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10 Unique Fun Dance Floor Ideas for Your Wedding

10 Unique Fun Dance Floor Ideas for Your Wedding

No wedding is complete without dance and in fact, it is the main element of any wedding ceremony. Due to which it becomes much important that you must hire a DJ player and have the best dance floor after all everyone will dance over it only. Dance helps in keeping your body fit and moreover by dancing in a wedding ceremony you express your love, expression, and joy. Although, your wedding planner can easily arrange a dance floor if you want to do something new, exciting and refreshing then its better that you should go with a customized dance floor. Some of the trending ideas are -

1. Mirror dance floor - Get shiniest dance floors for having best spotlight moment and you can also add different types of accessories like glow sticks, sparklers, disco balls and much more for the revival of trending 80’s. In fact, you can even transform sticks into headbands, bracelets, and necklaces.

Mirror Dance Floor

At the end of the party, guests can even use these sticks for creating a tunnel of love for groom and bride to go through. To build fun factor you can also add glitter shooters, CO2 blasts and conventional pyros or order glow glasses, tapes and glow in dark hula hoops.

2. Checkered dance floor - This type of dance floor is very simple yet effective and appealing. You can have this either for your Mehandi or sangeet party and groove on the beats with your gang. This concept is cost friendly and clicks friendly as well that can help in getting best photographs which you can cherish throughout your life.

Checkered Dance Floors

3. Printed dance floor - A custom and printed dance floor can match perfectly with your wedding décor and this is one of the latest trends getting famous in India. You can select favorite pieces of arts and get it printed on flex board that later can be glued to dance floor.

Printed Dance Floor

With this look, your dance floor will just look killer and bomb. There are so many colors which you can choose and if you are considering this kind of dance floor with flower decoration guide then go for metallic colors.

4. LED dance floor - Other than projection lighting, LED dance floor idea is also new in the market. You can prefer this dance floor for reception party or any related function. From white illuminated to twinkling LED lights, there are so many available in the market to choose among. You can even try multi-colored lights which will revive80’s spirit.

LED Dance Floor

5. Acrylic dance floor - If you are having a reception party at the outdoor venue then acrylic dance floor is one of the best ideas to go with. You can experiment dance floor of different shapes and sizes on which you will love shaking legs. You can go with shapes like heart, hexagon or circular but the choice is all yours. You can even try bright and eye-catching colors for acrylic flooring and amplify centerpiece.

Acrylic Dance Floor

6. Out of box dance floor - If you are looking for such an element which can bring wow factor to your wedding and make it more memorable then opt for out of box dance floor. Apart from having square, rectangular and circle dance floor, go for the non-square shaped floor which is getting quite popular these days.

Out of The Box Dance Floor

It is the perfect way of getting the cohesive look between your reception and ceremony. Forgetting one for your reception party take help of budget wedding planners. There are many party planners out there in the market who are well experienced and arrange anything within a couple of minutes.

7. Monogrammed dance floor - Monograms are easy, best and cost-effective way to decorate dance floor for the special day and this will even help in branding your wedding day. This is another great idea which your guests will never forget throughout their life.

Monogrammed Dance Floor

You can even have custom made flooring made of your choice and either has the full name or only first letter of name monogrammed on the dance floor. This wedding decoration hacks seem to have impressed many couples.

8. Over the pool dance floor - Other effective and budget-friendly wedding stage decoration tips include considering a dance floor over swimming pool. If you finalized a resort or poolside area for your wedding, then need not to worry anymore as you can turn a pool into a dance floor by covering it with acrylic flooring.

Over The Pool Dance Floor

Imagine you are surrounded by water all around and dancing with your spouse on it. This idea is just mind blowing and have impressed many couples due to its uniqueness.

9. Starry night dance floor - If you want to make your wedding or reception party more special, then starry night dance floor is one of the best options to go with. This is basically a customized dance floor which can be tailored according to the needs of bride and groom.

Starry night dance floor

There are many top stage decorators in Jaipur whom you can contact if planning a destination wedding in Jaipur. They help you in getting best and fun dance floor. For this kind of dance floor projection lighting is used and along with stars couple can also enjoy constellations on the dance floor.

10. Decorate dance floor with vintage rugs - If having a traditional wedding ceremony then no other option can be better than vintage rugs. You can make a dance floor with vintage rugs, this will not look only unique but appealing as well because no couple would ever think of trying this. Along with being cost friendly, it is effective, easy to set and carry many other benefits.

vintage rugs dance floor

There are so many options available in the market today which you can prefer or you can use the above-mentioned suggestions.

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