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Malayali Pre and Post Wedding Rituals: A Bit Different and A Bit Similar

Malayali Pre and Post Wedding Rituals: A Bit Different and A Bit Similar

We always say in our blogs whenever we mention any wedding, that in India, it is so many weddings. It is a land of so many different types of weddings. While walking on the roads, you just turn and move; culture, religion, tradition, and community change.

One day you go to a culturally varied wedding, and the other day you go to a different one. It is a whole lot mixture of everyone and everything, such our India is.

Whether you have already witnessed or not but today we are going to tell you about Kerala Hindu Wedding traditions and rituals. There are lots of variations in Kerala weddings because so many community people live there yet they somehow and others follow the native regional wedding traditions and rituals, which differ as community changes.

So this blog is about Kerala Hindu Wedding Traditions and Rituals. Buckle up, seat up, clear the windscreen, and here we go!

Malayali Hindu Pre Wedding Rituals


Muhurtham Malayali weddings

It is same like Muhurat as in Hindu community. Though in Kerala, it is called Muhurtham, where in this bride and groom’s Kundalis are matched, and if they get matched perfectly, a wedding date is fixed including other ceremonies’ dates like engagement ceremony or other. There is only a difference of “Tham” in our Muhurat and their Muhurtham.

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Engagement Ceremony South Indian Weddings

As this ceremony name sounds, it indicates like ascertaining something. In Kerala, it is called engagement ceremony, Nischayam. So bride and groom get engaged and an official announcement is made before all guests, friends, and relatives about their wedding.

Traditional Party

Traditional Party Malyali Weddings

This is the same party as in North Indian weddings, which is usually given when the engagement ceremony successfully takes place. It is a small feast and celebration in which vegetarian food is served. Besides all this, bride and groom go to a temple for thanking God and taking their blessings. 
Bride and groom also take blessings of elders too.


Madhuparkam Malyali Wedding

In this wedding ritual, when groom comes to the wedding venue with his family, bride’s father including other relatives wash groom’s feet. It is a kind of welcome when groom first time enters to the bride’s home or wedding venue. After the feet washing ceremony, groom gives his in-laws a white saree that the bride has to wear on the day of the wedding.



It is same like us Kanyadaan, which is called Kanyadaanam in the South, and it is performed before a Veli, holy fire. It is three-time Phera that they have to do around Veli and after that groom ties a Taali. It is a kind of necklace.

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In this wedding ceremony, groom sits on a floor in a way that he has to face the bride and their foreheads should touch. And pundit chants the mantras and bride puts rice in Veli. After this bride puts her feet on a grinding stone which is called Ammi. It is signification that she is now departing from her family.


Malyali Wedding Food

This is the feast in which after the culmination of all the rituals, all guests sit together to sit and enjoy. It is a feast where traditional vegetarian dishes are served.

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Malayali Post Wedding Rituals


Kudivep Malyali Wedding Rituals

It is the welcoming ceremony after the wedding at the groom’s home where a newly-wed couple is welcomed by the groom’s family with lit Diyas and lamps. It is known as Kudivep.


Grihpravesh Malyali Wedding Ritual

This is the final ceremony where bride enters groom’s house making her entry in his home. It is the last ceremony in all the ceremonies that performed in the Malayali weddings.

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These are all the pre and post-wedding rituals and ceremonies of a Malayali wedding. Though a little bit it can differ and please don’t mind all my Malayali fellows there if we are missing something somewhere in the blog. If other information you want to provide you can write to us in the comments section below.

Besides all that, if we are missing something anything specific, tell us. We are waiting… till now enjoy the blog!

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