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7 Style and Makeup Tips Every Summer Bride Should Consider to Beat the Heat

7 Style and Makeup Tips Every Summer Bride Should Consider to Beat the Heat

Are you a girl who suffers from sweating after makeup or excessive oiliness? If yes, then how would you manage this at your wedding? And, if you are getting married in the summer season, then definitely it would be so much difficult for you to handle this!! But don’t worry here are some suggestions for the summer brides by best makeup artists in Jaipur.

As we know that weddings are an extravagant affair, so sweat, hot temperature, and that uncomfortable feeling can be irritating for a bride. If you are also a summer bride, then I am sure you don’t want to ruin your bridal look by seeing with cakey makeup, heavy traditional wear, and sweat.

Summer season is going to be hot but doesn’t let it ruin your big day and you can do it just by considering a few things. Best makeup artists in Jaipur recommend various things that are necessary for a summer bride from clothes to makeup.

A summer bride needs to be extra careful with her bridal look in this roasting hot season. When we do wedding planning, we have to be attentive about every little thing. For the wedding, summer bridal makeup can be tricky because it is likely to meltdown due to humidity and excessive heat.

So, artists for bridal makeup in Jaipur are suggesting some tips for your special day style and makeup. Make sure that you prep and set your style, from start to finish!!

Useful Style & Makeup Tricks for Summer Brides

We know that you are looking for some helpful tips to glam up on your D-day, so we have covered some useful suggestions by best makeup artists in Jaipur.

Cooling Primer for The Skin

Every girl knows that the right primer is the most important thing for prep your skin and good makeup. Is something can be better than a primer that is also cooling your skin off while making it good for the makeup. best makeup artists in Jaipur think that it’s a win-win for the summer and they all are using it.

It will hydrate your face, smooth out the pores, and will make your refresh! Give it a try.

makeup artists in Jaipur

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Go for Long-Lasting and Waterproof Formulas

Now bridal makeup in Jaipur is all about using waterproof products in the hot summer months. Whatever you are using like eyeliner, mascaras, concealer, or brow color, make sure they are waterproof as it will help you to have long-lasting makeup. You can remove it after, with a strong makeup remover.

Best Makeup Artists In Jaipur

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Glowing and Skin Moist Foundations

For wedding planning, makeup is also an essential thing and best makeup artists in Jaipur also believe that your moisturizer skin can anytime turn into a sweaty or oily mess when the sun beats down your face. Have a foundation that is matte, oil-free, and offer full coverage.  

Glowing and Skin Moist Foundations

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Try Brushes Over Fingers

When you apply the makeup products with your fingers, they begin to release because of the warmth of your touch. Avoid slippery foundation or concealer by using sponges or brushes for doing the makeup, as suggested by best makeup artists in Jaipur.

bridal makeup in Jaipur

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Set the Makeup with Powder

You can lock in your makeup by applying translucent and light powder on your face. Apply more on the areas where you tend to get oily most.

Bridal Makeup Artist In India

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Have the Right Summery Shade

Who says red is the only color for the bridal lehenga? Bridal makeup in Jaipur is now inspired by the brides with the light and pastel color lehengas. It is not essential now that you can only wear dark or deep red-hued lehengas on your wedding as you can also opt for soothing and cool colors such as- pastel pink, ice blue, sea green, and toasted almond, etc.

Best Makeup Artists In Jaipur

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Long-Lasting Makeup

If you want to keep your makeup flawless and fresh, then go for airbrush makeup. Best makeup artists in Jaipur always suggest this makeup for summer brides. Only use powder-based products for long-lasting makeup and to sweat less.

Long-Lasting Makeup

Don’t use glossy makeup to prevent from non-required shine in summer and opt for matte makeup products. Use good makeup setting spray for avoiding melting and smudging!!

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Tell us in the comment box, do you like these suggestions by best makeup artists in Jaipur? You can also recommend us if u have any makeup tips!!

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