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2020-21 Trendiest Decors Ideas for Your Wedding

2020-21 Trendiest Decors Ideas for Your Wedding

The fever of wedding is going to grip in coming this winter season, and lots of love birds and owl birds, we mean night talkers are going to get married. And they are happy that they are getting married and now they don't need to talk late nights. When they get the license, they are all free wherever they want to talk and walk!

Your wedding preparations are on fire. Everything is getting ready with the rocket speed. We all know that in weddings food is of utmost importance. We know that food makes mood, besides this, the wedding decor is the thing also, of utmost importance, that makes and creates ambience that really helps into enjoying a wedding.

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Suppose that you don't want to go and would enjoy a wedding whose food is tasty but decor is disaster. Perhaps you wouldn't like to enter into such a wedding whose decor feels like a barren desert. Hence for your wedding, we are going to tell you some latest trends in Indian wedding decor 2019 - 2020.

Wedding Decor Trends 2020 - 2021

Floral Decor

Floral Decor wedding decor
Credit : Pinterest

Where are the flowers, there are the fairies! So the floral decor is ever trending wedding decor that perhaps any wedding couple could ever ignore. Hence whatever floral decor you want in your wedding, you can say to your hired wedding planner for this. Any variety you can choose. Several are available. It gives a soothing feel, a kind of aroma to your wedding venue when it decorated with floral decor. Even guests feel it nice, feeling like a fresh breeze to any wedding venue when embellished with beauteous floral decor.

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Go Green-Ever Green Decor

green wedding decor
Credit : Pinterest

Living in mother nature is one of the best gifts one could get. And there are some couples too, who take an extra edge to get wed in green nature. They go to such kind of places in green nature that are comfortable and suitable for weddings. But all can't afford it. So rather than going to those places, they make their wedding venues according to like that.

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Green decor is the latest in which floral decor is also included, which is part of it. It is eco-friendly, less headache work, doesn't require much decoration. Little bit lighting, twinky, glitter-glimmer you can do, which can enhance your wedding venue's decor four-fold. Hence for your wedding, you can go green rather than going normal.

Beach Wedding Decor

Beach wedding decor
Credit : Pinterest

where the sun is not burning you while showering the rain of delight; where the breeze is not flowing but soothing you; where the weather is such that seems like your favorite ice-cream; near such a beach, which is going to be your wedding venue. Who is the couple in this world that doesn't like to wed at such a venue!  Beach wedding decor is in vogue, and your wedding venue can be decorated like beach if you want. Bohemian feel, rusty zeal, styles beds, wooden box or any other creativity you want to show or insert into your wedding, you can do it all in your beach wedding decor. Pool parties can be there too.

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Retro Decor

Retro decor
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If you are a fan of antiquity and like the retro look more, feel a kind of vintage, traditional is your taste, then retro decor is a perfect choice for your wedding venue decoration. This decor takes you back to the time that you thought you wanted to enjoy. Though what retro you feel for, whether western and Indian or any other, it is your choice.

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Those who have a retro taste are a few. On the other hand, this wedding decor takes time and a little bit costly too. If you still want to go for it for your wedding, then it is your classic choice and your hired wedding planner and decorators should definitely honor it. Tell them how you want all the decoration and it will be readied for you.

Hence these are all the latest trending wedding decor ideas 2020-21 that you can try at your wedding. Whichever you choose, it is going to look nice depending on your taste. These days wedding decor is a kind of status symbol, and besides that, in India weddings are not nowadays treated as weddings only while a kind of fair. So for it, decor must be highly embellishing.

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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