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10 Unconventional Saree Draping Styles For The Chic Bridal Look

10 Unconventional Saree Draping Styles For The Chic Bridal Look

Six yards of elegance….six yards of grace yes that is what a saree is all about. Nothing makes a girl to look more beautiful like a saree does, makes her to look graceful and sensuous. The enchanting charm of the timeless garment never seems to fade away. The six-yard long ethnic garment over the past few years has undergone through lots of transformation and has become more fashion wear rather than a traditional outfit.

 The wedding season is in and it has sprung up the mad rush for flamboyant wedding wear. Right from lehengas to anarkalis brides are seen scouring every boutique and retail store to get their hands on the perfect bridal wear. Put an end to the tyranny of racking your brain and never ending shopping spree as we put an end to your quest for the ideal bridal wear. Instead of investing in thousands of bucks in your bridal wear why not create your own unique outfit with a saree. Sounds interesting, right! The versatile draping style of the sarees lets you to get creative with it and makes you to look no less than a diva on your special day. With one saree you can easily achieve 10 unique look. The saree look is dawn perfect to be a head turner at your wedding.

Strut in style and look like a damsel with these sassy and classy saree draping styles. Check em’ out brides!

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Unconventional Saree Draping Styles

1. Belt it Up

belt it up

Accentuate your waistline and look like a true diva by sporting a belted saree at your wedding. Similar to belted lehengas, belted sarees have become a raging trend in the fashion world. Drape your saree in a normal manner to accentuate your figure as you add a belt that cinches your pallu to your waist. For a traditional look you can opt for a kamarbandh to belt up your saree. To achieve an offbeat look you can pair your belted saree with an offbeat blouse design or a statement blouse like an off shoulder one. A peppy blouse is what you need to zing up your belted saree look.

2. Pant Style Drape

pant style drape

A hyping saree drape trend that has gained a lot of popularity in the fashion industry is the pant style saree drape. The pant style saree drape is super easy to wear, looks comfortable and functional as well. Ditch your petticoat and replace it with a pant and drape your saree around it. The modish look of pant style drape makes it the perfect choice for the cocktail hour soiree and mehendi ceremony.

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3. Retro Style

retro style

Remember Mumtaz epic retro saree drape in the movie Ram and Shyam. Did her look capture your fascination?  The layered look of the retro saree drape is sure enough to bling your wedding soiree. The retro themed drape works best with chiffon and georgette sarees. Spice up things at your wedding as you and your bridesmaid sport the retro style saree drape at your sangeet or reception.

4. Scarf Style Drape

scarf style drape

The scarf drape is easier to achieve as all you need to do is wrap the pallu of your saree around your neck, and viola behold you have a new saree look. Sounds easy, right! Glam up your scarf saree look with the addition of a belt and funky jewellery. To accentuate the look of your scarf drape it is advisable to keep the pallu length longer.

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5. Lehenga Style Drape

lehenga style drape

Confused between your choice of saree and lehenga? Why not combine both styles? Wait what? We are talking about the fusion style in which you can sport both lehenga and a saree at your wedding. The simple drape with the arrangement of single pleats across the waistline or a Gujarati style front pallu gives you a fancy lehenga look and that too with a saree. The lehenga style saree drape easy to ace is perfect for mehendi and sangeet night.

6. Dhoti Style

dhoti style saari drapping style

Dhoti Saree is an offbeat saree draping style that is similar to the pant style saree and is a mix of tradition and modernism. The dhoti saree although a bit tricky but gives a sassy and classy look. For the dhoti look you need to ditch the petticoat and replace it with a legging. The dhoti style saree is the ideal wear for engagement and reception.

7. Front Pallu Style

front pallu

One of the easiest saree draping style in which instead of draping the pallu across the shoulder it is brought straight over the shoulder. The simplistic and non fussy look of the front pallu drape makes it the ideal wear for reception.

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8. Atpouri Bengali Drape

atpouri bengali drape

Looking for a traditional saree drape then you can opt for a Atpouri Bengali drape. The Bengali drape looks exotic and comprises of box pleats in the front with the pallu on both shoulders. Bengali atpouri drape works with Bengali cotton sarees and banarasi sarees. Flaunt the Bengali saree drape at your main wedding ceremony.

9. Mermaid Style

mermaid style

The mermaid saree draping style offers a more flared look at the bottom making it to resemble the look of a mermaid’s tail. The draping style looks like it requires lots of effort which is not true as it comprises of only a few extra pleats and tucks. The mermaid style saree drape is best suited for the reception.

10. Skirt Saree Drape

skirt saree drape

When you can pair a saree with a pant why not try it with a skirt? A saree on skirt seems like an interesting idea, right! The skirt saree drape is all about draping the saree in a unique manner over a skirt. The skirt saree look works best with for haldi and mehendi ceremony.

Liked the post? Found it helpful? Bookmark it now brides! Do you have any other saree draping idea? Share with us in the comments below about your views on the post. Also let us know which saree draping style you are sporting at your wedding.

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