chocolate bars

If you find all these gifts confusing then you can stick to the traditional delight, i.e. chocolate bars. This can surely bring a smile on their faces.

Antique Key Pendant

Antique Key Pendant

Nothing can beat a cute pendant when it comes to gifting something light. This pendant can depict the key of love and can be a very cute choice for the wedding favors for girls.

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Gift a premium quality alcohol to your girlies, it’s a big occasion and they should celebrate it right!

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans

Who doesn’t like the sweet and sticky jelly beans? This can revive your childhood memories with your friends.

Beer Glasses

Beer Glasses

It is a proven fact that the beer glasses disappear when a beer bottle is opened, so take this good opportunity and gift your friends a pair of beer glasses.



If you have a limited budget then this is a point that can stop your search of the cheap wedding favour ideas. Marshmallows can be a fun snack and delicious enough to gift it to your ladies!

Fresh Coffee Beans

fresh coffee beans

If you are surprised after reading this then let us tell you that a lot of people prefer getting their coffee grinded rather than buying the readymade coffee powder.

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Homemade Jam

homemade Jam

This trend started when people wanted to add personalized love to their gifts then they started giving out homemade things. So gift your ladies some healthy homemade jam!

Tassel Earrings

Tassel Earrings

Another good gifting idea for any girl is a fine piece of fine jewelry. And one thing that most of the women wear is the earrings. Add a cute twist to it by buying tassel earrings. It is one of the most useful wedding favors on this list.

Flavored Mint

Flavored Mint

Last but not the least are the flavored mint, and this can be a very good gift for all the people who don’t have a sweet tooth. Flavored mint in a cute box can cheer anybody up, so gift your girls this delightful wedding favor!

Bonus tip- Don’t forget to add a picture and a letter for the respective friend as it can cheer them up and add an intimate side to the gift.

We hope you find this blog useful and can decide upon a wedding favor for your friends. But don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have more suggestions!

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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