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Pre-Wedding Shoot: 5 Unique, Original and Stylish Save the Date Ideas

Pre-Wedding Shoot: 5 Unique, Original and Stylish Save the Date Ideas

For any would-be couple, the happiest announcements that they made save the date card. Although, having a traditional wedding invitation card is not wrong but save the date wedding cards are quite special and is the modern way of sharing happiness with your family and friends.

Today, they have become quite important for all wedding guests and are helpful as well. They help in planning your big fat wedding as per your likes and choice. They are as important as pre-wedding photo shoot ideas and include everything like the wedding venue, day, date and much more.

There are many designs which you can choose and finalize one as per the wedding theme. Along with all these things, creativity is something highly needed as it will help in conveying your message. You can incorporate a couple pictures in your save the date wedding cards.

There are so many ways in which this can be. You can search for ideas online in case if you are busy. Photo idea is in trend these days and used as a banner. Most of the photos entail, couple smiling at the camera while holding the banner.

For some extra banners can be displayed at different positions and ways. Banners can be customized as well for better photos and ideas. You can even hang banners in your background or wrap it around both bride and groom in a hug. To have better ideas you can also visit wedding website, most of them are full with so many stuff.

Best save the date photo shoot ideas

If you are having a destination wedding in Jaipur, then there are so many places where you can have photos for save the date card. For this, must hire a professional wedding photographer in Jaipur as they can help you in getting best and most desirable photo for save the date card.

Chalkboard photo shoot idea - There are many things which you can do with a chalkboard. Some of the best ideas which can be considered are -

1. Framed chalkboard row boat - This is one of the best and cute ideas through which you can display your wedding date. You can have a romantic sail in the rowboat while holding a framed chalkboard in your hands. This idea is quite new and many couples are opting for it.

Row Boat Save The Date Ideas

2. Chalkboard idea - In this, you can hold down a little chalkboard along with your wedding gown on other hand and remember to have wedding date on the board.

Chalkboard Save The Date Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

3. Road sign photo idea - You can also use wooden road signs to have best save the date photo. Capture wedding date picture and write something funny on the board. One can even use painted road signs as they look more unique and eye-catching.

Road Sign Photo Ideas

Wooden sign photo shoot

1. Winter tree idea - This photo shoot idea is best for winter or Christmas wedding. In fact, you can even have a personalized winter tree with the lot of stuff, decoration and wedding date scribbled on a wooden board.

Winter Tree Photoshoot Ideas

2. Calendar and engagement shoot idea - In this couple can plan have a wooden calendar and on that circle their wedding date along with wedding rings. For this, you can even recycle a wooden plank and get your wedding date printed on it.  

Calendar And Engagement Shoot Ideas

3. Wooden window pane idea - In this, a couple can hold a vintage window pane while sharing a sweet little kiss. On window pane note down your wedding date and the message like “save the date”.

Wooden window pane ideas

Photoshoot at the natural location

A natural and low key option is best to have a natural photo and there is no doubt in saying that, it will work just like a canvas. These kinds of photos are generally taken with help of sand, but these days it is done in many other ways.

If you have a winter wedding then writing in snow is a perfect way to set a scene. While on other hands, if you love greenery then writing your wedding date in the grass is best for the spring wedding. If you like this, then can sprawl message onto the landscape in block or cursive letters.

Fun ideas for saving the date photos

There are several fun ideas which can be considered to have best and stylish save the date photos. Here are some of them which can opt with help of a candid photographer -

1. Coming soon movie theatre idea - With this idea, you can create a lot of suspense for your guests. This photo idea is just awesome and you will definitely love it.

Coming Soon Pre Wedding Shoot

2. Cardboard cutout idea - This save the date photo idea is super cute and awesome. In this, you can use the shadow of the cardboard cutout and believe this will help you in getting the best photo.

Cardboard Cutout Save The Date Ideas

3. Sports fan idea - If you are having a wedding in fall or winters then this idea is meant for you. This is best for a sports fan couple and for this, you can even have a set of matching jumpers which can be personalized by having wedding date stitched or printed on its back.

Sports Fan Ideas

Shoe photo shoot idea

If you are a fun bride and want to do something unique and funfilled, then this is the best photoshoot ideas. It allows a person to show off their wedding date in a more unique way with some most common poses. The groom and bride can pose in a natural way to get a traditional photo and even they can plan to have some interesting details. This photoshoot idea for saving the date card is very easy to do, casual and cheap.

Thus, with some creativity and imagination, you can have an unforgettable and most creative “Save the Date” cards for special announcements!

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