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7 Common Mistakes You Will Make Sure In (Wedding Decoration)

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7 Common Mistakes You Will Make Sure In (Wedding Decoration)

To decor, the wedding venue in Indore or any other city is not an easy task. We figure out our best and hard to make it a happening venue. But sometimes to accomplish the decoration task with lost to the way and makes certain mistakes that can spoil your wedding decoration. Be sure to transform your wedding venue that your guests feeling overwhelmed. After consult with the professional wedding planners in Indore and owner of event companies in Indore, We figure out the common wedding mistakes that you have to figure out while making them. So you can able to create the magical and memorable weddings venue for the couple and the guests. Not even this it will save your little money and time too.

1.       Not Deciding A Clear Color Scheme And Theme For The Decoration:

Wedding decor Ideas

This is the most common way for couples to select the wedding themes based on a color. But you have to stick to it. It is not worth it, to purchase the decoration things because it is pretty. If you want, then go with your respective theme color. The single mismatch things can spoil your entire wedding venue decoration. It will throw your guest off and completely look unpleasant. First fix your color scheme, whether it is a single color or some combination of colors. Then use particular color scheme in everything from flower decoration to linens. You can also take help of wedding planner and flower decorator near you.

2.       Underestimating How Much Space Is Needed For Wedding Venue:

Wedding Decor Tips

While going to finalizing the wedding venue, you enter an empty wedding venue or wedding halls, it looks large enough for the accommodation of all wedding things. But a wedding venue on the wedding day is occupied by guest and services. About 25-30% of space is occupied by the dance things, about 20-30% space is consumed by the food counter. And as result, you face problems if you select small wedding venues. Venue selection is critical and you have to spend the time to finalize the one. An ideal guide is, for 80 wedding guest you required almost 1000 square feet room size. As increase the number of guests proportionally increases the space.

3.       Trying To DIY Everything:

Wedding Decoration In Jaipur

Due to a lot of wedding expenses and less wedding budget, couples search alternatives for the expensive service. The alternative is DIY- Do it yourself. Thanks to the internet, that makes the complex decoration easy and appears that it is easy as pie. Ya, it is cheap and saves your good amount of money. But DIY is not worth if you are not experienced in crafting. It is better to hire someone experienced.

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4.       Forgetting Lighting:

Forgetting Lighting In Wedding Decoration

We tend to pay attention to every small thing for the wedding, whether it is wedding venue is outdoor or indoor. The perfect lighting in the indoor wedding venue and even in the outdoor wedding venue, help to set the mood. Lighting is key to setting the mood. If guests are unable to see anything, then they unable to have fun. For a bold to soft romantic environment, you should light up some creative lights. The candles can also help; it is always beautiful and cost effective too. Lighting can add unique visual appeal in the decoration and in a wedding venue. Try colorful lighting instead of the single color light. It is also good to go with light projectors.

5.       Copying Someone Else’s Wedding: While visiting the some of your family wedding or friend’s wedding and you get attract with their decoration. Your first though are let’s try it at our wedding. Keep in mind, it is ok if you get inspire with their idea but do not steal or exact copy the similar things. For the new ideas, you can go with a wedding planner in Indore. They are experienced and fix all the things on their own. There are a lot of wedding decoration guide available on the internet that you can pick for your wedding.

6.       Ignoring Menus And Food Presentation:

Food Presentations In Wedding

If you do not include food in the decoration, it is a drawback of your special day. Every guest eats food with eyes first. Select the menu with your theme color or those are seasonal. Guest attract with seasonal food more, it will less expensive than the unseasonal food. The presentation of food is parallel to the guest eye. Tell your wedding caterer to present the food in a unique way and appropriate way.  Serve the regular veggie’s plate or fruit plate with an accent of yummy sauce.

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7.       Not Varying The Decor Throughout The Space:

Wedding Decoration

The scale is important when it comes to decor the wedding venue. For decoration to look alluring it will be important for you to take into consideration every dimension of the venue. Make sure the decoration is very in every corner of the wedding venue. You should aim proper wedding theme in every session.

Planning the wedding should be fun and perfect. There should be no chances to make mistakes on the wedding day. Shaadidukaan wants to eliminate your disappointment and lower the chance of mistakes in wedding decoration. The above mistakes you have to consider for the decoration of the wedding venue whether for a wedding day or wedding reception. The choose of whole decoration is up to you that blow your guests and also help to save you some money as well.

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