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Top #141 Sensational Indian Wedding Dresses For Men!

Top #141 Sensational Indian Wedding Dresses For Men!

If you are one of those people who believe that groom wear is limited to a few restricted styles, then you are up for a ride mate! Moreover, all the people who complain about the bridal trousseau being the highlight of a wedding are also included in this ride. Today this blog on Indian wedding dresses for men is being shared to break all the misconceptions that people have regarding the male wedding fashion.

But first of all, let us brief you about various types of groom attires people usually wear.

The two types for us are the Indian groom attires and the foreign groom attires.

The Indian groom dresses in India are very ethnic, rich in color, and have a traditional background or significance, like the Sherwani.

On the other hand, the most common foreign groom dress which is worn in India is the formal or party suit, which has a very handsome and regal appeal to it.

But a lot of Indians have a wrong idea about how the Sherwani is of only a few types.

To begin with, the Sherwani for grooms are of eight significant types, and they are as follows-

 1- Achkan Sherwani- Although it is not a type of Sherwani, people have started considering it one. Achkan is a tight fit outfit for men, which is usually shorter in length.

2-Angarakha Sherwani- This Sherwani is a traditional outfit of Gujarat and Rajasthan. In this, the fabric appears to be tied from one side to another. This knotted design is usually located in the chest area.

3-Printed Sherwani-The printed Sherwani is a new trend. This type of Sherwani has vivid styles of prints and motifs printed on it.

4-Anarkali Sherwani- This Sherwani comes from the royal family and has a big skirt-like flare on the bottom. It gives the look of a Sultan or a king if worn with a heavy safa.

5-Pakistani Sherwani- This Sherwani appears more like a coat with a round standing collar. It is usually short in length and above or till the knee.

6-Jodhpuri Sherwani- It is often considered as the frock coat, which has a flare below the waist, has extra fabric that can overlap and is longer in length compared to Achkan. This Jodhpuri sherwani for wedding can be a very good choice as it is very easy to carry.

7-Chipkan Sherwani- This Sherwani comes from the Mughal family. The key highlight of this Sherwani is the waist belt backed up with intricate embroidery on the shoulders or the chest area.

8-Jacket Sherwani- Last but not the least is the jacket Sherwani which is worn with a Kurta. The jacket has a standing collar and heavy. On the other hand, the kurta is simple and does not have that much work on it.

Then comes the kinds of foreign suits, which are of following types-

1- One Button Suit – One button suit is usually worn on informal occasions. The button is fastened when a man is standing and is opened up when the man is sitting.

2 -Two Button Suit- The two button suit is usually worn on formal occasions. The top button is fastened and the lower button is always opened.

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3-Double Breasted Suit- This type of suit has two layers of buttons and has overlapping front fabric. Usually all the buttons are fastened and only one layer of buttons are tied and the other layer is just for show.

4- Dinner Suit- This is the informal suit and has decorative lapel. This suit is made of a variety of fabrics and usually has a very eye catching appeal to it. Moreover, this is one of the best wedding dresses for men in India as grooms are supposed to wear highly embellished and colorful attires.

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5-Informal Suit- This informal suit has high cuts and is worn on informal occasions. These are usually worn on official parties and have simple patterns.

6-Check Suit- This type of suit has chequered patterns all over it. This is also a type of informal suit which is widely worn during the day.

7-Tuxedo Suit- The highlight of this formal dress is not the suit itself but the black tie worn with it. The other significant things worn with the tuxedo suits are the white shirt with turned down collar, cummerbund, link cuffs and accessories.

8- Three Button Suit- This type of suits have three buttons and usually the second one is tied up and the first and third one are left open.

These are the most common Indian wedding dresses for men which can be a good choice for the grooms. The men can wear either these are the traditional wedding dress.

But if you talk about Indian weddings, then it is pretty evident that deciding a variety of wedding attires can be a very difficult task because of the high number of wedding ceremonies.

And repeating the clothes, when you are the highlight of the wedding is a big no.

But don’t worry we have a list of groom wear that will help you decide your groom dress!

Indian Wedding Dresses For Men

Sabyasachi Bandh Gala Anarkali Sherwaani

Indian Wedding Dresses For Men

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Elegant Yet Simple Kalamkari Sherwani

elegant yet simple kalamkari sherwani

Anarkali With Pakistani Style Sherwani

Best Indian Wedding Dresses For Men

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Heavily Embroidered Black Jodhpuri Sherwani

heavily embroidered black

Cream Coloured Pakistani Sherwani With Sequenced Design

pakistani sherwani

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Wine Velvet Sabyasachi Sherwani With Olive Saafa

wine velvet sabyasachi

Dori Embroidery Sherwani By Rohit Bal

Wedding Dresses For Men

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Exquisitely Embroidered Ivory Band Gala Sherwani

exquisitely embroidered

Black Silk Velvet Embroidered Bandhgala Pakistani Sherwani

black silk

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Jodhpuri Sherwani With Sequin Leaf Embroidery

cream jodhpuri sherwani

Short Anarkali Sherwani Worn With Pakistani Sherwani

short anarkali sherwani

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Silk Velvet Golden And Black Coloured Sherwani For Wedding

heavy full sleeved silk velvet

Ivory Achkan Sherwani With Ivory Churidar

ivory achkan

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Velvet Sherwani Embroidered With Cornered Motifs

indigo velvet sherwani

Matka Silk Sherwani Worn With A Stole With Colourful Border

white matka

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Smart Black Pakistani Sherwani With A Colorful Kashmiri Stole

black pakistani

Achkan Sherwani With Asymmetrical Embroidery

Wedding Dresses For Men

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Black Sherwani Embellished With Intricate Hand Embroidery

Black Sherwani Embellished With Intricate

Sectional Flower Embroidered Sherwani Jacket

sectional flower embroidered sherwani

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Simple Beige Printed Ivory Anarkali Sherwani

simple brige printed ivory

Contrasting Orange And Black Coloured Achkan Sherwani

contrasting orange and black coloured achkan sherwani

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Black Bandh Gala Sherwani With Ochre Printed Flowers

bandh gala sherwani with ochre printed flowers

Kashida Printed Sherwani With Minimal Stole And Baggy Pants

fine and colorful

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Big Black Bow Tie With An Abstractly Printed Party Suit

big black bow

Black Nehru Jacket With Wine Coloured Pocket Square

black nehru jacket

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Golden Embroidery On An Evening Suit With Collar Chain

printed golden embroidery

Jodhpuri Sherwani With Symmetrical Motifs And A Safa

solid white jodhpuri

Contrasting And Bright Angarakha Sherwani

bright green

Lemon Yellow Cotton Sherwani With Embroidered Collar

Cream Jodhpuri Sherwani With Rich Red Zardozi Dupatta

creme jodhpuri

Black Velvet Jodhpuri Sherwani With Black Cotton Embroidery

Wedding Dresses For groom

Cape-Like Layered Bandhgala Sherwani With Floral 

cape like layered bandhgala

Black Angarakha Sherwani Suit With Embroidery On One Side

black angarakha

Silver Printed Pakistani Sherwani With Breeches Pants

Wedding Dresses ideas For Men

Off-White Sherwani By Anita Dongre Worn With Dupatta

off white jodhpuri sherwani

Sherwani With Symmetrical Motifs With Mandarin Collar

blue silk sherwani

Elegant Ivory Nehru Suit With Rajasthani Blue Embroidery

elegant ivory nehru

Long Silk Jacket With Steel Grey Embroidery Worn With Kurta

Chanderi Bandi Jacket Over Similarly Printed Black Kurta

Wedding Dresses For Men

Sunny Yellow Nehru Jacket With Pink Floral Embroidery

refreshing sunny yellow nehru jacket

Blue Linen Jacket Worn With Bandhgala Jodhpuri Kurta

blue linen jacket

Linen Bandhgala Kurta With Pearl White Print With Baby Pink Printed Dupatta

linen bandhgala

White Kurta Worn With Nehru Jackets Of Dori Work

white kurta worn

Mahogany Pink Sherwani With Baby Pink Silky Dupatta

mahogany pink

Classic Solid Gold Sherwani Embroidered With Gold Zari

classic solid gold sherwani

Baby Pink Jodhpuri Sherwani With Sujini Embroidery

Wedding Dresses For Men

Dark Green Achkan With Aqua Coloured Safa

dark green

Solid White Achkan Sherwani With White Dupatta

Solid White Achkan Sherwani

Solid White Achkan Sherwani With Mustard Gold Dupatta

Solid White Achkan Sherwani

Solid Maroon Sherwani With Beige Churidar And Maroon

solid maroon sherwani

Royal Blue Achkan Sherwani With Contrasting Red Dupatta

solid royal blue

Black Blue Two Button Suit With A Dark Maroon Turtle Neck

black blue two button

Textured Suit Paired With White Shirt And A Polka Dot Scarf

hot textured suit

White Trench Coat Paired With Three Piece White Suit

white trench coat

Brown Black Two Button Suit With A Pigeon Blue Shirt

brown black two button suit

Single Button Tuxedo Three Piece Suit With Black Lapel

purple single button

Royal Blue Three Piece Suit With Steel Grey Vest And White Shirt

royal blue three piece

Achkan Off-White Sherwani With A Three-Piece Necklace

achkan off white sherwani

A Berry Blue Wide Chequered Suit Worn With White Shirt

berry blue wide chequered

Indigo Crayola Two Button Suit Worn With Prussian Blue Tie

indigo crayola two button suit

Tuxedo Suit With Black Bow Tie And Black Pocket Square

white tuxedo suit

Aegean Blue Suit Worn With A Customized Boutonniere

aegean blue suit

One Button Suit With An Elegant And Big Lapel Flower

one button suit

Wine Coloured Velvet Tuxedo Suit With Fitted Pants

wine coloured velvet

All White Double Breasted Suit With Quirky Pants And Sneakers

white doubled

Vibrant Achkan Sherwani With A Traditional Gold Peshwa Pagdi

Vibrant Achkan Sherwani

Tan Coloured Sherwani With A Beige Pink Dupatta

satin with a beige pink dupatta

Olive Green Sherwani For Wedding With Antique Buttons

Exquisitely Printed Olive Green Sherwani

Navy Blue Slim Fit Tuxedo With Diamond Brotch

classic black

Dinner Suit With Contrasting Off White Bandhgala Kurta

printed dinner suit

Printed Jodhpuri Sherwani With A Velvet Contrasting Dupatta

printed jodhpuri sherwani

Beige Brown Nehru Jacket Paired With A Printed Kurta

beige brown coloured

White Sherwani Embellished With Silver Embroidery

white sherwani

Pastel Blue Achkan Paired With Sherwani Chartreuse Saafa

pastel blue achkan

Classic Grey Waist Coat With A Simple White Patterned Shirt

classic patterned shirt and white trousers

Gorgeous Baby Pink Jodhpuri Sherwani With A Red Safa

gorgeous baby

Black Velvet Sherwani With Brown Silk Print

black velvet

Open Printed Nehru Jacket With Black Flare Kurta And Breeches

open printed nehru jacket

Silk Open Bandhgala Jacket With Printed Layered Kurta

stylish silk

Heavy Wine Coloured Velvet Sherwani With Silk Embroidery

heavy wine colored

Black Printed Angarakha Sherwani With Black Patiala

black printed angarakha

Simple Bandhgala Jacket Worn With Breeches Pants

simple bandhgala jacket

Achkan Sherwani Worn With A Stylish Safa

Off White Coloured Achkan Sherwani

Asymmetrical Prints On Nehru Jacket

asymmetrical prints on off

Tuxedo With Double Breasted Waistcoat And Black Tie

black tuxedo

Beige Achkan With Golden Embroidery And Heavy Buttons

Wedding Dresses For Men

Three Piece Suit With Baby Pink Pocket Square And Bow Tie

three piece suit

Steal Grey Suit With Pastel Bow Tie Worn With A Boutonniere

grey suit with white shirt

Light Grey Three Piece Fit Tuxedo Suit With Grey Bow Tie

light grey

Off White And Red Chipkan Sherwani With Red Churidar

off white and red chipkan sherwani

Traditional White Dhoti Paired With A White Dupatta

traditional white dhoti paired

White Shirt With Brown Suspender And A Boutonniere

classic white shirt with brown suspender

Handsome Military Suit With White Bow Tie

Wedding Dresses For Men

Black Marine Suit With A Belt And Big Pockets

Wedding Dresses For Men

Grey Lining Suit With Chequered Blue Shirt And A Textured Tie

grey lining suit

Blue Grey Two Button Suit With A Contrasting Bow Tie

Wedding Dresses For groom

Grey Suit With A Trendy Sweater

grey suit with trendy sweater

One Button Grey Suit With A Simple Mustard Tie

One Button Grey Suit With A Simple Mustard Tie

Light Mauve Suit With Brown Chequered Waistcoat

light mauve three piece

Designer Round Front Bandgala Kurta With A Choker Necklace

designer round front

Nehru Jacket With A Chipkan Kurta And A simple Dhoti

Wedding Dresses For Men

All White Achkan Sherwani With A Fancy Brotch And Necklace

all white achkan sherwani

Chequered Three Piece Suit With A Paper Boutonniere

chequered three piece suit

Simple All Black Tuxedo With A Bright Red Pocket Square

simple all black tuxedo

Navy Blue Coloured Three Piece Suit With A Lining Tie

navy blue coloured suit

Heavily Embroidered Off White Sherwani With Green Dupatta

Wedding Dresses For Men

Double Breasted Nehru Jacket WithContrasting Pocket Square

double breasted nehru jacket

Embellished Maroon Nehru Jacket On Royal Blue Churidar

printed and embellished maroon

Grey Jodhpuri Sherwani With A Baby Pink Dupatta

Wedding Dresses For groom

Black And Golden Achkan Sherwani With A Golden Safa

black & golden achkan

Heavy Golden Print On Green Sherwani With Golden Safa

heavy golden print on green sherwani

Variety Of Three Piece Beige Coloured Suit

variety of three piece beige

Safron Coloured Nehru Jacket With Mint Blue Kurta And Safa

safron coloured nehru jacket

Burgundy coloured Nehru Jacket With A Stylish Brotch

Burgundy coloured Nehru Jacket

Grey Chequered Slim Fit Suit With A Black Bow Tie

Grey Chequered Slim Fit Suit With A Black Bow Tie

Chequered Three Piece Suit With A Pink Lining Shirt

chocolate brown

White Single Button Suit With A Polka Dot Tie

white single button suit

All Grey Two Button Suit With An Off White Shirt

all grey two button suit

Grey Double Breasted Tuxedo With A Black Bow Tie

grey double breasted

Pink Mauve Chequered Two Button Suit With White Buttons

pink mauve

Golden Sabyasachi Kurta With A Off White Satin Dupatta

sabyasachi kurta

All White Sabyasachi Anarkali Sherwani For Wedding

all white sabyasachi

White Textured Achkan Sherwani With A Printed Safa

white textured achkan

Black Textured Achkan Sherwani With A Floral Printed Safa

black textured

Sherwani With A Heavy Golden Dupatta And A Simple Safa

white jodhpuri

Handsome Designer Military Achkan Sherwani

military achkan sherwani

Mehendi Coloured Sabyasachi Sherwani With Rose Motifs

mehendi coloured

Pink Symmetrically Designed Jodhpuri Sherwani

pink symmetrically designer jodhpuri

Slightly Embroidered Pastel Sherwani With Contrasting Safa

slightly embroidered

Sabyasachi PinkJodhpuri Sherwani With A Bright Safa

sabyasachi pink palette

Black Velvet Jodhpuri Shervani With Sequence Embroidery

black velvet jodhpuri

Mustard Jacket With A Dramatic Collar Paired With Black Kurta

mustard colorured jacket

Half Nehru Jacket With Layered Kurta And Military Brotches

half nehru jacket with a layered kurta

Jodhpuri Sherwani With Black Safa And Symmetrical Motifs

Jodhpuri Sherwani With Black Safa And Symmetrical Motifs

Floral Printed White Anarkali Sherwani With A White Safa

floral printed white anarkali sherwani

Block Printed Bold Angarakha Kurta With A Simple Safa

block printed

Mosaic Print Sherwani With Floral Churidar And Vibrant Safa

mosaic print achkan

Pastel Green Coloured Sherwani With Dark Green Safa

pastel green coloured sherwani

Off White Jodhpuri Sherwani On A Pink Anarkali Kurta

off white jodhpuri

All Beige Coloured Jodhpuri Sherwani

Wedding Dresses For Men

Sherwani With A Rose Gold Dupatta With Pink Safa

heavy sabyasachi achkan

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