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Happy Married Life Tips For An Happily Ever After Relationship

Happy Married Life Tips For An Happily Ever After Relationship

Okay, so you’ve found your prince charming and suddenly everything in life seems all the more beautiful. You live out your amazing fairytale wedding, go on a romantic honeymoon, everything seems perfect and then suddenly the real-life will kick in. There will be disagreements to deal with and you’ll understand how challenging it would be to spend your entire life with another person.

Coexisting with your partner is not always a path strewn with roses, but is a bumpy ride and holding each other hand is the only way to sustain your beautiful relationship. Marriage will really change things, your life would not be just about yourself, but you’ll also have to think about your partner on various occasions.

‘I’ will become ‘us’, and yes, there will be many constraints, but what you must understand is that life is a beautiful journey and having someone by your side who truly cares for you will make it all the more beautiful.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. But, in reality, a relationship is all about sacrifices and how much the couple is willing to work towards making their relationship perfect. So, no matter if you are married or not, having some great relationship hacks in your pocket will help you out through the thick and thin that come along with marriage.

20 Tips For Happy Married Life To Win Over The Game Of Companionship

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It is always essential to take some time out of your busy schedule to spend with your partner. Your life might be hectic but taking out a few moments for your partner will help forge a bond that’s everlasting.

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You must try and understand that the tiffs don’t marinate well overnight and going to bed after a fight is not going to solve the problems but sorting it out before hitting the bed surely can.

Appreciating the little things that your partner does for you and acknowledging their effort in making the relationship perfect is really important.

Yes, you’ll have a lot to say when you are having a conversation with your partner but it’s important to listen to them too… and yes… with proper attention!!!

It is important that you keep yourself from nagging your partner all the time, remember that you have promised to love them forever for the better or worse.

Yes, they know that you love them but saying ‘I Love You’ every day helps a lot. Try doing sweet little gestures to make them feel after all it is these small things that really make a relationship everlasting.

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It is really important that you decide all the things together. Be it a big plan or a small one, talking about it with each other before finalising anything is really important.

Trust me, you’ll come across many people who’ll try hitting on your partner. Try not getting into a public rage about it. It’s not that your partner is going home with them, it is you whom he/she chose to marry so just relax.

It will be really great to share the workload at home, wake them up with a morning tea or coffee, provide them with breakfast in bed or try cooking their favourite meal - remember that the dietitian you hired doesn’t need to know everything…

Woman!!! You need to cut yourself some slack. You have many responsibilities as a wife, a mother, a daughter in law, a sister in law, a working professional and a keeper of the house.

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It is important to be best friends with your partner before being husband and wife and make yourself easily approachable. Forge a relationship in which your partner shouldn’t have to second-guess before telling something that’s important.

It is important to give yourselves space; letting her go for cocktail nights with her girls and allowing him his boys’ night out is really important.

It happens in every other wedding that one person earns more than the other and is more successful, but it is not something that other person must fret about.

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Don’t let that romance get faded away after the wedding. Love is something that should always be kept young and sending some inside jokes while your partner is working will let them know that you are thinking about them. Also, plan the date nights, holidays and some other fun activities that include spending quality time with your partner.

You need to understand that he will never get your obsession of shopping for the different makeup products, shoes and dresses, and she will never understand why you are still so much excited for the video games.

Okay, so you visit a mall or someplace in the market and you see your partner adoring something, remember to make a note of it and buy it for him/her on any special occasion. It will surely do wonders. Thank me later… ;)

Parenting is indeed hard, and both of you have to agree on the situations for being strict so that none of you is left playing the bad cop for your child. And be sure to work everything out with the child before the end of the day.

It is important for both of you to be friends to your child before being a parent. Have a conversation with the child together so that one partner doesn’t feel left out, such small things are really important to figure out for a healthy and everlasting relationship.

Make it a point to decide on a time when everyone must be home on a daily basis and have dinner together without any excuses. All those “Important Calls” & “Urgent Texts” can wait.

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Try complimenting your partner every now and then, just a few words like, “Wow! You look great today.” can really be pretty heart-warming for them. At the same time, it is important not to let your appearance slide.

These are some essential life hacks that’ll really come in handy for the everlasting relationship. Know that no relation is perfect and neither is yours, there is always room for improvement and take the relationship a bit further.

I am quite sure that these few tips for a happy married life will come in really handy after your wedding. So, remember to bookmark this page so that you can easily get back to it whenever you need. Do get to me with some more suggestions that might help out in keeping a relationship young forever.

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