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Magically Lit Diya Decorations For The Special D-Day Decor!

Magically Lit Diya Decorations For  The Special D-Day Decor!

As it is rightly said by Martin Luther King Jr, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 

This is the significance of light in our lives and especially when we talk about weddings.

Weddings are a mark of new beginnings, a journey which two people take together towards their strong relationship.

And this amount of positivity and brightness can only be matched with the beautiful and rustic diyas.

The diya decorations in a wedding can signify the omnipresence of the love and happiness of the couple!

And not to forget that these rustic lights can beat any modern lighting method with their authentic and natural beauty.

To help you plan a wedding décor with diyas, we made a list of ideas that can leave your guests mesmerized.

5 Beautiful Diya Decorations For D-Day

The Rustic Earthen Diyas

The Rustic Earthen Diyas

If you feel that this idea is limited to diwali or other festivals then you are absolutely incorrect.

The brightness of diyas can make the events very ambient and give off positive vibes that should not be missed.

And nothing can be better than the classic earthen diya decorations in this case.

So embellish your wedding venue with these beautiful diyas and illuminate your love!

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The Diya Rangoli

The Diya Rangoli

We have all seen rangolis made of vibrant colors and of fresh flowers.

But have we seen enough diya rangolis as the festoon?

Exactly, you must use this unique idea to beautify your wedding.

Not only will it adorn the venue but will also intoxicate the ambience.

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Diyas Paired With Candles

Diyas Paired With Candles

If you don’t want to go for all the classic and vintage ideas then we have a trendy idea as well!

Imagine the light of diya decorations paired up with candles at your wedding!

Yes, you guessed it right; you can add the white modern illuminating candles with the earthen diyas.

This can be a very good idea to decorate the stage of the wedding, the lights will highlight the couple more than anything!

Diyas Floating On Water

Diyas Floating On Water

Another way you can add diyas in your wedding is by backing them up with the freshness of the flowers and fluidity of water.

It goes without saying that flowers are the key festoon of every wedding because the vibrancy of flowers is unbeatable.

But if flowers are used in the diya decorations then the beauty of this embellishment can increase to tonnes.

You can float these beautiful diyas amidst flowery water to decorate the wedding.

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Decorative Hanging Diyas

Decorative Hanging Diyas

If you find fairy lights magical, then you must definitely go for this idea!

In this the diyas are hung in the wedding décor as backdrops or in the entry, replacing the fairy lights.

But rather than going for the mainstream earthen diyas, we would suggest you to go for the metallic or brass diyas.

These diyas if hung with flowers can give a very traditional Indian look.

Moreover, this can be a very easy way to decorate the venue.

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We hope our blog on diya decorations will inspire you and light up your wedding!

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