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10 Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Poses Every Couple Loves Most!

10 Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Poses Every Couple Loves Most!

There is no doubt in saying that, wedding season is prolonged this coming year. Irrespective of hot summer or short-lived winter, people are not moving away to have lavish wedding receptions and other functions.

So, if you are also getting married this wedding season or anytime coming soon then it’s much important to plan everything in advance. But, one of the most important things which you cannot afford to miss at all is pre-wedding shoot which you are going to live throughout your life. There are so many ideas and poses which you can include in your wedding shoot.

In fact, if you are looking for a perfect destination for your pre-wedding shoot then Indore is one of the few options to go with. This is because there are so many beautiful places and monuments in Indore where you can have photos. Not only this, from best bridal wears in Indore to best décor you can anything at your doorstep.

Some best poses for a pre-wedding photoshoot

1. Ringed for life pose: You can give one of the best poses with your wedding ring. For this, you can take close-up pictures of wedding rings and pose holding hands while wearing rings and take an appealing picture by focusing especially on rings.

Ringed For Life Poses

Pic Credit: Arvs Effects Photography

In fact, you can clench hand of each other gently. These can help you in getting a perfect cover photo for your pre-wedding photoshoot album.

2. Family trouble in paradise: This pose is quite funny as your family will even involve in this pose. It will complete your wedding photo album and make your wedding photography in Indore more special.

Family trouble in paradise

In this pose, both bride and groom can prefer to a kiss on lip or forehead while parents will be giving dissatisfied look or even make mischievous devil-like faces. This pose is very funny and is one of the best poses that you, your partner and family will cherish throughout their life.

3. Pose with your pet: Do you have any pet in your house and are they an integral part of your family? Then why don’t pose with them?

Pose with your pet

Pic Credit: Swagat Mohanty Photography

Many couples are posing with their pets nowadays and there is no doubt in saying that it has become the great trend. Both bride and groom can kiss their pets or play something with them.

4. Fitness lover pose: If you and your partner are fitness freaks and have loved going to the gym, they can plan to have some photographs in the gym. There are so many poses which you can make with your partner in the gym.

Fitness Lover Poses

One is groom can pose as if he is doing push-ups and the bride can sit on him. In other poses, bride and groom can do squats or give a kissing pose on the treadmill.

5. Holding balloons: If you are looking for best bridal portrait ideas for your pre-wedding photoshoot, then you can pose with balloons. You can hold a bunch of colorful balloons like red, yellow, green, orange, pink and more.

Holding Balloons

Pic Credit: Pixel Snaps Studio

Bright colored balloons and the clear blue sky will help you in getting some best photographs. Posing with balloons is quite a new style and getting quite popular among many couples. You can even write wedding date on the balloon.

6. Hold her head pose: This is another great pose that you can have with your partner. Although hold her head pose is very common but it looks stylish, modern and classy. In fact, it is the most intimate and arguably the sweetest pose that how much guy treasures his life and promises to protect her all his life.

Hold her head pose

This pose is highly romantic and holding the bride’s head will definitely make your love feel loved. Hold her head pose is something which will add spark in your wedding photos and make them more memorable.

7. Proposal pose: If you want to relive romantic proposal again then this pose is best that you can have and incorporate in a pre-wedding shoot. This pre-wedding pose is best for such couples who never to forget the time both spend together.

Proposal pose

Pic Credit: Pixel Snaps Studio

8. Underwater kiss: Another great pose that can incorporate in your pre-wedding photo shoot is an underwater kiss. But, for this first couple needs to be good swimmers and the second photographer should be well skilled and highly professional.

Underwater Kiss

This pose is very unique and most importantly can add a special element to your pre-wedding shoot. It is best for those couples who do not want to give typical Indian poses. In fact, it is one of the most difficult poses to execute.

9. Inside pool pose: If you love swimming and met your life partner for the first time in the pool, then you must include the pool in your photo shoot. You and your partner can share a hug in swimming pool along with holding a glass of wine or champagne in hand.

Inside Pool Pre Wedding Shoot

Pic Credit: wedding velvet

In fact, you can even prefer to have a kiss in the pool or give candid poses as well like jumping together in the pool or do an act of pushing in the pool.

10. Pose with save date board: How much you are going to spend on pre-wedding shoot ideas completely depends on you and your partner. So, if you are looking for a cost-saving way and want to have good photographs then can prefer to use save the date card.

Pose With Save Date

Pic Credit: Glittering Shots

This is one of the latest poses which many couples are opting. You and your partner can simply hold save the date card in your hand and sit facing back of each other. In fact, you can even keep save the date card over your knee and have some best photographs.

Thus, these are some of the best poses that you can incorporate in your pre-wedding shoot to make it more special and memorable.

Photos Credit: Google Photos

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