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What is About This Rehearsal Dinner? And How to plan it

What is About This Rehearsal Dinner? And How to plan it

You soon going to a wedding? Congratulate, we want to say to you. You must have prepared everything for your wedding, and you know that your food menu is amazing, but before finally presenting your amazing food menu for your guests, it will be a better idea to take a rehearsal of it.

In simple words, it is a rehearsal dinner that these days couples love to host. It is a close-knit family affair where only close guests and relatives are invited to taste the menu. And if you want to give any kind of special wedding favor to them that you don’t want to in your wedding, you can give in a rehearsal dinner.

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Something about Rehearsal Dinner

Include and Exclude

Include and Exclude

A rehearsal dinner is a kind of small and close-knit family affair where you can enjoy the party as well as tasting the final wedding dishes that are going to be served in the wedding. And you can also decide which dishes to exclude and what furthermore to include. You also know that how dishes are tasting. If any kind of change and improvement you want according to the guest list, then you can talk to your caterer or chef who is given the responsibility to prepare the wedding cuisine.

Small Get-Together

get together

A rehearsal dinner is a small party where both bride and groom family get together and know one another more closely. In this type of dinner, you can also distribute gifts and other items that you don’t want to give in the wedding.

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Rehearsal of Speech

Rehearsal of Speech

Nowadays it has become a trend whether close friends or family members give a speech for bride and groom. Though it is always popular in western weddings and now has become popular too in Indian Hindu weddings. So a rehearsal dinner is a good opportunity to practice your final wedding speech for your groom friend or bride, or you, yourself want to give for your partner.

So you have known what is a rehearsal dinner. Here we are telling you how to host it and what you should do in it making it interesting, fun and entertaining, and some know-hows and do-hows.

Who Wants to Host It

Who Wants to Host It

\You bride and groom family decide together who wants to host it. Whether you single one wants to or want to share the budget together. Anything will be fine, but if you share the budget then it will be a lot better. Nowadays bride and groom prefer to share it together.

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Keep it Casual

Keep it Casual

Rather than making it a big formal affair like a wedding, keep it casual and low profile rather than drumming about it among all your guests. Seating management should all be different. If the weather is clear then you can host it a farmhouse also.

Select a Theme

This Rehearsal Dinner

when hosting a rehearsal dinner, select a theme whichever you want to, like whether on your culture or something else you like depending on your childhood memories or what your going-to-be bride likes. It going to look phenomenal if you choose a theme for your rehearsal dinner.

Decide a Location

Decide a Location

Select a nice location, a small one, according to your guest list. In a rehearsal dinner, not more guests are invited. So when you choose a location, choose it according to your guest list. Though it depends on you how many you want to invite.

Select Your Guests

Select Your Guests

In a rehearsal dinner, not everyone is invited. Only those who are close ones; friends, relatives and some close ones from bride/groom party is invited.

Proper timing: set your rehearsal dinner at the right time and inform all the guests about it. Though usually the rehearsal dinner is held a day before the wedding or two and three days. Set the timing in a way that all your guests can come and can enjoy your hosted rehearsal dinner.



If you are going to host your dinner at an individual selected location, then you need to book a catering company for all your required and demanded food. While on the other hand, if you don’t want to get into this headache, then, it will be a better option to host it a restaurant where you don’t need to worry about food.

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Have Fun and Enjoyment

Have Fun and Enjoyment

At the end of the day when you are entirely ready to host your rehearsal dinner, never forget to enjoy it with your fiancé and other guests.

This is all about a rehearsal dinner. Sometimes people are confused about what it is exactly. So we have told you and have covered up for you. Hence next time when someone is inviting you for rehearsal dinner, know it what it is! And on the other hand, if you have any idea to spruce up and enhance rehearsal dinner, then provide us in the comment section below. And tell us what you really think about this rehearsal dinner concept in Indian weddings.

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