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Hottest Pinterest Wedding Trends To Add Glamour To Your Wedding

Hottest Pinterest Wedding Trends To Add Glamour To Your Wedding

When planning your wonderful wedding, Pinterest is heaven for all the couples getting married. Pinterest is the trendsetter for quite a long time now and similarly this year too, Pinterest has served us with some really great trends that’ll be a great addition to your beautiful wedding.

Every bride wants her wedding to be awesome and unique in their own way. And when aiming for nothing short of perfection, Pinterest is always has something for every bride-to-be. Each year we are served with many Pinterest wedding trends that really help out in finalizing the different aspects of the weddings.

The best thing about Pinterest, in my opinion, is that you get everything tiled up beautifully as soon as you search for something that interests you. It is a perfect gateway to quench your creative thirst and get some amazingly beautiful ideas that are perfect for your wedding.

Whether you’re looking for some great looking wedding attires, finalizing on the decor, setting up the awesome catering menu or maybe shortlisting the honeymoon destinations, here I have compiled everything at one place that Instagram can help you with.

So, let’s just go forward and dive into the endless ocean of Pinterest to fish out the best possible trends that’ll breathe life into your wedding.

Finest Pinterest Wedding Styling Trends To Look Your Best At Your Nuptials

Every girl dreams of looking like a princess on her wedding since her childhood. But, when you actually start to plan out your wedding looks, it might be confusing what’ll help you out and will enhance your looks. So in order to set aside all the confusion I have listed out some trends that I believe will definitely help you look like a princess on your D-Day.

Natural Makeup Is The Way To Go


Gone are the days when brides used to transform themselves into a totally different person by applying tons of makeup on their face. According to the Pinterest wedding trends, natural makeup is the way to go forward. Showcasing your real self with just some makeup that highlights your best features will surely add to your looks.

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Coral Is The New Black


The year 2019 has provided the brides with a colour that’s vibrant and bright. Coral is a great hue that’s equally embellishing for day weddings and night weddings. Sporting a coral coloured lehenga on your wedding will help bring in the beauty and fragility of the marine life. The hue is perfect to energize and enliven the bridal attire with a softer edge.

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Sari Is The New Trend


This is one trend that we didn’t saw coming knocking on our doors in 2019. Pinterest wedding trends suggest that many brides have started to lean towards carrying a beautifully embellished sari on their wedding instead of the heavy lehenga. So, make a note of this trend before going out shopping for your bridal dress.

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Accessorize Your Hairs


The boring hair bun covered with a veil is a thing of the past and the newest suggests accessorizing your hairs with some gorgeous looking accessories. Be it the glittery hairpins, multilayered matha patti, or a floral tiara, there are many traditional and not-so-traditional ways that you can go while accessorizing your hairs.

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Pinterest Wedding Decor Trends That’ll Be Perfect For Your Wedding

Deciding on the decor, that represents your wedding in your unique way is really an important aspect of the wedding. This will not only help ibn customising your wedding as per your preferences but will also set your wedding look apart from all those identical weddings that your guests have been to.

Minimalistic Invites


Your wedding invitation will be the way that your guests get introduced to your wedding and this is why I included this in the decor section. When searching for Pinterest wedding trends I saw some great minimal invites with some bespoke illustrations are becoming popular among the couples getting married in 2019.

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The Classic Decor


The classic looking decor with the elements like the bronze candelabra, linen napkins, uni-coloured floral walls and glassware centrepieces will help out in providing a timeless touch to your beautiful wedding.

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Being Eco-Friendly


As more and more people are becoming aware of the environmental impact that their wedding has on nature, many are shifting towards minimizing the carbon footprint of the wedding. Using reusable decor at your wedding will surely be a great step towards saving the environment.

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Destination Wedding


Getting married in the middle of the mountains or maybe at a beach will provide a great setting for your wedding. What can be more enchanting than nature itself being a major decor element in your wedding? If the latest Pinterest wedding trends are to be believed, more and more couples are now inclining towards having their wedding at a beautiful location of their choice.

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Lip-Smacking Food Menu Options That You Can Thank Pinterest For

Serving some great food to your guests is a great way that’ll help out in making your wedding truly memorable. When deciding on the food menu, being innovative is the way to go, as innovation is what gives birth to new trends. You’ll have to remember that different guests have different likings and must design the menu in a way that it caters to everyone.

Food Counters For Diet Conscious Guests


More and more people are becoming diet conscious and including some food options that’ll be perfect for them at your wedding will be a great idea. Including some low-fat food options that diet-conscious guests can enjoy is one of the hottest trends that’s doing rounds on Pinterest and will invite a lot of thanks from the guests for such a great gesture.

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Live Food Counters

live food-counters

Live food counters is another Pinterest wedding trend that’s catching up the pace in recent weddings. The beauty of these live counters is that the chefs create the dishes in front of the guests and it makes it really entertaining for the guests as well. Imagine seeing live the chefs tossing the flattened dough in the air that makes the pizza’s base which you might have seen in just the commercials. A bartender showcasing his skills with the bottles while serving the drinks will be another thing that’ll be a great addition.

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DIY Counters


The most important thing that makes a wedding truly memorable is the experience that the guests have at one’s wedding. So, if you too are aiming to make your wedding leave an impact on the guests’ minds for many years to come then you can blindly follow us on this one. You just have to include a few counters where you serve the dish and offer different toppings that the guests can experiment with. In the starters section, you can have boiled noodles with different sauces that guests can choose from or maybe a pizza counter with the various topping options to choose from. In the dessert section, you can include cupcakes with different icing options and colourful varieties of toppings.

Food Trucks


Food trucks are really popular in the west for quite a while now but is a totally new concept in Indian weddings thanks to the Pinterest wedding trends. You can hire a food truck that can serve your guests with delicious on-request finger foods. Be it the late-night cravings or satisfying the guests’ appetite with a Paneer Tikka, the food truck is the answer for everything.

Top Honeymoon Destinations That Are Most Popular On Pinterest

Planning an awesome getaway with your beloved after the wedding is one thing that each couple dreams of. During the entire wedding planning, your main focus would be how to bring down your wedding budget. But opposed to that, planning a honeymoon that’ll help you spend some great time with your partner is something that’ll need an investment without thinking twice about the costs it endures.



Italy has always been one of the top destinations when it comes to honeymoon. Italy has a lot to offer to every couple, be it the fantastic beaches or the stunning mountains. No matter in which season you’ll be planning your honeymoon, Pinterest wedding trends suggest that Italy is perfect all around the year.



A honeymoon in Bali will be a perfect mix of adventure, luxury, romance, and most importantly some great food. Bali is becoming the top location among the coupls as the hotels provide great honeymoon packages that are much cheaper than the ones in Maldives and Bora Bora. Want to enjoy a nice cocktail on a beachside? Or, maybe being adventurous and going scuba diving is the way to go? Bali will help create some great cherishable memories.

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The reason I included Hawaii on this list is that it is a place that has something for everyone. The gorgeous beaches, pristine blue waters and Aloha spirit are what make it truly amazing. According to the Pinterest Wedding Trends, Ohau island is the best island for the honeymooners as it provides a balance between happening and phlegmatic setting that you’ll surely love.



Greece is a place that’ll easily touch the heart of every Indian couple who’ll be travelling there. Thousands of small islands along with the mainland has to offer a lot. Be it some small islands like Skiathos, or huge islands like Crete, each of them is unique in their own beautiful way. Trust me, the yummy Greek food to feast on is enough reason to visit Greece again and again.

These were some of the trends that I managed to fish through Pinterest’s ocean before my boat capsized.

Were you able to find something that I couldn’t?

Don’t keep it just to yourself and share with me in the comments down below.

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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