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9 Cute Ways To Decorate Your (Mehandi Function) at Home in Under 5K

9 Cute Ways To Decorate Your (Mehandi Function) at Home in Under 5K

Pre-wedding functions are not only enjoyable but memorable as well, while on other hand decoration is something which makes it more appealing. There are so many functions performed before the wedding night and Mehandi is one of the main functions which cannot be afforded to miss at all.

Usually, in Mehandi night people dance, drink and eat but bridal Mehandi designs is somewhat that makes it unforgettable.

There are many brides who are tight with the budget because of which they are not able to fulfill all their dreams and desires. Well, now they need not worry anymore as brides can make their Mehandi night one of the best nights by spending very little amount.

Mehandi Function Ideas

Many things can be done no matter whether your budget is 5k, 10k, 15k or 20k. From hiring the best Mehandi artist in Jaipur to latest Mehandi trends, you can do numerous things.

How to decorate your home for Mehandi function?

Along with choosing best Mehandi designs 2018, the decoration is another important factor that should be considered especially if you are planning to have the function at your home. There are so many things which you can do to decorate your home within the decided budget. Here are some of the best things which you consider doing and add seven stars in your Mehandi function.

Ideas if budget is 5k

1. Mehandi competition- You can opt for Mehandi competition theme and decorate house accordingly. You can use bangles and Kalire for decorating the area where the bride will sit.

Mehandi Competition

2. Hair care section- One of the best ways to decorate your house for the Mehandi function is having a hair care section. This is not so expensive and will definitely turn your Mehandi party into classy one.

3. Puppet dance- You can use puppets for making your house ready for the Mehandi party. A huge variety of puppets are available in market at the much affordable price.

4. Dumb charades- It is one of the few games that can prove to be a showstopper. So, if you are adding this interesting game to wedding bucket list then decorate venue accordingly like you can use colorful ribbons, strips and film posters for decoration purpose.

5. A date night- You can set up a date night for couples just by investing in some tables and chairs. You can place scented candles and some exotic decoration piece which will add life to the table.

6. Carom competition- If planned to have carom competition on your Mehandi night, then you can decorate your house with small carom by hanging it on the wall. You can also use its striker and dices for decoration purpose. You can even convert your room into a playing area by putting some table and chairs and changing the lighting.

7. Dance faceoff- If you think that there are some great dancers in your family whom you can adorne, then bring them out and have a dance face-off. This will make your function more memorable and never forgettable.

8. Jugalbandi night- Another great and cost-savings idea of decoration is having a Jugalbandi night. You can have a singing faceoff, in this, there is no need for so much of decoration. Simply have some fresh flowers in the vase, do some artificial lighting and place a hukka in center of the sitting area.

Jugal Bandi

9. Decorate with colorful dupattas- Although, this decoration idea is not new its beauty is unmatched and evergreen. In fact, for this, you need not spend much as you can take some of your mommy’s dupattas and decorate the entire place as per your like.

Ideas if budget is 10k

If the allotted budget is 10k and cannot think of exceeding it, then listed below are some of the top ideas and themes which you can consider.

1. Rustic India- If you are true Indian bride and planning to have all wedding rituals in the true and traditional way. Then, you can also plan your Mehandi function in true Indian style. For this, all you need to have is sunflowers; earthen pots and water which will make home décor look amazing.

2. Balloon décor- This is one of the most adorable DIY decorations which you can consider. You can decorate home by hanging helium balloons on the ceiling along with photos of your would be a husband or your family photographs with help of a string. This decoration idea is very interesting and to make it more appealing you can either use colorful or dark glow balloons which are easily available in the market.

Ballon Decoration

3. Moroccan lamps– This decoration and theme are very sophisticated and classy. But, it can be done just by choosing some right and affordable stuff. You can simply buy Moroccan lamps and place a candle in each of them. This decoration idea will make your Mehandi night just out of the world.

4. Arabian night- You can convert your place into an Arabian night just by using dupatta and colorful cushions which you will find in your home easily. You can even make this décor more eye-catching by decorating walls and hanging some old and rustic lanterns.

5. Marigold wall- Marigolds are the cheapest flowers available in the market till now and even it is mostly in the wedding. So, if you are less with budget and still want to do something unique then can add a wall of marigolds in your house décor. You can decorate walls with it or simply can have an artificial wall full of marigolds beside your Mehandi sitting spot.

6. Umbrella spot- If you have a garden in your house, then find a perfect and shady place where you can place a wooden mast and decorate it with some colorful umbrellas.

Umbrella Spots In Mehandi Function

7. Minimalistic code- If you don’t like to have so much of bright colors around you, then this theme is best for you. This type of decoration is not only cost saving but will make to your house look classy and stylish.

8. A classic theme- To turn your house into a classic stunner, all you need to have is a white crystal chandelier and a clean white sofa which you can have on rent. Some fairy lights and light color curtains will together work as the showstopper.

9. The punch of bright colors- You can decorate your house with paper lamps as well. Co-ordinate colors according to your choice and match it with table clothes and sofa covers. Go with bright colors as they are more appealing.  

Ideas if budget is 20k

1. Story wall- This is one of the best things that you can plan to do and decorate your Mehandi venue with. You can simply tie some strings from one end to another and add some stories on it. This decoration idea is very innovative.

Story Wall Pic

Image Credit: The Wedding Salad

2. Photo booth- There is no doubt in saying that, these days no wedding is complete without a photo booth. Photo booths can be very fun and moreover, some interesting booths can make your Mehandi night more memorable.

3. Mela vibes- You can convert your home garden into meal spot by decorating it with some colorful things like handmade artifacts, dupattas, ribbons, setting up an ice cream stall, water cup stalls and other things. This decoration idea is new and sounds exciting.

3. Pre Holi celebration- If you love playing Holi, then you can turn your garden into a holi place. Decorate garden with colorful ribbons, earthen pots, plates full of colors, water tub and much more. Instead of colors, you can use flowers and play flower holi.

4. Marriage advises wall- To make decoration unique and little hatke type, you can put a marriage advice wall. You can ask married couples to share their experience by writing it on a paper and putting it on the advice wall. You can use colorful papers matching with décor.

5. Rapid fire- There is no one who doesn’t like playing the rapid-fire game, so you can have some fun in the wedding by having a rapid-fire session. You can take help of couples and say them to ask some questions from bride and groom and you can even include family members in this.

6. Tug of war- There are many things which can be done in your Mehandi night and tug of war is one of the few things. In this, you can divide two teams on one side bride team and other side groom team and get evolved into some serious fun. In fact, you can even choose décor matching with the game like can decorate the house with designer dupattas and cushions.

7. Classical tombola game- You can also play house while Mehandi is being applied to your hands. If it is finalized, then you can decorate the house with little miniatures of tombola and instead of having a small number board, get a customized and big board that will make a game more interesting.

8. Golgappa competition- If you have a true golgappa lover in your family then having a golgappa eating competition is must. Such type of competitions makes the function more exciting and enjoyable.

Golgappa Competition

Ideas if budget is 25k

1. Karaoke section- To make Mehandi more special, one can opt for karaoke section which is in trend these days. Having a karaoke section will not cost bride much and above all, it can be used for decoration purpose as well.

Karaoke Section

2. Favor counter- If you are not tight with budget, they can get some part of venue decorated with favor or gift counter.

3. Nail art counter- If you have a gang of girls then having a nail art counter sounds very exciting. This is a great way to start your Mehandi function with.

4. Foot massage section- If you are ready to spend any amount to make your wedding functions memorable then must have a separate section for a foot massage.

5. A section for kids- Keeping needs and demands of kids in mind, you can have a separate section for kids where you can have candies, chocolate, muffins and more.

6. DIY candy or bar section- To make party little interesting and classy you can decorate your house with DIY candy or bar section. This type of decoration is in great demand and seems to gain wide popularity.

7. Tattoo section- Tattoos are in craze nowadays and people are dying to have one on their body as well. So, instead of spending here where you can have a tattoo section which makes your Mehandi unforgettable.

Tattoo Section in mehandi

8. Disco night- Of course, everyone loves dancing and no wedding is complete without dance. So, if you are also a true dance lover then can make Mehandi function outstanding by having a disco night.

9. Set a bangle bazaar- If you want to do something new and fun, they can have a bangle bazaar. In fact, you can even use colorful bangles and decorate the venue with it.

Images Credit: Google Photos And The Wedding Salad

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