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Real Weddings Vs Filmy Wedding Coz' It Happens Only In Bollywood

Real Weddings Vs Filmy Wedding Coz' It Happens Only In Bollywood

India is known as the land of Bollywood. Our country is famous for its food, rich culture, and other religions but two of its essential components that are our specialty is weddings and Bollywood. One can say that Bollywood runs in the blood of every Indian. Instead of swearing with Maa Kasam we Indian would prefer to swear by Bollywood Kasam, Lol! Why not swear in the name of the filmy world when the tinsel town of Bollywood has always inspired us with its fairytale love stories, big fat weddings, and the concept of a happy go lucky joint family. The Bollywood movies have given rise to a mirage of unrealistic situations. When it comes to Bollywood onscreen weddings it’s an illusion with all the show-shaa and pomp and splendor.

 Most of the things that we see happening in the filmy weddings rarely take place in a real one. Starting from the flashy shimmery outfits to perfectly coordinated dance moves and in between all the melodramatic scenes with the Bollywood tadka makes the onscreen shaadi’s worth a watch. There are however some funny things taking place in these onscreen weddings which when replicated in real weddings would look truly weird and hilarious. So as an ode to all the filmy wedding moments we have brought a list of the things that can happen only in Bollywood onscreen weddings. Bring on your popcorns and get ready to roll with laughter as we take on this filmy ride.

Real Vs Filmy Weddings: Hilarious Things That Can Only Happen In Bollywood

1. Extra-Shy or Extra Bubbly Bride Stealing the Spotlight

Extra Bubbly Bride Stealing the Spotlight
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Bollywood is all about the Extras. Be it extra melodrama, extra fighting moments or overloaded of happiness our good old Bollywood cannot suffice without the extras. Right from Kangana Ranaut as Rani in Queen being overdramatic oops we meant melodramatic bride to Kareena Kapoor Khan being bubbly Geet in Jab We Met. The endless list of brides from Bollywood gave girls some serious #bridegoals. When it comes to real weddings it is a coy bride who is all smiles during the ceremonies and cries during her vidaai leaving lesser scope for melodrama.

2. Perfectly Coordinated Couple Dance

Perfectly Coordinated Couple Dance
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In Bollywood, the couple is pushed by the guests to shake a leg or two on the dance floor and they end up performing a perfectly coordinated dance. Wow, we mean like how? Coz it happens only in Bollywood. In real life, it would be embarrassing situation with the bride and groom's sole dance move being the couple twirl or clap. Bollywood only your brides can manage to deliver great dance moves after being burdened under the heavyweight of the bridal wear. Our real-life brides are too shy and exhausted to shake a leg or two.

3. The runaway bride or groom

The runaway bride or groom
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In Bollywood, it’s a common thing for the bride or the groom to run away from their wedding to marry either their college flames or long lost love. It seems like the directors of Bollywood are obsessed with the idea of the dawn of realization of true love upon their leads only on their wedding days. Be it Simran from DDLJ or Sriram from Gori Tere Pyaar Mein lead the characters ran away from their just to marry the love of their life and needless to say that their families also agreed to their wish. In a real wedding a runaway bride or groom would be a big thing considered as defamation for the family.

4. A grand and pompous wedding

grand and pompous wedding
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Not all real weddings can take place in a lavish ballroom of a luxurious hotel under a glass chandelier. For Bollywood, the onscreen wedding has to take place in an opulent palace-like ballroom with elaborate décor and not forgetting the beautiful glass chandeliers. Be Ace director like Karan Johar or the maestro Yash Chopra they have raised the bars high for wedding celebrations giving us #luxuryweddinggoals. The real-life weddings not always take place in a ballroom rather they take place in various venues such as marriage lawns, banquet halls, resorts, farmhouses and of course the hotels. Take a break Bollywood as our real weddings are not always way too grand like you showcase, we also have budget weddings.

5. Bright And Sunny Wedding Attire

Bright And Sunny Wedding Attire
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In the world of Bollywood a wedding cannot be imagined without the actors being dressed up in bright and Gordy clothes taking up the glamour quotient high. Be it an indoor or outdoor wedding irrespective of the temperature conditions out there the characters of the filmy weddings have to be dressed in bright clothes with all the shimmer and glitter. In real weddings, people dress according to the venue and weather conditions. One can say that in real weddings you find various characters all dressed up in vibrant hues which are solely not limited to shimmer and glitter.

6. Slow Motion Expressions

Slow Motion Expressions
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Bollywood on-screen weddings are powerhouses of emotions and drama. Slow-motion expressions are an essential part of filmy weddings. Be it emotions of joy, grief surprise every attribute is followed by the zoom in and zoom out camera movement capturing the slow-motion expression on the faces of the leads and supporting actors. With blinking eyes of the ladies, dramatic head turns and the scream. Impressive or boring! In real weddings we don’t deny that dramatic moments are not there but one witness’s realistic expressions and not the slow-mo ones.

7. Love Triangle Concept of Wedding

Love Triangle Concept of Wedding
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#IthappensonlyinBollywood. Every Bollywood movie has a love triangle with the heroine or hero being chased by two lovers. In real weddings, your ex-lover or fling is denied entry in the wedding as it would be against the ethos of the family. But that’s for real cases in the world of movies the lover even crashes the wedding to woo their love and in the end, they end up with getting success. They happen to manage in wooing their lover. Wow, Bollywood that can only happen in your world in real cases you end marrying the one who has been chosen by your family to be the Adarsh beta or beti.

8. Multi-Talented Guests

Multi-Talented Guests
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In the real wedding, you witness guests of every type like the talkative ones, the dancing squad, selfie queens, the mourners, the drinkers, and the complainers. In Bollywood movies the guests turning up for the wedding are multitalented. They are also exceptionally good dancers with uncles being SRK and aunties being Madhuri.

So these are a few things that can only happen in Bollywood but never at Real weddings. Do you know about other things that happen only in filmy weddings but not in real life? Share with us your views in the comments below.

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