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10 Things You Must To Do 24 Hours Before Your Wedding

10 Things You Must To Do 24 Hours Before Your Wedding

It is absolutely true, that one never be completely ready for the wedding day. There are so much to do and things that you have to consider. For the wedding day, it is obvious in all the brides and grooms to feel pre-wedding jitters due to worrying about the bridal lehenga or wedding attires or the other big stuff.

To control all jitters and last moment preparation is must for the wedding. Here are some must to do things for the bride that she has to do in the last countdown hours until the wedding day.

It helps you to give yourself a peace of mind and a good foundation for the biggest day itself.

1. Check out your required wedding dress and shoes

Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress and shoes are most important aspects of the bridal look. So, you have to be sure a day before the wedding that it perfectly fits you or not like you want. A stain, a broker hook, loose-fitting, etc are unaccepted things that have multiple chances to occur.

If you have enough time to try it, you should go for it. Practice a walk with the wedding shoes on the different type of flooring. Is it comfortable for you or not? Make sure there is nothing wrong with them to avoid unaccepted barriers.

2. Get a good and enough night's sleep

Proper Sleep

The wedding stress and pre-wedding jitters lead to insomnia. Do not let this happen to you. It makes your skin unhealthy. Go to bed early and try to take at least 8 hours sleep before the wedding day. It is good for your skin and your hair.

Enough sleep help bride to eliminate the nervous phase of a wedding. If you unable to sleep, then eat a heavy dinner that may help you.

3. Do a hair and makeup trial run

Makeup Trial Before Wedding

To try a hair and makeup before the wedding is as essential because it is part of your bridal look. Whether you completely trust your beauty parlour’s makeup artist and Hair artist, still it good to have a trail.

Your makeup artist and hair stylist can understand your point of view. With the trial run, you able to analyze the better look or can ask your family or friend opinion about your look.

Also discuss your beauty parlour artist about the backup, if something will happen wrong.

4. Apply a beauty oil on your face and body for some extra glow

Glow Your Face

Apply a quality beauty oil or some natural oil like olive oil, almond oil, etc for the healthy skin. Coat all your face and other body parts with it, make your skin extra glow and healthy for the next day makeup. If you are a winter bride, then it is essential for you.

Winter leads to dry skin in most of the case; a beauty oil can really be good for your skin. Nourish your skin with correct and suitable beauty oil. Remember do not try a new product, it can harmful for your skin.

5. Get a relaxing massage

Relexing Massage

A tour of best Spa center before the wedding day is a good idea. Spa and massage help you to feel relaxed and calm. Pampering yourself with a message can eliminate the stress and tiredness of wedding planning.

You feel refresh for the next day. You might be at the Wedding venue a day before the wedding, so it is easy to find the spa center in wedding hotel or nearby.

6. Designate A Trusty In-Charge

Trusty In Charge

The wedding day will be hectic and you need a trusted friend to be around you at all times. To help you to groom in bride look, help you to lift your heavy bridal lehenga, etc. Your selected in-charge person or friend can handle all last minute question and logistics.

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This person can ensure that things run smoothly and in-charge of collecting the all of your wedding gifts with the respective guest's name.

7. Eat a healthy meal

Eat Healthy Meal

Eat a super healthy meal before the hours ago for the wedding can give you enough energy and happy vibes. Instead of cheesy pizza or burger, stick to the healthy meal.

Eat fresh fruits, veggies, and the whole grains. And make sure you eat in moderate quantity, the lesser food can make you hungry again and extra food makes you uncomfortable. Most important, avoid the hangover hours before the wedding.

Do not intake the alcohol or alcoholic beverages

8. Just intake some Vitamin C

VItamin C

Vitamin C is good for your skin and hair. It is an antioxidant that helps regenerate other antioxidants in the body and delays the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin and body.

You can intake vitamin C through the fruits or veggies or with the help of supplements. Intake Vitamin C just before the sleep a day before the wedding. It adds extra glowing effect on the skin and shining effect on the hair.

9. Send a love note to your would-be-husband

Love To your Husband

A romantic note or message before the wedding makes him feel special. Express your love and tell him- I can’t wait to be your wife, I can’t wait to be married, etc.

10. Spend time with your family

Spend time with your family

At last, it is your last day with your family and friends. So you should spend some quality time with your family members and friends. It is an occasion not for you, but for your entire family and friends.

Celebrate the wedding all together and express their love to each other. It will be a good time to connect with family and siblings and make some memories for the future after the wedding day.


The last some hours of your wedding should be totally serene. And they well if you prepare or follow the above last moment must do things. Pamper yourself at last 24 hours and eliminate your pre-wedding jitters.

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