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8 All seasons Unique Wedding Gifting Ideas For couples

8 All seasons Unique Wedding Gifting Ideas For couples

Have you been invited to a wedding? The very first thing that crosses a guests mind upon receiving a wedding invitation off course shaadi ka khana tops the list, lol! The other quintessential thing is the wedding gift. You defiantly cannot attend a wedding khali haath. A shagun ka lifafa with the 101 or 501 rupees has become an outdated concept. Crockery, couple watches……huhhh who gifts them? These gift ideas worked well in during the 90’s but if you gift these in the modern times it is sure enough to raise a few brows.

A wedding gift acts as a token of love and good wishes showered up the couple by wedding guests. Amidst the plethora of gifting options choosing the perfect wedding gift is a dainty task. Let’s get real for once; the wedding gift depends upon whose wedding you’re attending. The gift that you’re giving to next door Sharmaji’s son on his wedding the same one cannot be gifted to your close friend at their wedding.  Repackaging gifts and passing them on at another wedding is a concept of the past. To make at statement at the wedding modern day guests are coming up with quirky gifting ideas.

All right we know that selecting the ideal gift is not easy. Don’t worry if you suck at figuring out a wedding gift, most people do, it’s a common thing. Here we have curated for you a list of all season’s unique gifting ideas. Check em’ out.

8 Quirky Wedding Gifting Ideas

1. A Spa Voucher For Two

Spa Voucher for wedding gifting

Wedding is a tiresome affair and the myriad of rituals and ceremonies is sure enough t drain the couple out of their energy. Pamper the newlyweds as you gift them a spa voucher for two. After the frenzy of wedding excitement the couple needs to relax and this wedding gift gives them the much needed relaxation. A thoughtful gift that the couple would thank you later for, gift them a smile as hand over the spa voucher to them, sounds interesting , right!

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2.  A Mini Getaway

Gift a mini trip to couple

 Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and couples go to extra lengthens to make their big day special. To add oodles of charm to their wedding they end up with over expenses which post the wedding leaves them debt ridden. Perhaps the couple had finalized their honeymoon destination but being cash crunch they postpone it. Why not you appear as their fairy god mother and gift them a mini trip perhaps one to the destination of their choice. A honeymoon package as a gift comes as the most unexpected gifting ideas that are sure to bewilder the couple. Thank us later and give a sweet surprise to the couple by gifting them a getaway vacation travel voucher as their wedding gift.

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3. A Family Cookbook

Gifting cook book to wedding couple

Upon getting hitched it’s not only the bride who has to adjust in a new environment amidst new people but also the groom has to adjust with a new family. Your friend or your sister might have just got married and the first thing they would miss is maa ke hath ka khana. Perhaps your friend sucks at cooking then why not give them a family cookbook to save them from embarrassment at their first rasoi. The cookbook is not helps your friend or sister to improve on their cooking skills but also helps them to make their family specialty for the times when they miss their family.

You might be wondering that the cookbook would be an ideal gift for the brides but what about the groom it completely sidelines them. The cookbook is meant for both, the groom can utilize it to cook a family specialty and give his dearest a sweet surprise…wink, wink! Sounds like a great idea, right!

4. Personalised Beer Holder

Beer holder as wedding gift

So the couple is more of the party goer type then why not gift them a personalized beer holder. Huhh..What, a beer holder?  Yes people a personalized beer holder for all the drunken times that they have spent together and for the future drunken nights, it surely is the ideal gift that the couple would cherish.

5. A Personalized Name Plate

Personalized wedding couple name plate

Every couple posting tying the knot dreams of having their own house where they can live life on their own terms and conditions.  A personalized name plate with their name serves as a wish for them to achieve their dream sooner. The first house together holds a special place in a couple’s life and what else could be a better gift than a customized name plate.

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6. Frame Their Relation

Wedding gifting ideas - frame

Huhh…what does that even means? Stop giving that perplexed look! Wedding photo frames is an evergreen gifting idea. Planning to gift a photo frame? Then add a fun twist to it, instead of the regular photo frame with the couple’s photo or a collage one, frame their relation. Right from including the date and place of their first meet ups to the places where they have travelled together the frame would have it all.  A map of their relation, their love story serves as ideal gift for the couple as they embark on their journey towards a happily ever after.

7.  Eccentric Artwork

Eccentric artwork gifts

 For those couples with a love for art gifting them an eccentric artwork works best. Post the marriage a couple shifts to a new home to a new place and they would need help in decorating their new home. Aid them in decorating their new home as you gift the couple a set of unique artwork, perhaps even one that they had been longing for to own. Delight them as you gift them an artwork of their choice.

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8. Bookset

Bookset gifting ideas to wedding couple

The couple is an ardent reader then why not gift them a bookset of their favorite author. A couple that reads together stays together, lol! What else would be a better gifting idea for those book lovers rather than a book set perhaps of the author that they both like. Delight them as you gift them their first library book set.

We hope the post gave you some inspiration. Got some better gifting ideas? Share with us your gifting ideas in the comments below.

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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