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The Truth About Bridal Dress Is About To Be Revealed

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The Truth About Bridal Dress Is About To Be Revealed

Whether you have already bought your wedding dress or you have just begun with shopping for the “perfect one”, here are some amazing facts that every bride would like to know about the wedding dress.

For instance, you might be wondering that how much actually people do spend on their bridal dress? The answer on an average would be Rs 25,000 (for middle-class people of course). As far other accessories are concerned, they might cost more than the dress, especially if you are planning to use precious metal and stone jewellery.

Every bride ever since the dates are fixed starts looking up online to get some ideas and inspiration for her big day. The wedding dresses pictures 2018 are scrolled day and night to find that perfect dress that you want to wear on the most special day of your life.

Some of the amazing facts about bridal dress are given below

1. The secret behind choosing red- With time, there has been made significant changes in the wedding dresses. Today, the options are endless from boring tradition red lenghas to new and colorful gowns. The brides want to wear a dress that can match in both, style as well as the trend. Yet, the majority of brides even today prefer buying shades of red as it holds great importance in Indian culture.

Choose Red Color For Bridal Dress

The Indian wedding dresses for the bride are generally red in colour because of various reasons. The red color depicts passion and love and as per Indian context, this colour is associated to the sun, therefore it is a good thing to wear something red while starting something new. The planet that is the in charge of the marriages is marred which is red in color. This is why; most of the brides wear shades of red during wedding rituals.

2. To look different- For many, bridal dress is just a dress worn by women on the day of their marriage, but the biggest secret behind the popularity of bridal dresses is that it makes you look different from everybody else. As soon as you put your wedding dress, it keeps on reminding you that it’s your day and no one can take that away from you. The bridal dress biggest secret is that it makes you feel unique, beautiful and special.

To Look Different In Wedding

3. Fantasy - Every woman, from her childhood, fantasies her wedding day, how will she married, how will the venue look like, whom all will be invited and most importantly how will she look in a bridal dress. Humans love to imagine themselves; it makes them feel positive about their coming future. Another important truth about bridal dresses is that our final choice for the wedding dress depends upon our imagination only.

Indian Wedding Dress Fantasy

4. Online shopping for variety - We keep imagining ourselves in bridal dresses and we keep looking for the exact same dress in the markets, when we find a dress similar to that, it satisfies our inner self; this is why over 30 percent of women prefer online shopping of wedding dress. The online stores offer more variety than any offline market.

Online Wedding Dress

5. The secret to getting discounted deals - Although, no one ever compromises when it comes to wedding dress it’s not bad to look for discounted deals. The most interesting truth about wedding dress is that they come with a great margin of profit. Yes, the cost of production is extremely low and because of their popularity, they don’t need marketing. Thus, the profit margin on every wedding dress is extremely high.

Getting Discount

So, the basic rule before buying any wedding dress is bargaining. Yes, try savvy negotiations as every penny counts. The more you will save the better you can spend it on other important kinds of stuff. Look up online for “wedding dresses cheap near me” to get the addresses of the store that offer bridal dresses at reasonable prices without making any compromise with the style, quality and design.

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6. Local stores are best - Another fact about bridal dresses is that you should shop for it, from the local stores. The local manufacturers even today in some parts of India provide hand woven bridal dresses with beautiful work all over it. Such craftsmen generally sell their creation to the local store owners or too big manufacturing industries, which later on sell these bridal dresses at extremely high rates in their big stores.

Wedding Dress Shops

So, why not buy directly from such local vendors only? This is why the bridal wear in Jaipur is so famous. You can plan a small trip to the city to check out their beautiful collection. Here, you can buy same dresses at many reasonable rates plus you can even ask for customized services from the craftsmen. You can also search for online Jaipur wedding dresses to avoid the stress of travelling.

7. Shopping is fun - the Last fact about wedding dress is that shopping for a bridal dress might seem hectic but once it is done, it is all over and you start missing it so, make some time for it and enjoy every moment of it.

Shopping Is Fun

So, it is not hidden by anyone that how much a bride gives importance to her wedding dress. Many people have always raised questions that why to spend so much on a dress that you might not wear ever again. Well, the wedding day is the only day that makes you feel special like as if that day is made only for you. So, you want everything to be nothing less than perfect. Therefore, it’s the only day when you can get up and dress like a princess, and complete the rituals to become the Queen.

Thus, these are some of the facts that every bride must know while shopping for her “big day” dress!

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