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8 Amazing Engagement Rings Trends You Will Love

8 Amazing Engagement Rings Trends You Will Love

When you are ready to take your relationship to the next step, means if you are thinking to get engaged soon. The first thing comes to the mind is “The engagement ring”. The engagement ring is that your partner will be wear for the rest of your life. And there are lots of thought and feelings are attached to your rings.

Choose the engagement ring for the partner may be tougher than expected. It must be altogether the fashionable, stylish, classy that suits on your partner’s finger.

Find your wedding jewellery in Jaipur to customize or pick the jaw-dropping engagement rings.

The Latest Engagement Ring Trend 2018

Given the time of year, there's a lot of talk about engagements form the high profile engagement to the middle-class engagement. One of the most interesting things about engagement is all want to go with the trend.

Not only in the engagement or wedding attires, even in the engagement rings. Here are some most popular engagement ring trend will be in 2018 that can help you to find the perfect one for the loved one.

1. Ovals Shaped Engagement Rings

Oval Engagement Ring

Oval cut rings are the replacement of old both round and emerald shapes. The elongated oval shape looks elegant on bride’s Mehandi hand. The engagement ring varies from stone to stone and color to color.

But the oval cut diamonds rings give you unique and clean classy look. Some prefer a more elongated oval shape, while others prefer the round oval cutting in stone or diamond. You should go with the length of your partner’s finger.

Get your oval diamond rings in Jaipur with your partner. Ovals look great either with or without halos.

2. Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Ring

To celebrate your love with three-stone engagement rings can be the best choice. Three Stone Rings help you to get the royal engagement ceremony. In Three Stone Rings, instead of single stone or diamond, three stone is used.

Three stone rings are actually quite a classic style but cover a lot of space between the fingers. So make sure partner is there when you buying the ring. Remember the three stone rings can increase your rings cost just triple due to three stone or diamonds

3. A Classic Single Diamond Ring

Single Diamond Ring

The single diamond rings are evergreen for the engagement party. A round stone or diamond is pop up on the simple band. Bring this traditional wedding jewellery In Jaipur to represent your enduring love to your partner.

If you have a low budget for the engagement ring, then a classic single diamond ring is only for you. The simple design of such rings is last for the lifetime.

4. Open Rings

Open Rings

Open rings are absolutely new in the trend and become more popular this coming engagement season. It is adjustable rings; you do not have to stick to the particular ring size. Open rings can wearable in any of finger.

The open rings include the two diamonds or stones on every edge. Your brides enjoy the engagement party with the perfect personalized your engagement open rings. You can play with different type of stones and colors to embellish the engagements open rings.

Style your open rings by the experience wedding jeweler in Jaipur.

5. Unique-Shaped Diamonds Rings

Unique Shaped Diamond Rings

An engagement ring is a sign of enduring two hearts, and then why not adds a heart to your engagement ring. Bring your unique shape thought in the rings like the heart, the bloom, the star, the flower petal, etc.

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To accommodate your desire ring is not easy, contact the nearby wedding jeweler who can help you. Make sure it looks exactly the way you are hoping. Unique-Shaped Diamonds Rings can vary in size, shape and even the price.

Define your budget to your jeweler for the perfect ring.

6. Sapphires Engagement Rings

Sapphires Rings

Sapphire is getting famous in 2018. If you searching for the replacement of diamond, they an alternative sapphire stone is perfect to manage your standard and style. Sapphire is a wedding jewellery blue gemstone that adds an elegant touch to your beauty.

Bring the classy blue color in the engagement rings choice if you’re looking to add a little color to your engagement ring

7. Eternity Bands

Eternity Bands

Eternity bands are endless rows of breathtaking, perfectly-matched diamonds or colored gemstones. It gives you simple but stylish look. Now a day, couples prefer eternity bands instead of intricate design. Customize your engagement eternity bands according to your budget.

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Eternity rings can vary in cost from lower to high. The number of diamonds rows increase and decrease according to your budget. Impressive your loved one with eternity band whether you are bride or groom.

8. Unique Antique Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Unique Antique Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The Antique Rose Gold Engagement Ring looks vintage and gives you a royal feel on your engagement day. Antique Rose Gold Engagement Ring can be customized in gold, silver or platinum according to budget.


The engagement ring is a symbol of the promise of marriage between the partners. So to pick the one is as essential as the wedding. Your partner will wear this engagement ring in whole life. Engagement ring inspiration is exactly what you need if you are wedding planning or planning the engagement.

The task is quite challenging due to various options. But Shaadidukaan makes it easy for you. For the engagement rings time to dive into the upcoming trends. We hope that find your trending engagement rings with us.

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