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10 Beautiful Disney Princess Inspired Hairstyles For The Chic Bridal look

10 Beautiful Disney Princess Inspired Hairstyles For The Chic Bridal look

Tired of the traditional bridal hairstyles? Looking for unique hairstyles to flaunt at your engagement? From beachy waves to fishtail braids the beauty industry has got several hairstyles to suit every bride.

Found your prince charming and gearing up to walk down the aisle with him to take the vows of eternity. With the wedding bells nearing you must be searching for the perfect bridal trousseau. Just as a bridal trousseau matter for the big day similar the bridal hairstyles also are equally important. The hairstyle is what jazzes up the brides look thus spicing up her overall appearance. Between braided pony tails to curly buns there are numerous ways to take the hairstyles from faux to fab and glam up the look.  The bride being the centre of attraction at a wedding has lots to do on her plate and her decisions are overwhelming. The hairdo needs to be one that matches the aesthetics of the bride’s outfit.

“If you keep believing the dream that you wish will come true” -Cinderella

Brides have you been fascinated by the Disney princess and their wedding trousseau. In every girl there is a princess, awake the princess in you by giving the Disney princess-inspired themes a try. Be it your engagement, mehendi, sangeet or main day ceremony the Disney princess inspired hair updo enhances your beauty and adds more charm to your look. From Snow White to tangled the Disney princess rocked the look with their updo, braid and simple curls adorned with flowers from the enchanted forest. The Disney princess-inspired hairstyles are all about embracing the natural textures of the hair and styling it up like a pro.

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How To Recreate The Disney Princess Hairstyles?

Since you do not have a fairy godmother who would biggity biggity boo and get you a perfect hairdo the recreating of the princess hairstyles might seem a tedious task. Getting your coif as flawless as the Disney princess is difficult but not impossible. For recreating the Disney princess hairstyle the solution is the hiring of a hairstyle who with a swish and whoosh of the brush can whip up the hairstyle that you desire. If you’re planning to recreate the look for your engagement on your own then you need sheen hair polish spray, some bobby pins, hair clips and hair ties. A little twist, a little tug and viola you have the perfect Disney princess inspired hairstyle. If you’re keen on getting the perfect flawless Disney princess hairstyle then you have arrived at the right place. Scroll down to find out about the best Disney inspired hairstyles and the ways to recreate the look.

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Here are some of the best Disney inspired hairstyles that you can consider recreating for your big day.

10 Disney Princess Inspired Gorgeous Hairstyles Perfect To Flaunt On Your Wedding

1. Snow White Bob

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Have you got long lush tresses but the short hairstyles have caught your fascination? Then consider giving the Snow White bob a try. Chopping your long tresses just before the wedding might not be a good idea. You end up loving the cut but it’s going to prove one of the worst mistakes. Instead of the chopping you simply can fake a shorter hairstyle by adding curls for texture and gathering the strands into a loose braid and simply pinning up the braid to create a faux bob. Spray a little hairspray to add texture and accentuate the look of the bob.

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2. Cindrella’s Updo

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Every one of us was surely enchanted by the beauty and charm of Cinderella. We cannot miss out her ball look where she had her dance with her prince charming. When talking about Disney princess hairstyles one cannot miss out on the classic Cinderella hair updo. The Cinderella updo comprises of a bouffant bun wherein the crown is teased to add a little bit of volume. The rest of the curls are twisted and tied up in a loose high bun. The use of a headband or a hair accessory accentuates the look of the hair updo. If the high bun is not your thing then you can recreate the look by opting for a messy lower bun made of curly ringlets for attaining a voluminous look. For a messier look, you can pull out a few strands from the bun and add some sparkle to the hairstyle with a beaded hair piece.

3. Jasmine’s Ponytail

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An absolute whooping hairstyle from the Disney movies is the princess Jasmine braided ponytail. The sassy princess Jasmine fishtail ponytail stirred up the interest of the people. The fishtail ponytail is suited for those brides blessed with long tresses. The hairstyle features a ponytail that is braided at the back and is parted into sections with the use of lacy wedding ribbons or beaded hair ties. The casual and effortless princess Jasmine hairstyle gives a bohemian vibe.

4. Ariel’s Beachy Waves

Source :

Love the open free flowing hairs? Then consider giving the Princess Ariel beachy hairstyle a try. The bouncy and voluminous look of the hairstyle is sure enough to bewilder your onlookers and turn heads towards you. For the beachy waves hairstyle, you need to wash your hair and blow-dry it for adding volume to it. Twirl and curl your hair strands a bit with a curler and make the brush out the curls gently to give the appearance of beachy waves. Make the curls to last longer by spraying on a hair spray. The beachy wave goes well with Indo-western gowns and flared dresses.

5. Belle’s Half Updo

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Remember Belle and her attire from Beauty and the Beast. We loved the pair with Belle managing to tame the beast and transforming him back into the handsome prince. Emma Watson nailed the role of Belle and made girls drool over her outfit and hairdo. The modern twisted half hair updo that Belle sported on her wedding day gave brides #hairstylegoals. For those girls gearing up to be a minimalist bride can give the half updo a try. The Belle inspired hairstyle features half up and half down the route. The hairstyle has strands of hair falling on the face to give a romantic effect.

6. Pocahontas's Straight Hair


Do you have straight and thick hair? Its time to let down your hair and capture hearts with their natural look. If your having a summer wedding then don’t bother your hairs by curling or styling it up as it's only going to last for just a few hours. Instead of curling, the hairs use a bristle round brush to add volume to the roots and keep the rest of the hair sleek with the use of a lightweight serum spray. To accentuate the look you can add a topknot to it before the ceremony for the extra body. No matter whether you pick up western wear or an Indian one the Pocahontas’s straight hair compliments every outfit.

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7. Rapunzel’s  Flower Braid


Remember Rapunzel throwing down her to her prince charming and enabling him to enter the castle tower. Every girl aspired to have long tresses like Rapunzel. Her French braid was considered the epitome of romance. For the Rapunzel hairstyle, you need to tie up your hair in the French braid style and enhance the look with the use of floral accents. Braiding the hairs with flowers and beads adds more beauty to the hairstyle.

8. Anna’s Braided Bun Updo

Source : Disney

We all loved Frozen and Princess Anna and Elsa. The hairstyle of the sisters captivated our attention. Princess Anna’s braided bun updo showcases the medieval times amalgamating with the modern day. The princess Anna’s hairstyle features a simple three strand braid wrapped around a loose bun updo. Add beauty to the hairstyle by pairing it with front end bangs. The sexy tousled hairstyled inspired by Princess Anna goes well with Anarkali suits and lehengas. Enhance the look of the braid by attaching to it floral beaded hair accessories.

9. Elsa’s Fish tail braid


Be it the Frozen princess hairstyle or her matching outfits stole the limelight. It's ok if you do not have long, thick and blonde hair like that of the Snow Queen you can draw inspiration from Princess Elsa’s wedding day side braid. If requirement is you can add more volume to the hairstyle with the use of hair extensions. Before starting with the braid add texture to the hair with the use of texture spray. Tease your hair with a rattail comb and start the braiding. Upon finishing the braid hit it with a dry texturizing spray to give an undone look. Add beauty to the hairstyle with the use of glossy and shimmery hair accessories.

10. Tiana’s Chigon

Source :

A classic hairstyle that never fails to bewilder us with its charm is the chigon. The low chigon hairstyle adds a contemporary edge to the classy traditional attire. The use of modern braiding techniques gives the braid a fresh aesthetic. The hairstyle embraces tight curls and is made by piling up the ringlets on top of the head. Accentuating the look a tiara, headband or clips are added to the style for the extra sparkle. For adding a touch modernity and uniqueness you can incorporate a wreath with leaves.

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Loved the Princess Inspired Hairstyles? Which Disney princess is your favourite? Share with us about your views in the comments below.

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