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10 Most Common (But Important) Things About A Mehandi Artist

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Jan 09,2018   Post View:2584

Wedding season is at its zenith right now. You have to do not one but multiple tasks in a very short span of time which includes wedding photography selection, choosing efficient wedding planners, caterers, beauty parlours, makeup artist and much more. A mehandi artist is also a very important person as Mehandi forms an integral part of wedding design and costumes. The bride looks dull without a glaring, splendid and meticulously embedded Mehandi on her palms and legs.

Mehandi Artist In Jaipur

There are so many Mehandi artists to be found on the internet. You can have them on your hand without any inconvenience, but the real question is not about time, frequency or quantity here. It is about the quality of service you Mehandi artist is capable of imparting that can make you look conventional and magnificent. Apart from wedding decorators, event companies and caterers, this is something you must take care of if you want a really memorable wedding for yourself or anyone in your family. So, how to choose Mehandi artist? There are some important facts you must consider if you reside in Jaipur, or you are planning to throw a wedding party at Jaipur. Jaipur is known for its destination weddings in beautiful and magnificent palaces, here you will find everything and you will have a wedding of your dream. So choose the best for this wedding and make sure you have these faces acknowledged before you hire a Mehandi artist in Jaipur.

1. Select the right specialist- Majority thinks that Mehandi art is a kind of art and all those who are indulged in this profession are equally capable of performing their service. No, this is not correct. Even Mehandi designs are of different types. Some are purely Indian some are a mixture of Indian and Arabian and some are purely Arabian too. There are artists that specialise in one of these or all of these fields. Choose an artist that is carrying a specialist tag in the type you want. For e.g.- if you want an Arabian design then choose an artist that specialises in Arabian Mehandi designs.

2. Ingredients used- Henna is the most common ingredient used for Mehandi. There are different forms of henna and you must know what kind of henna you want. If you are allergic to any kind, then strictly prohibit the artist from using it. You may not want itchy and spotted skin on your wedding. An artist uses other ingredients too. To be more protective, know about these ingredients.

Mehandi Designs For Wedding

3. Time took- Artists that are specialists and well-known in this field will ultimately impart a beautiful, intricate and luxurious design. You know that artists take time for applying the design but too much time can be worthless as you have other functions, work, and arrangements to make. So it is always better to get a Mehandi artist in Jaipur that consumes less time than normal ones.

4. What is the cost?- Well, unless you are ready to let huge and useless amounts of money being spent at your wedding, make sure you question the fees structure of the artist you are hiring. Specialists and professionals who perform good work are generally expensive than normal ones. You should not worry much if they are a bit expensive because their quality of work is much better than any other. You can pay a bit more for it. But if they are charging too exorbitantly then you must think twice before finalising them.

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5. Designs they offer- You know Mehandi artist keeps a track of all their wedding sessions. They keep a record of the types of Mehandi designs they are ready to apply on your palm. So check those designs and see if you are liking them or not. Even if the artist is a specialist in the kind of design you want, his designs may differ from the ones you want. So there is no harm in checking out the design he has.

Mehandi Ceramoney

6. Timing is a must!- Artists have a special and fixed time of working. So before you set up your Mehandi function, make sure that your chosen artist will be able to present their skills otherwise it may lead to chaos.

7. They are professional- Needless to say; you must ensure that your artist is a specialist and a professional. Do not rely on artists recommended by your relatives or friends only. Also, refrain from having a beginner for your wedding because it has chances of spoiling your big day.

8. Ratings- Before you hire an artist, check out his/her credentials on some website where his name is available. If it’s not available then check it out from other sources. See what reviews he/she gets for their work. Proceed accordingly.

9. All the artists charge differently- Mehandi artist in Jaipur will charge different from the one sitting right next to him. You must know this. Do not think that the cheaper one is better or the more expensive one is trying to hoodwink you. It may be the matter of service, ingredients and other factors they provide.

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10. Don’t bargain much- No one likes bargaining much. Up to some extent, it may look good, but too much of it maybe will let you save some bucks but it will dishearten the service provider leading him to not utilise their full potential.

So these are the tips you must keep in mind before you hire a Mehandi artist. These are the most common facts everyone is supposed to know but we thought of reminding you in case you forgot them in the excitement of your wedding. For more such tips to book a Mehandi artist, you can visit www.shaadidukaan.com also.

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