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How to Pose Naturally For your Wedding Photos!

How to Pose Naturally For your Wedding Photos!

Your wedding is the most special day of your life and you want to make sure that you get all the preparations for your wedding done in the right manner. But the most important aspect that you need to be aware of is the quality of photos on your wedding. You want to make sure that your wedding photographs look the best and everyone gets to applaud you for your wedding photographs.

There are certain parts of your body that you are never happy and satisfied with and you do not want to showcase them while going for the photos. You can get in touch with the candid photographers in Jaipur that will help you with the poses to a great extent and help you to have some of the most awesome images. They will help you to try out some of the different styles that you are going to cherish for a long time.

Here are some of the tips for you to look better in your wedding photographs

Going for that celebrity pose - This is one of the things that you must get to do as a bride if you want to look beautiful and classy on your wedding day. This is one photo that you will keep on looking at in your wedding album and everyone is bound to praise it. You shall stand with your hips right at 45 degrees to your camera and put all your weight on the back foot.

Celebrity Pose

Elongate the front leg and put it in a crossed manner. To make it more appealing and exciting, you can get to put your hand on the hips and have some of the most candid shots. This photo will shine amongst your wedding photos and will make you look at it time and again.

Smile and laugh with your soul mate - This can be a very good option for the pre-wedding shootout and these pictures appeal more to anyone that the other photos. You can go to some of the most beautiful locations and laugh freely with your fiancé over there. It will make up for the best of the photos and you can also check the pre-wedding shoot ideas to have some other dashing images.

Smile and laugh with your soul mate

You can get to try having some images while driving hard with your partner. Another pose that can be so cosy for your pre-wedding shootout is playing with your partner with ice or flowers as it will add a touch of elegance to your wedding album.

Using the tongue - This can be one of the funniest photos on your wedding album that will make everyone to go nuts and will put the smile back on your face when you watch it 10 years down the memory lane. You can try putting your tongue on top of your mouth and have some of the most candid clicks to explore that naughty side in yourself. You must get to hire best wedding photographers in Jaipur so that they can catch your images in the best manner.

At the same time, when you go for such candid poses, it becomes mandatory for you to try the pose a few times before going for it. It will help you to pull it off in the right manner and make your photograph the one to cherish for.

Contouring the face - This is another thing that you can get to try out especially when you do not have a mind-boggling face structure. You shall not directly look into the camera and tilt your chin just so little that your best side gets in front of the camera. These photos look more amazing than when you look directly into the camera.

Contouring the face

You can also check upon some of the other pre-wedding photoshoot tips regarding the alignment of the face to make sure that you can have some of the best clicks for your wedding.

Making poses by using your legs - Your legs are one of the most important parts of your beauty and you want to make sure that you make use of them in the right manner while going for the wedding photo shoot. You shall different poses by twisting your legs that you will cherish after your wedding. You can try bending one at 45, then at 90, or crossing them against one another to look cool and stylish.

Poses by using legs

There are several bridal portrait ideas that are available for you for posing your legs in the right manner. You shall look to make your legs look taller and showcase your hips in an extravagant manner as well. You can seek help from your friends as well about some of the poses and practice them in advance before going for the shoot so that you can perform with confidence.


Photography is the most important part of any wedding ceremony and as a bride, you want to make sure that you have a wedding album that will make you smile down the memory lane. This is why you need to plan well in advance for the same and make sure that it is executed in the right manner.

You shall discuss your ideas with the photographer well in advance and make sure that he gets to understand what you want for your wedding. At the same time, you shall also keep checking upon some of the latest ideas on the internet and not be afraid to try them out.

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