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Make Your Wedding Charitable and Enjoy Peace of Mind and So Much Blessings

Make Your Wedding Charitable and Enjoy Peace of Mind and So Much Blessings

Who doesn't want to splurge on his or her wedding? Perhaps the answer is, not everyone. Yeah, not everyone is interested to spend huge or a little huge amount of money on their wedding. And they say why we do so, it is just our wedding, not any fair that we have to make it glittery and glamoury affair. They say it is us that are getting married, not the whole world, whom to show guys!?

Nowadays couples have come with a new concept or thinking about it, that how to make their wedding charitable. Okay, you must be thinking that why make our wedding charitable? Then we ask you why not?

Some intelligent, league-apart couples are there who think a little differently. People think about doing charity, and they only remain in thinking rather than doing, but these couples who are league-apart are thinking about making their wedding charitable. During the time of their wedding, they are still thinking about society and down-trodden people.

I mean who in this world think about charity during the time of their wedding. Perhaps no one, but there are some couples who do. So if you also want to make your wedding charitable then you can do so. If you don't know how then don't worry. We are telling you. Just pay attention!

Ways to Make Your Wedding Charitable:

Extra Food for Donation, and Please Don't Waste it

Mostly in weddings, we know that lots of food gets wasted and also extra food comes that go in waste too. The first thing to do in your wedding is that you put some creative placards at your food corner messaging about food to guests that "They don't waste food. Eat it only that much you can". This is a good way to save food and those extra that gets saved, donate that food to any NGO or provide it to that kind of organization that distributes food among needy people. If this way you do, you are doing great charity watering someone's hunger. You don't know what a piece of food means for needy people.

Go Eco-Friendly Way

Yeah, these days love is going Eco-friendly! and weddings also, and it is the best and adorable way, going Eco that seems simple, sober, not so much costly and enjoyable wedding. And the great thing is that in Eco-friendly weddings, food menu is always luxurious. Going Eco means saving a lot of money, and a little bit you can donate in charity.

Rather than accepting gifts, donate it to charity

In a wedding, a couple receives a lot of gifts. So instead of getting wedding gifts, you can inform, write or print in your wedding card a message that you don't want gifts. Instead of giving you, donate it to a particular charity. You can write the name of the charity organization provided your guests directly donate it there. If you receive cash then you yourself can do this.

Donate Your Wedding Attire to someone who is in Need

You have a perfect and well-designed wedding attire that you have worn to your wedding, and you think that perhaps you are not going to wear it again. Few chances are there for this. So it is a better idea that you donate your wedding attire whatever it is to someone who is in need. To those who tie knot in community weddings. There are community weddings in India. It will be better for your wedding dress that is rotting in almirah, to give someone who is in need.

Choose favors that matter

Wedding favors, no one wants to miss them whether you give them in the starting of your wedding or at the culmination of your wedding or at both times. But when you choose your wedding favors, then this time don't choose or buy them from big shops, buy them from local small scale business people, those who make handicraft things. And yeah, this time your wedding favors should be not of gold and silver. It should be something unique, creative, and could be a handicraft item too prepared by locals. If you do so, it gives business to them and to you peace of mind.

Take Local NGO on Rent rather than farmhouse or banquet

Though the wedding venue really depends on your guest list, but on the other side if you think that your guests can comfortably adjust into your nearby local NGO, and they also provide their empty land for rent for functions and weddings, then you should book that NGO for your wedding functions. Even though it is really your choice what you want to do depending on your wedding guest list. Taking NGO empty land on rent for your wedding helps them financially and business purpose wise also. Because NGOs and other such organizations always look for donation.

 So above mentioned are some of the good and headache-free ways by which you can make your wedding charitable. Your wedding goes well and enjoyable too, and you directly and indirectly help the needy people too. What a unique and peaceful and entirely Hatke your wedding is going to be if you want it charitable. God's grace will be on you!

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