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20+ Real Brides Prove That Nude Lipstick Is The Most Special Lip Colour!

20+ Real Brides Prove That Nude Lipstick Is The Most Special Lip Colour!

"If I had to teach someone just one thing about lip colour, it would be this: Find a lipstick that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup." – Bobbi Brown.

Bridal makeup is one of the most awaited looks that every girl wants to try out. This look captures the inner beauty of a woman and turns it into elegance that cannot be matched by any other medium. Moreover, the highlight of this look is none other than the pearly smile of the brides that is further complimented by a suitable lip colour. A lip colour that can enhance the intensity of the smile even more, whether it is the poppy or nude lipstick.

But choosing a lipstick is a work of art, that is mastered by a very few people. Especially, when we are living in the era of ‘no makeup’ makeup look, we need lipsticks that can match the natural vibe. And it is a proven fact that no lip colour is better than the nude lipstick shades for this purpose. Moreover, the nude colours are the closest to one’s skin tone and if you think about it, the nude shades are also the pastel version of all the poppy colours. 

And if you want to rock a seamless natural look then it can be your prochoice to go with the nude lipstick shades. But then choosing the perfect nude lip shade is a very difficult task, especially when you will wear heavy bridal makeup. To help you with this we have our 20+ real brides who will prove that nude lipstick is the most special lip colour and you can wear it freely on your special day too! But before moving onto the beautiful brides, let us talk about the nude shades properly.

What Is Nude Lipstick And Why Is It So Popular?

Nude lipstick as mentioned above is the shade that is near to the skin tones of the medium, light and dark skin tones. The nude lipstick colour is decided according to the overall shade of the makeup and obviously keeping the skin tone and the undertone in mind. Moreover, the nude shades might seem limited to a single colour palette but they actually have a wide variety. The variety usually ranges from the basic shades of beige, brown, coral, pink, neutral and taupe. People mix and match these colours to get the best lip look.

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And if we discuss about why is nude lipstick such an essential element in a makeup kit, then let us tell you that nude shades are something that can be worn on any occasion. A nude lipstick colour is fit for the formal meetings, for the daily outings, for the posh night parties, it can steal the show with the utmost ease. Moreover, when we talk about the bridal makeup, it is usually heavy on the eyes and the cheeks; this makes the nude the best choice for the bridal makeup. It balances the heavy look that the overall bridal makeup offers. This is why everybody prefers wearing the nude shade with the utmost pride! So, don’t forget to experiment with this lip shade on your wedding day.

20+ Real Brides Prove That Nude Lipstick

So here we are with our beautiful real brides, who rocked the nude lipstick shades better than anybody else. So don’t forget to make notes of the shades of nude shades that our elegant brides wore very efficiently.

Nude Lipstick

Pic credit - TheWeddingOpera

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Pic credit - DA-Studio

smiling bride with nude lipstick
Pic credit - The Royal Dreams

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Nude Lipstick pink
Pic credit - Jyoti Vyas Photography

rednude lipstick
Pic credit - Ad Production Studio

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pinkish nude lipstick
Pic credit - Bhojraj Nirwan Photography

pinkred nude lipstick
Pic credit - Bhojraj Nirwan Photography

red nude lipstick

nude lipstick
Pic credit - Studio City Lights

rose gold nude lipstick
Pic credit - Studio City Lights

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redish nude lipstick
Pic credit - Taj Wedding Films

mehroon nude lipstick

bright nude lipstick

nude lipstick shades
Pic credit - StoryBuckets

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nude lipstick shades
Pic credit - Sourabh Jain Photography

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nude lipstick shades

nude lipstick shades
Pic credit - Hoppi Moments

nude lipstick shades
Pic credit - Magic lens studio

nude lipstick shade

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classic nude lipstick
Pic credit - Studio F 11

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We hope this small guide will help you choose the perfect shades for your skin type to complete the ethereal bridal look! But what makes the nude lipstick so special on brides? Well, the answer is their heart-warming elegant smile that catches all the eyes. So, if you are planning to wear the ethereal nude lipstick on your wedding then smile a lot for the best effect! But don’t forget to share the smiles of your elegant brides with your wedding buddies who are prepping for their looks. And if you have any further suggestion about the nude lip shade then leave your comment in the section below, we would love to hear from your side!

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