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Funniest Wedding Instances That Will Crackle You Up

Funniest Wedding Instances That Will Crackle You Up

Weddings are the most awaited events of our lives, but most importantly they are the events that leave behind the funniest memories behind as well. From annoying relatives to the wedding blunders, everything makes the wedding a joyous event. It’s definitely an event with a series of bizarre yet funny happenings.

But wait, as you are here then it is pretty obvious that you are sick of all that wedding stress. And you need a time off from all this wedding planning and preparation. To help you with that we are here with some absolutely funny wedding instances. These will not only brighten you up but will also crackle you up with the variety of things that happen at the wedding.

From the kids loitering in the places they shouldn’t be at, to all the crazy things the wedding photographers do to click the portraits, we have covered it all! Just sit with your popcorn and enjoy all the hilarious things that you will witness at your wedding soon!

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5 Funny Wedding Instances 

These five funny instances are so common and relatable to all the married couples that it is surprising. But let us begin with the hilarious instances that everybody finds relatable once in their lifetime.

Epic Photo Bombing

The first one on our list is a viral blunder that usually every couple witnesses on their wedding day. It is none other than the hilarious epic photo bombing that people end up doing while a photo shoot is going on. But keep your guards up for your wedding because you don’t want your wedding album to look like this.



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Then comes the viral hashtag of twitter, coined by the very famous host Jimmy Fallon. This hashtag (#weddingfail) was dedicated to the failed attempts and funny instances that people witnessed on weddings. So, if you are thinking that things are bad, then things cannot get this bad at least! Witness the best funny tweets that people shared with this hashtag.


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Relatable Wedding Memes

Then we have the absolute source of humour- memes. These three wedding memes encompass the wedding comedy better than anything on this list. We know you will 10/10 relate to these to a spiritual level!




Wedding Photographers

We all know that wedding photographers push their limits very high when they try to click the perfect romantic shots. But what goes without notice is the number of efforts they put in the process of the shoot. From lying on the ground in the muddy area to flying in the air, trust us, they do it all. So for that very reason, we have some behind the scenes of the wedding photography that will surprise you!

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Wedding After Effects

The last one on our list is something that you must get ready for. Yes, we are talking about the after effects of weddings. It gets clear with time that life is no bed of roses after all. Spoiler alert- here are a few hilarious instances that you will go through after the charm of your special day finishes.




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So with this, we end our today’s funny list of awkward yet hilarious instances that one faces once in their lifetime. Moreover, if you have something more relatable that can be added to the list then don’t forget to comment in the section below. We should also be aware of all the funny things that we are missing out, about the weddings. And if you liked our attempt to capture the hilarious events then do not forget to make your friends smile as well, share away this blog to spread that contagious smile!

Picture Credits - Boredpanda , The Click

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