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How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Jaipur Cost?

How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Jaipur Cost?

Ever dream of getting married with a Palace backdrop? Well, now your dreams can come true. From the regal old charm to the breathtaking palaces, Jaipur City has a lot to offer. Imagine exchanging vows in a royal setting surrounded by grandeur and luxury. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this blog answers how much does a destination wedding in Jaipur cost.

Why Is Jaipur Perfect For Royal Wedding?

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Historical Grandeur

With a regal appeal and an exquisite background of Palaces, forts, and Havelis, your wedding ceremony will feel entirely magical. Saying your vows amidst architectural wonder is captivating.     

Exquisite Venues

Exquisite VenuesSource: pinterest

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Because of the wide variety of venues, the city is the first choice for celebrities and the biggest industrialists. The city has witnessed various celebrity weddings in palaces. Recently, Surbhi Chandana and Karan Sharma married in Chomu Palace. 

Budget-Friendly Options

From luxury palaces to boutique hotels, the city has numerous options. As per your budget and requirements, select a suitable venue. With a captivating view of lush green landscapes, plan an intimate affair on the city’s outskirts. 

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Unforgettable Memories

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With the epitome of luxury and grandeur, the city offers unforgettable memories that you will cherish for life. Every minute spent in Jaipur will definitely remain in your heart forever. 

Destination Wedding In Jaipur- Cost And Packages

Destination Wedding In Jaipur- Cost And Packages Source: pinterest

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The total cost of a wedding in Jaipur depends on various factors. Numerous elements make up the entire budget, from the guest list, venue selection, event, and decor to the type of cuisine, transportation, and accommodation. Here are some points that should be part of the budget while planning a destination wedding in Jaipur. 

Destination Wedding in Jaipur Cost As Per Days and Events 

Destination Wedding in Jaipur Cost As Per Days and Events Source: pinterest

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(Itinerary for 2 nights and 3 days)

  • Day 1—Guests arrive in the morning and check-in, followed by lunch. Then, a wedding festivity, like a mehendi function during the day and a sangeet event in the evening, is arranged, which goes on until late at night.  
  • Day 2 - Start the morning with breakfast, followed by the afternoon wedding and reception at night. 
  • Day 3 - Guests freshen up and leave after breakfast. 

With a guest list of 150-200 people, the hotel charges will be between 30-70 lakhs. 

Destination Wedding Cost As Per No. Of Guests

Destination Wedding Cost As Per No. Of GuestsSource: pinterest

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The price can vary depending on your guest list. Every hotel has different per-plate charges, and hotel selection can affect your cost per guest. 

So, with a guest list of 150-200 people staying two nights and three days, the round-off will be 30 lakhs to 1 crore. 

Destination Wedding Cost For Venue And Functions

Destination weddings in Jaipur come with charm and luxury. From the scenic backdrop of the Aravallis to the architectural beauty of the Palaces, you can have multiple. 

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The city is full of vibrancy, historic places, stunning landscapes, and cultural heritage. When planning a destination wedding in Jaipur, you have two significant options. 

  • A palatial location for the wedding event that offers a venue without accommodation. In this concept, you can plan for separate accommodation, such as a guest house or a budget-friendly hotel. 
  • But if you want all things inclusive, opt for a hotel that offers modern amenities, high-class services, multiple cuisines, and creative decor services. 

So, a 2-night stay at a well-known 4-star property can cost between 50 and 90 lakhs, depending on the services you select. 

Out of various 5-star properties with lavish interiors, there are some off-beat locations on the city’s for an intimate affair. From the 200-guest count to a big fat wedding of 1,000 people, there are various wedding venues where you can plan a destination wedding in Jaipur. 

Destination Wedding Cost For Accommodation & Food

Destination Wedding Cost For Accommodation & FoodSource: pinterest

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Accommodation and food costs take up around 60% of the budget. One factor where you would not want to cut costs is guest accommodation. There are various options, from lavish guest stays to 5-star properties. After all, you are planning a dreamy affair outside your city, so you want to provide the utmost comfort and high-class services. 

After accommodation, since your guests are arriving from another city just to attend the wedding festivities, ensure they have a good experience with the hotel. One budget-saving tip you should consider is to prefer double occupancy and add an extra bed for families with kids. 

So, 150 rooms are sufficient for a total of 300 people. If there are fewer rooms at the wedding venue, look for hotels nearby. 

The per-night charge for a room in a 4-star property may range between 15k and 25k. 

Although a three-course meal is included in the package, the price may differ if you add a different cuisine. 

Destination Wedding Cost For Decor

Destination Wedding Cost For DecorSource: pinterest

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One thing you can spend from thousands to lakhs on is the decor, which comes with a wide variety of options. From natural flowers, lavish chandeliers, and photo booths to artificial flowers and minimal setups, the selection depends on the budget.  

If you choose a scenic backdrop of the Aravallis, you can spend a small amount on the outdoor venue decoration. But if your wedding is inside a Palace theme hotel, there is no need to spend on the decor. With some minimal props and setups, you can glorify the wedding venue. 

If you go with the modest setting, 7-9 lakhs will be enough for the entire wedding decor and festivities. 

Destination Wedding Cost For Entertainment

Wedding Cost For EntertainmentSource: pinterest

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For entertainment, which is the essence of a wedding, you can have multiple options on your bucket list. For instance, you can choose a DJ for the sangeet night and for the reception; Jaipur has well-known local musicians who can transform your event into a blissful one. 

As a round-off, 4-8 lakhs for 2-4 day events will be sufficient. 

What Is The Best Time To Plan A Wedding In Jaipur?

Rajasthan is known for its prickling heat. Heat waves are traumatizing in the summer. Consider the weather conditions before planning the wedding in the city. 

The best time to host a destination wedding in Jaipur is between September to March. The weather remains pleasant in these months, with temperatures between 10 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius. Also, avoid the peak season, as charges for everything will be much higher. 

What Are The Top Destination Wedding Venues in Jaipur?

Destination Wedding VenuesSource: pinterest

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Getting married in Jaipur is an unforgettable experience. The Palaces and royal Havelis are a treat to watch. Witness the regal beauty amidst the captivating landscapes. 

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Finding an exquisite venue with an exceptional setting can be challenging. However, the hotels below have been compiled to make your task easier. Choose the one that suits your expectations based on the budget, ratings, guest list, and per-plate cost. 

Raj Aangan Resort (the Haveli Ralawata)

A wedding venue in the middle of the city with beautiful interiors. They have an indoor banquet with a spacious lawn to host a big fat Indian wedding. 

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Price: Starting from 200,000Rs.

Banquet Hall Capacity: 400

Garden Area Capacity: 2500

Per Plate Cost Veg:  800Rs.

Per Plate Cost Non-Veg: 1200Rs.

Radha Rani Farm

A captivating property with spacious rooms and modern amenities. They provide a vast space to cater to 700 people at a time. 

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Price: Starting from 150,000Rs.

Tariff: 1.5lac

Banquet Hall Capacity: 200

Garden Area Capacity: 500

Food Type: Veg

Per Plate Cost Veg: 1000Rs.

Parking Capacity: 50 Cars

Other Services: Pool, Games, Staff Rooms

Kothi Lohagarh 

The venue is on the city’s outskirts and offers a stunning view. With a capacity of more than 300 people, it offers a variety of cuisines. 

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Price: Starting from 9,000Rs. 

No of Rooms: 15

Tariff: 9000

Banquet Hall Capacity: 200

Garden Area Capacity: 200

Per Plate Cost Veg: 1000

Per Plate Cost Non-Veg: 1500

As per the budget and capacity, check the Shaadidukaan’s app for multiple options. 

Are You Looking For Wedding Vendors In Jaipur?

Planning a wedding in an unknown city requires a lot of work. From mehendi and makeup artists to event planners and catering, a lot of things require your attention. A professional service provides makes your difficult task easy. Here are some artists who will make your wedding stunning. 

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Art Effect 

The team is known for its outstanding services. It offers creative concepts and unique decor ideas to make your wedding blissful. 

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Charges: Starting 3.50 Lakhs

Dream Organizers

Working for the past twenty years, they are known for their experience and a touch of perfection in every aspect. 

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Price: 300,000 Starting Price

Services: Wedding Planner

Flawless you Ankita

The makeup artist is well known for the expert touch. For exceptional bridal makeup, prefer Flawless You Ankita. 

Price: 15,000 For Bridal Makeup

Charges: 3500

Staff Status: 4-5

Abhishek Verma Photography

For perfect candid photography, go for Abhishek Verma Photography. 

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Price: 30,000 Starting Price

Album Charges: 10k Per Album

Pre Wedding Shoot Charges: 70k

Webcasting Per Day Charges: 15k

Drone Camera Charges: 10k Per Day

Candid Per Day Charges: 30k Per Day

Tips To Save Money While Planning A Destination Wedding In Jaipur

Costs may vary depending on the royalty and modern amenities. When you choose a culturally rich and architecturally opulent city like Jaipur, you must be looking for a wedding celebration with high luxury and grandiosity. However, if you are looking to plan a destination wedding in Jaipur on a budget, here are some tips. 

Pick An Unpopular Date 

One of the best ways to save a lot of money is to choose a date that does not have many weddings. Either consider a summer day or a weekday, as people try to avoid these days. Also, it will help you with the variety of wedding venues available. 

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Cut Down On Decor 

When you choose to tie the knot in a regal setting like Jaipur, you'll find the venues themselves are a work of art. With their lavish corridors, exquisite interiors, and neutral color palettes, these venues need little to no additional decor. The architectural beauty of these spaces, which looks captivating in pictures, can be the perfect backdrop for your wedding. By opting for minimal decor, you can significantly cut down on your wedding expenses. 

Boutique Over Luxury 

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When you opt for a destination wedding in Jaipur, luxury hotels can shake your budget. One of the great ways of cutting heavy costs is choosing a boutique stay that provides high-quality services and amenities. In fact, you can find numerous boutique hotels offering packages that cost way less than luxury hotels. 

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Choose Local

Local food and decor can help you save a lot of money instead of hiring a caterer and decorator from your city. If you go for local services in Jaipur, you can cut the heavy transportation and maintenance costs. Also, your guests will love the local cuisine and culture.   

Hire A Wedding Planner

Hiring a well-experienced and top-rated wedding planner In India who knows tiny details about the city will be a great help. By selecting Shaadidukaan as your wedding planner, we ensure everything runs smoothly. With creative input on every wedding festivity, we make your wedding memorable. As known for great contacts, we offer you a budget-friendly wedding with the latest and trending themes. 

Now that the blog is about to end, we hope it will help you plan your dream destination wedding in Jaipur Cost

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