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Top 10 Interesting Save the Date Ideas for Couples!

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Posted By : Shaadidukaan
Sep 14,2017   Post View:168

Heartiest felicitations on your forthcoming nuptials! These days, Indian wedding are using the mantras, ‘unique’ and ‘trendy’. Everything is taking place in the weddings whether it is embracing a new tradition or improving the existing one. Save the date cards is one such trend getting popular and we are here with some of the best ideas of save the date for the couples who are not going for pre wedding shoot.

1.       Screen your beloved photos and add attractive text

Select one of your shots as a couple that you love the most and add a suitable filter to it. Over this, add attractive text overlay of the essential date over the image and it’s done.

2.       Love in the air-Save the date with balloons:

This is one of the charming ideas for saving the date that can make anyone happy. Your important date on balloons… it is something that can make anyone happy. So adorable, the couple holding hand and the string flying in the middle with balloons saying it for you.

3.       Imprint it up

Use simple ink pads and few stamps to the save the date by adding an exceptional spin. Truly unique of its kind card will be created for every guest with this idea. Feathers, arrows as well as ritual designs could also be added to this for a wow effect.

Dating Ideas

4.       Set the tone with feel

You can mix your save the date with textured background in case you are opting for pastoral wedding theme in the alfresco. A sense of theme and tone will be provided to the guests with this save the date idea.

5.       Use ciphers, get iconic:

You can signify the location of your wedding and then surround it with your big day’s details creating a unique effect to the save the date card.

6.       Convey your love story:

This is another interesting idea for save the date where you can tell the story of your bonding via photos, messages etc. This will also serve as a beautiful thing that your guests will love to preserve.

7.       Highlight the significant details:

Highlight your relationship’s important details for giving a unique touch to save the date idea.  In this, you can include your dating, your assembly and the forthcoming fortunately married ever after.

Best Dating Ideas For Couple

8.       Interactive and interesting:

Design a simple yet interesting game out of save the date making it interactive for the guests. For this, you can give a try to crossword or try the jigsaw puzzles. This also indicates the loving idea that the couple has found their missing member.

9.       Mix it up:

This save the idea could be used to highlight style of the couple. Use a textured background and place the photograph of your engagement over it. Mix it up with some full of fun fonts making it captivating.

10.   Focus the destination:

In case you have selected an exotic location for your destination wedding then this idea is best for you’re save the date. Use a map including the local delicacies, landmarks and other such interesting things for a unique save the date.

So try these interesting save the date ideas for your wedding. These are the things that make wedding all the more interesting and full of fun. In the present time, people love to follow famous trends in their weddings. In this, the portals such as Shaadidukaan.com prove to be the helping hand where they can find all the desired services for making the marriage successful. 

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