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10 Amazing Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress Shopping

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10 Amazing Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress Shopping

There are few of us, brides and bridesmaid or groom and groomsmen do not want to compromise on their wedding day and wedding shopping. Because you imagine your wedding dress to wedding decorators since the childhood.

The wedding is the day that you have dreamed of since you were a little girl or boy. You can fulfill all your wedding dreams but the problem is limited budgets.

The wedding has lots of ceremonies and expenses. But do not worry, there are several ways to save money on your wedding shopping. So you can find the wedding dress of your dream. Wedding shopping goes with your budget.

Now do not fear and be cost-conscious for your biggest day of life. Go with your dream wedding shopping and wedding dress in Jaipur.

1. The Rented Dress

The Rented Dress

If you going to purchase the wedding dress for thousands of dollars that you wear only once in the lifetime, it is completely unreasonable and unimportant. Instead of, try alternatives and prefer to rent it.

Renting the bridal wear in Jaipur and Sherwani on rent in Jaipur will save a large cost of the wedding budget.

That you can use on something else. By this idea, you can save up to 80 % of the amount of wedding budget. Just make sure with the terms and conditions of your rentals.

2. Renew Your Old Mother’s Or Grandmother’s Dress

Renew Your Old Mother Dress

To try some vintage and precious mother’s or grandmother’s dress, can be classic. Yap, it might be not fashionable but it will look classy surely. You can redesign it with the latest fashion and style to give them the modern look.

There are many wedding designers in Jaipur that may help you to change your vintage gown in fashionable classy one. The mother’s or grandmother’s dress is full of sentimental value and precious memories, your mother, and grandmother can recreate their precious memories with the help of you.

3. Consider Pre-Loved Wedding Dresses

Consider Pre Loved Wedding Dresses

It is a good choice to a save a good amount of budget. Find your wedding gown or designer gown on the re-selling store. You can easily find it online, many re-selling marketplaces are there that serves pristine condition wedding dress.

Here you can check thousand of dress and also filter them in any size, style, and budget. It takes your little quality time to find the one, but it will save your 60-80 % of the money.

4. Take Friends Help

Take Friends Help

Feel free to ask one of your friend or family members for the help. If you have bromance type of relationship with the friend, then do not hesitate. Your friend love to share their dress with you. But see around, they have something that you want and prefer for the wedding.

Before wearing it, make sure it is neat and clean.

If not, then first dry-clean and ironing it for the new look. It takes only 5-10% of the money, other is saving.

5. Prioritize The Must-Have List

A wedding shopping includes a lot of things from the bridal wear to wedding decoration. Make a required wish-list. If you have a limited budget, then start to eliminate the unwanted and less important things form the checklist.

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Things that do not affect your wedding dress appearance and do not notice by anyone. Be creative and try an array of different styles with the one feature, now whether it is the dress, jewellery or some decoration things.

6. Go With Non-Wedding Dress

Non Wedding Dress

The bridal lehenga of the bride or a heavy sherwani for the groom is the basic choice for the wedding day. Try shopping off-the-rack, a saree is looking elegant on the bride on the wedding day same like a suit looks stunning on the brides.

Instead of large and heavy wedding shopping, try varieties because you have the unlimited option.

To try some new wedding attire, make you unique and save your budget too. Contact with the wedding dress designers in Jaipur for the suggestion according to your features.

7. For The Season Sale Store

If you want to buy something new and perfect for you for the wedding wardrobe, look for the season sale store. It will be the key to save money. Every month there is season sale in most of the wedding store and it is sure in the wedding season.

Wedding Vendors are aware of; that the wedding season is direct leads to their incomes. So they try to provide the maximum discount on the selling. You have to search wedding store or vendor of wedding dress in Jaipur, that will fulfill your demand as well as provide the good discount.

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8. Visit Ordinary Clothing Stores

Simple Wedding Dress Shops

You are thinking of some saving due to the limited wedding budget. So it’s better to avoid the high rated branded store or wedding designer stores. Sometimes your perfect desire wedding dress can be found on the simple boutique or simple wedding store.

The traditional clothing is same in every shop, you find the difference just “the label of designer’s name”. Otherwise, you can find the same wedding attire even on the simple boutique store too.

You have to select the perfect dress that gives you a perfect bride or groom look without the expensive price tags.

9. Fix The Budget With Wedding Dress

Do not overspend on the wedding dress. Make a margin for all required wedding shopping, even wedding dress. So you can manage unwanted cashflow.

10. No Extras

Don’t fuss around with on unnecessary extras.

You are in the middle of your wedding planning. But the stage came to pick out the most important things due to limited budgets.

Shaadidukaan helps you as usual, now time to save some money to accomplish the dream wedding. Above are the best ways to save some cost on your wedding shopping. This is good news for the both, the bride and groom.

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