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Wedding Advice - 7 Things to (Avoid) On Your Wedding

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Wedding Advice - 7 Things to (Avoid) On Your Wedding

Marriage is one of the most important days of your life and you want to make sure that the day is full of beauty and excitement. You always want to avoid anything that will spoil your special day and try to put in every effort that will make it a memorable one. You need to behave perfectly and avoid any kind of negative activity which will influence you in the wrong manner.

Here is a look at some of the most important things that you need to avoid in order to have a very beautiful wedding that will make everyone cherished

1. Having a strong diet - One of the things that you need to avoid in order to have a good feel on your wedding day is avoided having a spicy or overloaded diet. You want to make sure that you have a comfortable feel in your stomach and avoid problems such as loose motion or dysentery.

Having A Strong Diet

You must instruct the people providing you with catering service to provide you with food which is less spicy and fit to eat. You shall have a very plain meal which contains vegetables and simple food items to make sure that there is no any problem with the stomach.

2. Avoid drinking - This is the most important aspect that you need to have in mind when it is your marriage ceremony. It will make you overjoyed and sometimes the emotions tend to get better of you in your marriage ceremony.

Avoid Drinking Before Wedding

It can make you behave childishly and while doing wedding planning, you must make sure that you do not have any substance that can have an impact on your senses and thus get to affect the marriage ceremony overall.

3. Experimenting with the cosmetics - For god’s sake, avoid using any new cosmetic before your marriage night especially if you are the bride. You must get in touch with the makeup artist and ask him/her to avoid using any substance that will react with your skin. You must discuss and consult with your friends and the makeup artists about the cosmetics that are not suitable for your skin and decide accordingly about the selection of the products.

Experimenting With Cosmetics

You must not be overjoyed by the prospect of looking too beautiful and use any product that can cause damage to your skin. At the same time, you shall also get in touch with Mehandi artist and make sure that you get to use natural Mehandi rather than the chemical ones. It will help you to avoid any kind of reactions on the skin that will hamper your beauty.

4. Haircut - Haircut is another very important aspect for both the groom as well as the bride. You both shall make sure that you have the perfect haircut and hair styling that suits your personality in the right manner. You shall get to visit the best parlours and make sure you get a style that adds icing to your beauty. You shall be smart enough to have a haircut prior to your wedding and make sure that you need not rush for the same on your wedding day.

Haircut Styling For Wedding

5. Having a long night - This is one of the common things with both the bride and the groom as you people tend to have a long night before your marriage that shows on the next day. You must avoid having late night chats with your friends and also avoid taking a look at the wedding preparation.

Having A Long Night Before Wedding

Wedding decorators in Jaipur will take care of everything when it comes to preparing the venue and making other arrangements for your wedding as well. So, you better have a good sleep and look beautiful on the special day of your life.

6. Getting too busy with the wedding preparation - It is highly obvious that you people want to make sure that everything is perfect at your wedding and put in every effort possible to achieve the same. But somewhere down the line, you people tend to get too busy with the wedding preparations that you do not have enough time for yourself.

Wedding Preparation

Thus, you are not able to concentrate on your own preparations and at the same time do not have proper rest before the wedding eve. You all have friends and relatives that will take care of the things. At the same time, the professionals like the flower decorators in Jaipur will take care of their matters in the fully professional manner thus reducing your workload. So, you shall rely on the professionals more and avoid doing everything by yourself only if you want to look perfect in your wedding.

7. Getting overboard with the things - Last but not the least by any means, you need to avoid getting overboard with the things at your wedding. Sometimes, to make ceremony special, you people tend to opt for so many things that it makes things rather wayward and tumultuous.

Overboard With Things

At the same time, you people shall also do the things in an arranged manner so that there is no any burliness with the things. You must plan, plot and execute everything in the right manner so that you are able to make the special day of your life even more special and pleasant for yourself and the guests as well.


These are certain things that you need to avoid on your wedding day to make sure that you do not create a scene on your big day.

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