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Intricately Designed Embroidered Wedding Cakes That’ll Be Perfect To Feast On

Intricately Designed Embroidered Wedding Cakes That’ll Be Perfect To Feast On

When you are preparing your wedding feast for the guests, including some scrumptious food options that are mouth-watering is really important. Including the various dishes along with some really great dessert options is a must for every wedding.

But, a wedding cake is required to really amp up the feast. A fondant covered red velvet cake with beautiful icing on top is the thing of the past. It is time that you take those outdated notions of what your wedding cake should look like and throw them in the trash.

The new trend that’s picking up the pace is to include an embroidered wedding cake that’s too gorgeous to be eaten. The brush embroidery on wedding cakes looks like all the designs are created by passing the whole cake through a stitching machine. The intricately designed patterns look like the thread work done by a skilled craftsman.

Want a cake that’s colourful and festive, just like your amazing wedding, but don’t want to go the kitschy or stereotypical route? Then a cake with that includes these textile designs will be perfect for your wedding.

You can fish out all the wonderful embroidery patterns from the vast ocean of the Internet and then compile them all together to create a pattern that touches your soul. Then you can go ahead and convey it to your cake designer to be created on your embroidered wedding cake.

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Do you know what’s really amazing about these patterns? You can actually go ahead and incorporate the same pattern on the cake that your embellishing lehenga carries. Isn’t that something that’ll make your wedding all the more wonderful and make your guests go gaga?

15 Mouth-Watering Embroidered Wedding Cakes That’ll Blow Away Your Guest’s Mind

If you are still not impressed with all the explanation above, then check out these elaborate creations that we have specified down below.

However, before you start your journey I would like to give you a fair warning that the temptation will be too hard to resist and you’ll have to control your salivary glands.

#1. A Classic White Cake That Looks Hand Embroidered


This classic and elegant two-tier cake looks like it was hand-embroidered with a leaf and floral pattern. The layer at the top is perfect to add fun and quirky touch to the cake without going overboard.

#2. A Cake That No One Would Believe Is Real


Be ready to get a hard time making your guests believe that it is an actual cake if you decide on having such intricately designed patterns like this beauty.

#3. Embroider Your Way Through Nature


This amazing cake is perfect in every sense to depict the beauty of nature and the variety of flora and fauna that it offers.

#4. Bring In The Traditional Floral And Leaf Pattern


Bright, Bold and Beautiful embroidery patterns on this cake will surely add a blast of colours to your already colourful wedding.

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#5. Vibrant Bouquet Of Flowers Topped On A Minimal Cake


A minimal embroidery with a bouquet of colourful fondant flowers will really amp up the feast that you’ll serve to your guests.

#6. An Elegant Monotone Cake


A white coloured cake that’s brush embroidered with the same colour is something that’ll look like it came directly out of the wonderland feast.

#7. Pave The Way For The Bride. Shit! It’s The Cake...!!!


What can be more beautiful than the bride herself on the wedding day? Getting a cake that’s a twin to the bride is something that the guests wouldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams.

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#8. Vibrant Buttercream Icing Is Enough To Melt Anyone’s Heart


What can be more embellishing than a 3-tier cake at the wedding? A 3-tier cake that’s embellished with colourful embroidery patterns all over it.

#9. A Pattern That Matches Your Bridal Attire

pattern-cake-that-matches your-bridal-attire

It is the small details that make a wedding unique and memorable. Creating the patterns on the cake that resemble the bridal attire will surely blow up the minds of the guests.

#10. Blast Of Colours With The Beautiful Flowers

blast-of-colours with-the-beautiful-flowers-cake

The colourfully embroidered pattern when combined with some vibrant flowers always create a cake that’ll be amazing and beautiful.

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#11. An Elegant Cake Dressed In Black With White Embellishments


An all-black velvet cake with the beautiful embroidery patterns made with white icing is the way to go for any formal intimate wedding.

#12. Brush Embroidered Cake Motifs Detailed With Food Colouring


A cake decorated with the floral embroidery pattern that’s highlighted using different food colouring and some pearls lined up to form the branches will be an elegant addition to your wedding feast.

#13. An Elegant Cake Embellished In Gold


Just like an Indian bride who looks elegant at her wedding and is embellished with all the golden jewellery, this awesome cake can easily integrate into any wedding.

#14. Colourful Yet Elegant Embroidery Cake Pattern


Romantic wedding cake meticulously decorated with intricate embroidery patterns. The cake is seen to be decorated with cascading artwork of sugar flowers in vibrant hues.

#15. Why Stop At Embroidery? Combine Other Decor Elements Too


Do you know what’s the best thing about multi-tier cakes? You can have different types of patterns at each of the levels and that’ll truly amp up your wedding feast.

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These amazing embroidered wedding cakes are nothing short of a masterpiece. All that icing looks like all these cakes are handwoven intricately by a thread to create amazing designs and patterns

Are you here with me or have already gone out to order one for your wedding?

If you are here do tell me about what you think of these amazing cakes in the comments down below before you go out to order one for your own wedding.

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We ensure to provide you cluster of wedding ideas that will surely be the star gazer.

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