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Complete Guide: Plan Your Wedding (Stepwise In 2018)

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Complete Guide: Plan Your Wedding (Stepwise In 2018)

A marriage is a holy matrimony of two people. However, it would not have been such a herculean task if only two people were involved. Although, it would also not have been equally fun and exciting if only two people were involved.

An Indian wedding ceremony is a culmination of culture and deeply flowing emotions. In a wedding ceremony traditions have to be kept strong and enjoyable at the same time. The wedding season comes with good tidings and brings an exhausting list of errands and prep works. Indian weddings are the definition of the hosts' nightmare.

An Indian wedding not only comprises of enjoyment of the bride and groom but it must necessarily ensure involvement and recreation of the guests also. An Indian wedding is no hoity-toity business no matter how much it may appear so. An Indian wedding is an affair of entertaining an enormous number of people with critical judges residing in their hearts.

The host should not underestimate this gigantic task of organizing food, decor works, and leisure activities for so many relatives and judgemental guests. An Indian wedding is required to stamp an impression in the hearts of every guest. All of this may seem scary to a single host.

Generally, several people are involved in the management of a wedding ceremony but sometimes the events so turn out to be that a single person has to administrate the expansive task of pleasing guests.

Here, we present a list to guide people through the preparation of a wedding ceremony -

Step 1: Start small

Engagement Ring - Start Small

A marriage is a part of a wedding ceremony. A complete wedding ceremony has lots of movable and non-movable parts of small ceremonies and events tied together into a beautiful bouquet. Overwhelming feelings may take over you when you are alone in the preparation of a wedding ceremony.

This is completely normal. In order to overcome this daze, one must begin from starting small. For example, fixing a date of a wedding is the beginning of wedding preparation. Availability of groom and bride along with indispensable family members are few factors that may be taken into account while deciding the wedding date.

Name and addresses of the relatives must be listed and contacted for the news or their availability on the prescribed date of the wedding.

Step 2: Hiring a priest

Hire Priest

The advice of a pandit or an astrologer must also be considered while planning a date for a Hindu wedding. A date may or may not fall under the spectrum of those auspicious days prescribed by such astrologer but the availability of the bride and groom has become imperative in the busy times of today.

A priest not only prescribes the auspicious day of the wedding but also for innumerable events that the marriage comprises. A wedding ceremony has intricate rituals and customs that the priests have expertise in hence it becomes obvious to hire one. A priest is sometimes needed for kundali or star assimilation of the bride and groom also.

Many families and communities still depend on the assimilation of stars when it comes to marriage. A priest handles several unheard rituals and also in the way auspiciously prescribed for your community.

Step 3: Wedding venue

Wedding Venues

Deciding a wedding venue is the first big task. A wedding venue could be settled for after going through the reviews about the place. Such reviews can be obtained either online or through acquaintances. First-hand experiences can also be accounted for by contacting the venue management for past client's contact information.

Few factors that may seem important while deciding a wedding venue are a number of guests it can accommodate, food availability and hygiene, per-plate cost of guests and location of the wedding venue. Making sure that the wedding venue is providing for rooms for makeup and preparation of brides and grooms is also an important step.

Generally, venue management systems allow tasting of food before down payment is made. Availability of parking spot is a must nowadays. The location of the wedding venue could be as close to the relatives of the family or any other place better suited to the needs of the family. A large number of wedding venues in Jaipur are available now with an assortment of services and choices.

Step 4: Wedding planner

Wedding Planners

If you are getting married then you must be looking for Wedding planners near me all over the internet as a wedding planner is a person or a group of people or the wedding event companies who organize and handles the operations of marriage ceremony which may or may not seem possible for a few people of the family.

A wedding planner administrates the whole operation ranging from the smallest of jobs to extensively detailed errands. Wedding planners in Indore and Delhi have their own wedding photographers. This eliminates the work of haggling with different photo studios that charge exorbitant prices for some-what professional work.

On the other hand, the photographers employed or hired by wedding planners have to undergo training and show credible experience or talent before they are given any material work. Wedding planners take care of the caterers if not already hired. Almost all wedding planners have their own catering services offered at inclusive prices.

Wedding planners are a huge industry, therefore, a professional behaviour can be expected of them. Their catering events are safe, fresh and hygienic. However, some eminent wedding caterers in Indore and Delhi do provide services matching the international standards of professionalism. Wedding planners also provide salon and parlour services throughout the wedding ceremony.

Wedding planners have specially trained make-up artists and professionals who offer excellent wedding photography services, all of them under their wings who are always ready to make the bride as appealing as an angel. Wedding photographs on their websites can be obtained to review their commendable past works.

Step 5: Food

Best Budget Catering Service

The position of food in a wedding event is as high as anything else. It is the sole player in the decision of guests whether the event was a success or not. Guest may or may not remember the decorations and preparations of an event but they always remember the food. Therefore, a delicious cuisine will always steal the show.

It is important to select a catering service that provides mouth-watering food options and is actually tasteful but the hygiene must always be considered above everything else. Food inspectors can be contacted for information on food caterers and their hygiene sense.

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Mere observation can also render sufficient results that may affect your decision while selecting a food caterer. Selection of a food caterer may also depend on the type of food you may want to offer. Some weddings offer non-vegetarian and liquor items also but the most important part is the variety of these food items available.

The gusts do not want to be bored of limited options. They always want to try new things from an assortment of choices. A choice of liquor items comes with a warning of unwanted and uncalled nuisance often observed at wedding events, therefore, make your decision wisely.

Step 6: Jewellery, Gifts, and Dresses

Wedding Gifts

There are some activities that are as tiring as enjoyable they are. Such activities and errands are best suited to the members of the family and especially the bride, groom and the senior family members. Preparation of wedding jewellery can be entrusted with several established jewellers.

Although jewellery shopping mostly requires money, sometimes time is also needed for preparation of specially demanded ornaments. If this is the case then a visit to the jewellers store a few weeks ahead of the wedding will not hurt. Keeping a communication link with the other party while shopping for jewellery always comes in handy as it opens opportunities for fresh opinions.

Shopping for gifts can be made less tiring if done in bulk. If a personal touch is required for the guests then some time must be spared for the shopping of gifts also. One of the most exciting and perhaps the most time-consuming task is a selection of dresses. Selection of dresses itself is a time-consuming task and in case custom dresses are required it is better to start working at least a month before the wedding date.

If possible visit several shops and in different cities in case, you get to visit these places during this time. You also need to book renowned and reliable beauty parlours for applying heena or a good mehndi artist before your big day!

Step 7: Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decorations

It becomes way easier to hire a wedding planner for the decoration works of a wedding. Wedding planners have immense experience and recorded experiences of other weddings they may or may not have handled.

Wedding decorators offer a large number of choices when it comes to decoration of wedding venues. Wedding planners have interior decorators with professional qualifications and training in their respective fields. It would be a mistake not to consider their opinion when it comes to decoration of wedding events.

Wedding planners offer event decoration under several themes. These themes are a culmination of innumerable decor works with a common background collectively called as a theme.Many people go for modern themes which are subtle and minimalistic but the same wedding planners also offer the whole shebang of the big fat weddings.

You can choose from their large number of decor options the one which suits your taste best. These themes have already been indexed after careful scrutiny and use.

Thus, wedding planners assist people and manage the challenging tasks of wedding ceremonies, perfectly. From fashion ideas, wedding venues, decor, and everything else related to wedding ceremonies must be kept in mind to plan a perfect wedding. The above guide is to help people in planning their big day, in the most suitable way.

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