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The Best New Mehandi Trends For Your 2018 Wedding

The Best New Mehandi Trends For Your 2018 Wedding

The Mehandi artist in Jaipur always kept the traditional Indian culture alive in form of intricate Henna designs and astounding patterns. The magical artists have all the Talent to draw the most difficult Henna designs on your palm for the special day.

While choosing a Mehandi artist, it is highly important to note whether they specialize in a particular variety of henna design or follow the latest trending Mehandi designs. The Henna designs are not just restricted to tattooing your palm with a small plant or flower pattern. But it is more about exaggerating the typical Indian culture.

What common things to choose Mehandi artist?

In order to choose a perfect Mehandi artist, the first and the foremost thing you need is to focus is their packages. Try to Know about Mehandi Artistby researching their ratings and credentials online. Also, confirm everything from beforehand. Confirming and keeping a backup is the best way to encounter any hassle on the final day.

Bridal Mehandi Designs

Henna design artist not only uses typical Henna on your pal to draw different patterns on your palm but also rely on colored Mehandi to bring out the true beauty of the bridal Mehandi theme. The trending Mehandi designs can never be better with the professional Mehandi artists at your disposal. They have to be hired online through online applications on the official website. after the bookings have been made, ask for the final quotation and confirm the due date. The highly skilled Henna artists travel all over the world to beautify global women. The Agencies have the full-fledged team of henna artists who are just a phone call away.

Let us know those latest trending Mehandi designs of 2018 -

● Mehandi portraits- if the hired Mehandi artist in Jaipur is really skilled, he/she would never forget to draw portrait form of Mehandi on your hand. Currently, people get the couple faces etched on their palm with the simple Mehandi cone. Doesn't it sound impossible?

Top 10 Mehandi Artist

● Wedding décor Mehandi- another popular henna design concept is to include wedding decor as a part of Heena design. The couple may include elephant, fan, Swastika and obviously their name which looks magnificent and cool.

● Food henna design- if food is your first love and you are not the bride to be, this is the best Henna trend you can follow. Get the images of laddoos, burger or French fries on your palm and get all the attention from the guests. After all, Mehandi artist in Jaipur has been creating a variety of designing categories to impress you.

● Vedic chants- get a Vedic chant written on your palm along with a wedding Kalash in the middle of somewhere to give it more of a holy look. Vedic chants have been lately and fashion when it comes to getting style through clothes and Henna designs.

Best Mehandi Designs

● Birdy look- birds, portraits, and flowers have always been the first love of every woman. You don't have to particularly go for lotus or Rose motifs. Just any random flower that has been beautifully drawn can be your favorite henna design of the Year. According to age-old mythology, Henna is applied to enhance the patience level and to induce blood circulation.

● Evergreen Arabic - Arabic Henna designs are forever enlisted amongst best Mehandi designs. The big floral motifs, inverted mango design and random decorations that are easy and all-times preferable is what a typical Arabic style Heena deals in. In fact, when you talk about bridal henna design, no other design can get the bride over with her wait when it comes to applying henna on her hand.

● Etching on palm- with unlimited varieties of henna designs, you can have a different design for every occasion. In fact, you can scroll the internet to get some of the latest ideas and share it with your buddies to extract best services from the Mehandi artist in Jaipur.

Rajasthani Mehandi Designs

● Customize Henna designs- the customized henna design are a perfect option for both Bride and groom. You can choose to go for Arabic, food, floral or any other pattern that you are interested in. The professional artist would bring out the intellectual ideas into mere reality. The entire wedding occasion can be reflected in form of a henna design which has tiny motif all over your hands. Additionally, there can be your name or the name of your spouse written in subtle way.

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● Holy Heena pattern- the holy Henna patterns are more of godly portraits and designs. Either the bride or the guests can go for the mehandi patterns which comprise of Lord Krishna and Radha Mehandi motifs decorated along with different beautifying designs.

● The swagger design- you can get the mehandi design in form of some trolls or funny pattern that make things more of hilarious instead of traditional. The bride wearing shades and applying Henna patterns with funny slangs make things jovial and out of the box.

Mehandi Designs 2018

Final words

No matter how well we progress, love for latest trending mehandi design can never fade away from our hearts. When a traditional Indian woman has to get ready to take away the heart of her hubby time and again, nothing can be better than tattooing her hands with Henna patterns.

The smell of Heena spreads all over the place and creates a holistic atmosphere altogether. Moreover, the traditional Indian brides use Henna powder as a part of several Holy festivals. They not only apply the mehandi mixture on hands but also dedicate the Powder directly to God. So when it comes to getting adored in a typical Indian way, do not forget to include a beautiful mehandi design as a part of your overall look.

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