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B-Town Buzz: Ranveer & Deepika Looking To Tie The Knot

B-Town Buzz: Ranveer & Deepika Looking To Tie The Knot

The latest rumor from the b-town suggests that the most popular couple of the Bollywood Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone are looking to tie the knot this summer. There are various stories coming from the Bollywood that the couple is looking to get married by the end of 2018.

The dynamic actor is regularly dropping hints about their marriage, which has created quite a buzz in the industry and the media is quite excited about the same.

Ranveer And Deepika Wedding

As per a close friend of the actor, the actor is looking to get married before the end of the Year. He has further informed that the actor has already conveyed the decision of his marriage to his close friends in the industry.

The reports have further clarified that the preparations of the wedding have already been started & November may be the month & the duo may tie the knot in the month of November. 

Deepika Ranveer Wedding Pics

The families are getting attached on social media- After the famed marriages of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma along with Sonam Kapoor & Angad Ahuja, all eyes are now set on the star duo of Ranveer and Deepika.

Recently, Deepika’s sister Anisha followed Ranveer Singh on the Instagram while the actor followed her back further fuelling the rumors of the marriage. Deepika has also started following Ranveer’s mother on the Instagram which is indicating that the families are now getting in closer touch with each other.

Luxury Weddings In 2018

November may be the month of marriage- Earlier reports suggested that the couple will get married in December but the latest rumors tend to suggest that the couple may marry on November 19.

As per the reports, the couple was planning to marry in July but due to the busy schedule and commitments that they have, they have pushed it back to the November.

The actress is also not signing any new films to have her calendar free for the marriage, but the close sources of the actress denied the same. The actor also admitted during an interview that the marriage is on the mind and the couple may tangle the knot sooner rather than later.

Deepika Padukone Wedding

The wedding may overcome the Sonam-Angad wedding to be the biggest one of the year- As of now, Sonam-Angad wedding is the biggest wedding of the year, but Deepika Ranveer maybe even bigger. As per the rumors, the pair is planning a wedding which may be one of the biggest ones of the decade.

The star power at the wedding is also going to be just terrific with almost all the top barring the other Ranbir going to be the part of the wedding.

Wedding planning

Deepika’s staff has also been told that they shall not take any kind of leaves during the November month, which further fuels the rumors of the wedding. Oberoi Hotel may be the wedding venue if they do not plan for a destination wedding and we can all expect it to be like a mega-blockbuster movie.

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