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The Decision To Marry Is So Puzzling, Why? : Some Reasons These Are

The Decision To Marry Is So Puzzling, Why? : Some Reasons These Are

Today’s generation wants themselves to be called gen-x or millennial or by some other name, but whatever you call it, they are all confused a bit. I mean to say we are all confused a bit. Whether it is about life, career decisions, and most disastrously about marriage. Sometimes this life seems so chaotic like you can’t get out from it. It feels like it is sucking you into an abyss.

As we grow, everything grows. Rather than all matters, relationships are so puzzled. The game of ignorance and seduction is ever going. Some relationships get broken in the middle, some reach to their final destination, and about some could not be said anything.

We think that in relationships, the magnetism should always remain as it is before the marriage. But most of the time it is seen or noticed that it gets lost after it. Though it is up to you how you maintain it. We are here to talk about why in today’s time, the decision to marry is so puzzling that it gives shivers.

Here are some insights. Though we are not saying that these are all true or right. It is just an individual perspective but these that we are going to tell could be the reasons, and they are perhaps.

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 No Firm Decision Taking

The problem youth is facing nowadays is that they are not able to take a firm decision for themselves, and especially about their career when it is mountainously necessary. They don’t know what they want to do. Though there are lots of options hanging there. One can go into anything rather than just opting for engineering, doctoring, and law. Still, they are bewildered. And this confusion creates lots of troubles in later life if not taken seriously. It causes financial disability, and when money is not there it causes depression. Although there can be other reasons for it but it is one of them.

 Financial Instability

These days baby’s diapers cost more than your jeans and T-shirts. So before marrying you need to know the status of your monthly salary slip. How much my friend! And these days girls are all envious and glamor. They want everything. You should have the pockets to carry their shopping bags. It doesn’t matter whether you have a love marriage or arrange marriage. It is the hard truth that it is about pockets. We really don’t know what birds you were making fly with your partner who has promised to marry you, but instead chosen someone else! Why think about it?

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 No Plan for Settle

Even these days they don’t think that they want to settle. Today’s millennial generation wants to experience everything. They just don’t want to settle for less. They want to go and taste everything in this world. Freedom and independence are the utmost priority. So they think that when they get into the marriage, it is a kind of bond.

Bickering Experience in Relationships

Though we want to say their hard and bad luck. Some people really go through tragically suffering experience that they think they don’t want to continue. That is also one of the reasons. What do you think? It could be.

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They Just Don’t know

Some don’t know whether they want to marry or not. They just don’t know. So they can’t decide.

Single is Happy

These days people want to remain single whether man or woman. It can also be the reason.

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