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20 Groom Wear Fits From Jaipur Love Collection By Anita Dongre

20 Groom Wear Fits From Jaipur Love Collection By Anita Dongre

A wedding is a grand and official initiation of the love that you and your significant other has nurtured since ages. It marks the very beginning of a new adventure that the couple takes in life together. Moreover, a wedding is the biggest occasion in everybody’s life. People have various types of expectations and dreams about this day, which they want to come true on their D-Day. And it goes without saying that these romantic expectations of the wedding day are paired with a dream outfit. 

The wedding outfit is a very special part of a wedding. Especially, when we talk about the groom and the bride, their outfit is examined by each and every guest with a lot of attention. This is because they are the star of the wedding and are the spotlight of the celebration. But when we talk about men, it is very difficult to find a suitable groom wear easily. As the designs that are in the market are more bride oriented, and the groom wear is focused on the fitting and the colour of the fits. But to change this misconception Anita Dongre is back with her new winter collection!

Yes, exciting isn’t it? It has always been around that all the designers prioritize the female fashion more than the male fashion but here we are with some very handsome groom wear designs that can leave you breathless! Going back to the popular designer, Anita Dongre is here with some very exquisite designs that are inspired by the very lovely Pink City. You guessed it right, this new collection is called Jaipur Love as it is inspired by the heritage city, Jaipur situated in Rajasthan. 

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The chief concept behind this collection was the exuberant architecture of Pink City. If you look deep into the designs and the motifs of the clothes, you will find the beautiful resemblance of the Rajasthan’s artwork in the refined artistry of the designer’s vision. Even the colours and the fits are inspired by the traditional wear of the state and the colours widely observed in the city. And if we talk about the designer’s message, then the official inspiration was shared to be- “The Pink City is a living museum, a unique culture where modern living marries an ancient Indian way of life in the most captivating way.” 

20 Groom Wear By Anita Dongre

These twenty designs are the result of the great designer Anita Dongre. All the designs are the imprinted and embroidered versions of the grandeur of the attractive palaces with a touch of regal artistry. So, here are the twenty designs that can flatter your groom look better than any other outfit!

1. Rayaan Sherwani


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2. Gaurav Bandi


3. Imaran Bandhgala


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4. Virvaan Bandhgala


5. Darpan Bandhgala


6. Ekavir Sherwani 


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7. Samar Sherwani


8. Abeer Sherwani


9. Anirudh Sherwani


10. Agasti Sherwani


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11. Anmol Bandi


12.Farhan Bandi 


13. Sanjit Bandi 


14. Charan Sherwani


15. Laban Bandi


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16.Manav Sherwani 


17. Mitesh Kurta 


18. Hemant Sherwani


19. Kalpit Sherwani 


20. Falan Sherwani


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We hope you liked our blog and it helps you to select a suitable groom outfit with the utmost ease! And don’t forget that no matter what you wear, the final touch of a handsome look is the confidence you bear deep down in your heart! So, if you liked the amazing collection of Anita Dongre then do share it with your friends and family. You can also comment in the comment section below if you have any suggestions that you want us to work on. Always waiting to read your reviews!

Image Courtesy - Anita Dongre

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