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15 Different Tent Styles That You Can Use On Wedding

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15 Different Tent Styles That You Can Use On Wedding

The wedding is no longer restricting to the wedding hotels and restaurants. Nowadays, the couples preferred the outdoor property, the villas, swimming pool aside, etc. There is no better place to have fun then outdoors.

Outside weddings are the best one to create the memory under the sun or the moon. So to control the weather and enable the shade, contact the best tent house in Jaipur. Are you getting bored with the old basic tent format?

Here are some tent styles that can help you to style your outdoor property. The different wedding tents with the suitable wedding decoration ideas make your normal wedding lawn in the glorious wedding venues.

1. The Pole Tents

The Pole Tent House

It is a most common type of tent that you are regularly used. The hard metallic poles staked on the ground for the support of the tent. It is beautiful and elegant tent style. Hire the best tent house in Jaipur to enable the pole tent in your wedding lawns.

2. The Frame Tents

The Frame Tents

In the frame tents instead of metallic poles, metallic-framed are used for the support, that’s why it is known as frame tents. The cloth draping and lighting are up to you. This style of the tent will easily manage by tent house near me or you. It works with all surfaces, whether it is grass, concrete, sand, gravel or asphalt. 

3. The Canopy Tents

Canopy Tents

Canopy tents are backup tents. It is suitable for the accommodation for individual guests. They are easy to set up. You will not require the tent house expert. Bring four to five canopy tents for the backups.

4. The classic Marquee Tent

Classic Marquee Tent

Marquee tents are gorgeous, quintessential, and also a clean canvas that works with any type of decor. It is cross between the pole tent and the frame tent. Decor your marquee tent with the help of flower decorators in Jaipur. The elegant look of marquee tent with the scent of the flower, make it stunning for the wedding or reception day.

5. The Sailcloth Tent

Sailcloth Tent

It is most similar to pole tent, but instead of vinyl cloth draping. The sailcloth tent use sailcloth material draping. The sailcloth fabric adds beautiful glow in the tent. It brightens up the interior space of the tent. The Sailcloth Tent is not suitable for all surface, discuss it with your tent house vendors.

6. The Clear Tent

The Clear Tent

The clear tent has transparent vinyl draping. It makes your wedding lawn full of sparks. In the day wedding, you can enjoy the wedding in the shed of sunlight and in night wedding, under the stars. It adds natural beauty and the protection of your wedding place.

7. The Beach Style Tent

The Beach Style Tent

It reminds you beach resort fun. The light translucent fabric is used for draping over the wooden or bamboo frame. You can tent a single beach style tent over the wedding lawns or different separated small tent. It looks modern and amazing for your wedding day.

8. The Carnival Tent

The Carnival Tent

Carnival tent is suitable for a wedding if you have related themes. It is pole tent with the red and white strapped cloth draping on the top. If you have related themes, contact the best tent house in Jaipur to avail you the required things.

9. The Moroccan or Indian Themed Tent

The Moroccan Indian Theme

For the Indian themed tent, a beautiful colorful fabric is used for draping over the poles or frames. To design a wedding with this Moroccan themed tent, you can easily get it from the best tent house in Jaipur. And add decorative lighting and candles to complete the look in the night wedding ceremony.

10. The Teepee Tent

Teepee Tent

The Teepee tents are suitable for the large gather wedding and small gathering wedding. This tent offers the unique shape ad cozy environment. Teepees can withstand the harshest climate, and with additional items like wood-consuming flames, reindeer covers up, and radiators to keep your tootsies toasty, you and your visitors will remain warm whatever the climate.

11. The Yurt

Yurt Tent House

This is traditional draping style in the tent. This is circular in shape and opening in the middle. It is suitable to set the weather in the tent. Yurt are suitable for small gather wedding so make sure with a number of the guest before finalizing it for the wedding day.

12. The Bell Tent

The Bell Tent

It is suitable for the small wedding. It formed a peak over the wedding lawns. Contact the best tent house in Jaipur to construct it on the wedding location. Complete the bell tent look with LED lighting and scented candle around the exterior. You can also use flower and printed fabric to décor.

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13. The Naked Tipi

Naked Tipi

The naked tipi is perfect for the reception night or night wedding. It looks stunning if you decorate it with colorful lighting. The photography approaches are endless. The naked tipi is the tent of bamboo with the fabric draping.

14. The Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents

Stretch tents are an amazing alternative to marquees tent. It is perfect for the summer wedding because it is not covered the surrounding. Just the roof is covered. It looks stylish and beautiful on the wedding lawn.

15. The Giant Hat Tent

Giant Hat Tent

It is flexible and suitable for the large wedding. It forms the hut shape on the roof. Contact the tent house and clarify the doubts about it.

If you're thinking to get married in a destination place or some outdoor property, then you should require a tent house. It is never too early to book your tent house in Jaipur for the wedding or any other occasion.

Prepare your outside wedding venue in the right way with the help of the different types of tent setups and contract the nearby tent house and flower decorators in Jaipur. You just have to determine the number of guests to make it enjoyable for every.

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