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Creative Pineapple Decor Ideas for Weddings: Seen None Like These Anywhere

Creative Pineapple Decor Ideas for Weddings: Seen None Like These Anywhere

Wedding decor nowadays is not about normal kind of stuff. It is more vibrant, classy, trendy and on the whole, depends on wedding couple how they want and on what theme. It is totally experimental now and ones don't know what kind of wedding decor ones can see when they go into someone's wedding. Perhaps it can completely surprise you or not so. Today we are going to tell you about pineapple wedding decor that could surprise you and you may want in your wedding too or any kind of other occasion. One thing is clear, it is awesome.

So for your wedding and ceremonies, here are the awesome pineapple wedding decor ideas that you would love to see. Yeah, but remember don't eat them. They are for decoration.

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Creative Pineapple Decor Ideas for Weddings

Astounding Pineapple Table Decor

via pinterest

Have you seen the Hollywood movie Despicable me in which Gru there. This pineapple table decor with goggle on it, cut in spiky hairstyle looks same like Gru, and when put as a table decor, it would be stuff as entertaining.

Pineapple as Drinking Glasses

via pinterest

You must have drunk wine in your favorite glasses but have you drunk in pineapple glasses? No, then this time in your wedding if you are going to set up a bar, then the drink must be served in pineapple glasses. These are the real pineapple glasses, fruit empty from the inside. When drink drunk with it, it gives you a different taste.

Sweet Flower Pots

via pinterest

These sweet tasty pineapples can also be used as flower pots decoratively. You can put as many flowers as you want to, and a kind of organic flower pots. You can use them for home use also rather than just for wedding.

Tropical Scenery

via pinterest

If you want to give your wedding venue a kind of exotic and tropical vibes, then the installation of pineapples can do wonders. It is one of the best pineapple wedding decor ideas.

Center Decor Piece

via michelle's

If in your wedding, you are not going to have a buffet system, rather going for table seating system, then you can use pineapple as center decor idea putting it in the center of every table.

Gold Plated Showpiece for Elegance

via pinterest

Though you can put it anywhere wherever you want to put, wherever this decor item put, it would add elegance.

Cute Electric Lamp

via pinterest

Pineapple as electric small lamps or lights look cute and when as hanging lights, they can give your eyes to relax when you look at them. Use them as hanging lights.

A big Pineapple Flower

via evolve wedding

Suppose that your wedding is going to take place in a good greeny wedding lawn. In the center of the lawn where guests will be sitting on chairs, near it there is a big pineapple stands made of flowers. It totally enhances your wedding venue look.

Beautiful Side Seat Decor

via pinterest

For wedding decor, wedding planners have all various creative ideas and this one is also good where not putting it in the center you can use it as a side decor idea. Just at the corner at the entry gate, pineapples can be put with flowers.

Classic Photo Stand

via pinterest

Suppose that if in your wedding you want to put so many photo frames, then you can use these colored pineapples as photo frames stand. Hanging photos have become an old idea. Hence this time use these pineapples as photo frames.

Gift Tags/Wraps

via pinterest

When wrapping gifts, these pineapple cut-cards can be used as gift tags. These look awesome and give a new kind of feel when given to guests.

Pineapple Lamps

via pinterest

You must have seen them in many restaurants and these days it is in weddings too, pineapple lamps. During the night when everyone having dinner, at your table pineapple lamps burning with little flame, it makes the atmosphere nostalgic, and who gonna don't want to go back and remember those sweet old days.

These are all the best pineapple wedding decor ideas that you can use in your wedding, a kind of experimental decor but a good one. Seeing these all ideas if you have any other creative ideas, you can tell us in the comment section below, and if you have used in your wedding, you can share the picture of them also. You can also read our other blogs on wedding decor ideas that are informative.

Credits:- evolve_weddings

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