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Trend Alert 2020: What Makes Engagement-Moon Essential For Newly Engaged Couples

Trend Alert 2020: What Makes Engagement-Moon Essential For Newly Engaged Couples

Each year there are many trends that sprout up and one such trend that’s making the rounds in 2020 is the trend of engagement-moon. It is the perfect way for the couple to get to know each other before their wedding.

Another reason why people are preferring the ‘engagement-moon’ is that it allows them to get some time-out before starting with the stressful wedding planning process. This trend was started back in 2020 at the time of the wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle but it is now that this trend is actually getting accepted by many couples.

What Is Engagement-Moon?

You must be familiar with the honeymoons, right?

Engagement-moon is a great way to dodge the flood of questions, opinions, phone calls, texts and more. All the fun and other memories that you create with your partner at this time will surely be everlasting.

Similar is the concept of engagement-moon, it’s just that instead of going to a vacation after the wedding, the couple after getting engaged, go for a mini-vacation. This vacation helps the couple to explore each other’s qualities, likes and dislikes.

Why You Need One?

Traditionally, just after being engaged, everyone is dead-focused on planning the grand wedding in all its might. Because of this, all the excitement of being engaged is often overlooked. This is what makes it really important for any couple to go on a vacation, leaving behind all the stressful wedding planning.


Remember that a wedding-moon needn’t be expensive and lavish. Be it an exotic holiday in the Maldives or just a weekend getaway to any hill station that’s nearby both are equally good if it provides you with enough time to explore each other’s interests.

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When’s The Perfect Time To Take It?

The perfect time to plan out the engagement-moons for any couple is just after the engagement ceremony is completed. It would be perfect to arrange for the mini-vacation before diving into the details of planning the wedding.


But you must also remember that planning your wedding is essential too. If you think that planning the wedding is the need of the hour then that should be the main priority. You can be more flexible with your engagement-moon schedule if you hire a wedding planner as you’ll know that there is always somebody who is back there planning everything out in your absence.

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What Things Should You Keep In Mind?

One major thing that is really important that you must absolutely remember when going on your engagement-moon is that it is the time to focus on your relationship.


It is time to fall in love with your fiancé all over again. It is a time to reminisce about the beautiful memories that you shared with each other. So, go ahead have conversations about building a life together. Talk about the dreams that you want to achieve together. The more you open up to each other, the stronger will be the bond of a beautiful relationship will be forged.

We understand that getting engaged is one of the biggest moment of your life. So, planning an engagement-moon with your fiancé will be the best thing that you can ask for.

I am really happy to bring you this new trend and hope that it helps you to start your beautiful life, together with your fiancé, on the right foot.

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