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#5 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Finalizing A Wedding Cake

#5 Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Finalizing A Wedding Cake

A wedding is a grand celebration of love and joy that follows in the life of a lovely couple. The ceremony is organized with a similar amount of exuberance and with all the excitement packed in the lifetime event of the couple. From clothes to food, everything is planned and bought according to the significance of the grandeur of the wedding. Especially, when we talk about food, we refer to the essential wedding cake which is the very highlight of the wedding.

But if you ask us, then without any doubt we would say that the wedding cake is the most delicious thing to savor but the most difficult thing to finalize. Yes, being a guest and visiting the wedding is the best feeling ever. But being a host and selecting each and everything by oneself is the most difficult thing too. Especially, when one has to book a wedding cake without any prior expertise, it is the most difficult thing.

But worry not, as we are here! We have some very special things that you must keep in mind before running into your patisserie. These five tips about wedding cakes can help you leave a lifetime impression on your guest with the utmost ease and the most beautiful wedding cake!

5 Things To Remember When Buying The Wedding Cake

1. Edible Paint Strokes

Edible Paint Strokes
Credit : Pinterest

It goes without saying that nothing can beat the beautifully made abstract designs in art. But have you ever wondered about getting these intricate swirls made on your wedding cake? If, yes then we have something very special for you. Rather than going for heavy embellishments on the cake, you can ask your patisserie chefs to play around with the edible water color strokes. These designs should be bold and of vibrant and glittery colors on the wedding cake to match the happy vibe of the wedding.

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2. Flora And Fauna

 Flora And Fauna
Credit : Pinterest

The second one on our list is the best one of all the tips. Yes, we are referring to the flora and fauna that can be designed on the cake or the fresh herbs and flowers that can be placed over the cake as decoration. The best part about this is the aesthetics of these embellishments that really makes the cake stand out in the wedding menu. So, if you are into quirky, bohemian, classy or vintage weddings then this cake can be the perfect fit for your special day.

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3. Abstract Motifs

Abstract Motifs

Similar to the first point, we have our third point which is dedicated to the abstract motifs that can add a regal touch to your wedding cake. Well, if you are looking for a wedding cake with a simple yet an appealing look then you must go for the abstract motifs. Usually, the abstract motifs are made on the cream or fondant part, it depends on the pastry chef whether these designs are paired with other decorations or not. But these can be a mix of regional designs and abstract designs as well, it depends on your taste. Moreover, if you have something particular in mind then you can go to your chef with and they will try their best to execute it!

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4. Infused Flavours

Flavored wedding cake

The fourth one on the list is the infused flavors that make the wedding cake the most savory and delectable item on the wedding menu. Let us ask you an easy question, do you like to eat something which only has one flavor as the essence and base flavor? The answer would be no, a food item with a variety of varied flavors is the best one to relish. And this is what we want you to do with your wedding cake. Rather than going with a single flavor, we want you to experiment with the cream, the seasonings, the essence and the base flavors for the best wedding cake!

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5. Geometric Designs 

Geometric Designs
Credit : Pinterest

Last but not least on our list is the geometric designs. If you are one of those people who are not interested in baroque or flowery embellishments on the wedding cake then we have a very effective alternative for you! You can replace them with the symmetrical geometrical designs that can leave an aesthetic effect on the viewer’s minds. You can also experiment with the geometric shapes of the cake, it can spice up the designs even more!

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With this we are done with the list of five important things that you must keep in mind while buying a wedding cake! We hope this list will help you select the best wedding cake for your special day. And if you liked our blog then do not forget to share it with your significant other to finalize the special wedding cake. And if you have any queries or suggestions then you can comment in the section below!

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