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40 Awesome Newlywed Questions To Ask The Couple

40 Awesome Newlywed Questions To Ask The Couple

So whether you’re hosting a welcome party for welcoming of the newlyweds or your planning for the reception, only food and music cannot suffice as the entertainment. Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, the wedding is the onset of a new phase of life for the couple. No matter how much time they might have dated but post the wedding they need to get comfortable with each other as husband and wife.

Induce fun in the party and break the ice between the couple with newlywed game question. The game would not just add entertainment at the wedding but also would enable the couple to get comfortable in each other’s company. Be a charismatic host and make the evening memorable for the couple with the fun couple wedding question game. You can rehearse for the game to be better prepared but you can’t plan everything- spontaneity is what adds oodles of fun to the game. Be prepared to roll with laughter and punches as we present before you a curated list of questions that are ideal for the newlyweds.

How To Play The Game

The Newlywed Game question provides an insight into how well the couple are versed about each other. It provides an insight into their relationship enabling them to get familiar about the preferences of each other. Being the host you can consider asking questions which are about their personalities, choices, preferences to ones that are about their love life. To engage the observers and the guests you can consider mixing the questions which involves them as well. To level up the game you can place the order from easy to tough questions. Before the game get familiar with the couple as it would help you in picking the ideal questions for the game.


Tweak the rules of the game with variations to induce fun in the evening. For the game split the group of the players in two teams of the couple. One person is elected as the questioner who takes turns to ask questions from the two teams. The two teams compete against each other getting points to win the game. While one team answers the questions the other team has to reveal whether it is the correct answer or not. The team with the maximum number of points wins the game. If your planning for a bachelorette party then the newlywed game questions for bridal shower works best as it makes the event memorable for the bride and her bride tribe.

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20 Amusing Newlywed Game Questions


Who doesn’t likes having a plethora of choices? When it comes to wedding games several choices are available. The wedding game questions induce life in dull weddings thus making festivities lively. So if you’re searching for entertainment ideas for the wedding or couple then here is a list of the best funny questions for newlywed game.

1. What is the most embarrassing thing that you have done in your spouse’s presence?

2. Who amongst you both is more likely to get lost in a new place?

3. Who between you two is the late runner?

4. Who is a messier person between you two with the likelihood of turning the floor into a dump yard?

5. Who wins in an argument?

6. Who is the most stubborn between you both?

7. Who is the biggest flirt?

8. Who is a bigger baby when falling ill?

9. Who spends more time on their social media platforms?

10. Did you ever send a text intended for your spouse to somebody else?

11. Have you ever made a drunk call to your ex?

12. Who is more dramatic?

13. Who is likely to forget the birthdays, anniversaries and other important life occasions?

14. Who is most likely to lose the house keys or drop their wallet?

15. Who has a wacky sense of humour laughing at the most inappropriate time?

16. What was your first impression of your spouse?

17. Who is the worst bathroom singer?

18. Who is a disaster after getting drunk?

19. What is the most embarrassing pet name given to you by your spouse?

20. Imitate how your spouse acts when in a foul or pissed off mood?

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10 Ice Breaker Newlywed Game Questions For Friends And Family

When a couple ties the knots of love they establish a relationship not just with their spouse but also with their family and friends. So here are some of Newlywed Game Questions For Friends And Family that would help in getting the couple familiar with each other's families.

1. How many cousins does your spouse have?

2. Which of your spouse’s friend do you find most attractive?

3. If asked to describe your spouse’s family in 1 word how would you do that?

4. What is the name of your spouse’s best friend?

5. By what nickname do your spouse’s friends call them?

6. In which place did your spouse reside during their childhood?

7. Who amongst your spouse’s friends is the craziest of the lot?

8. If given a chance to go on a trip with your spouse’s family where would you head off too?

9. Who is your spouse’s most unusual family member that you loved meeting?

10. What is your spouse’s craziest memory spend with their friends?

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10 Quirky Newlywed Game Questions For Bridal Shower

newlywed-game-questions-for -bridal-shower

Are you planning for a bridal shower? Then you must be searching for games to ooze fun in the bridal shower. Here are some Newlywed Game Questions For Bridal Shower.

1. What is your hubby to-be’s idea of a perfect weekend?

2. Would you prefer going on a rustic and adventurous trip or one to a big city in a luxurious resort with your better half?

3. What is your perfect idea for spending quality time?

4. What is your hubby’s favourite hobby?

5. Has your better half ever cried during a movie?

6. Who amongst you both are the spendthrift and the saver?

7. Is your husband an outdoor or an indoor person?

8. What is your partner’s most irritating habit that annoys you most?

9. Do you prefer having a home dinner date with your beau or would go out with him?

10. Who is the one winning in an argument?

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The newlywed game questions work well for the couple as well as with the guests. These are some of the core questions that you can consider giving a try. What questions are you going to ask the newlyweds? Share with us about your views and opinions in the comments below.

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