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The controversial Jinnah Wedding in Bombay!

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The controversial Jinnah Wedding in Bombay!

About Jinnah

Jinnah was born on December 25th, 1876 and as per official records, this year is 140th birthday of Mohammad Ali Jinnah well known as Quaid-a-Azam. Jinnah is well known as the founder of Pakistan and also country’s first governor general. There are so many controversies related to Jinnah and there is no denying in saying that, he gained popularity because of these controversies.

Jinnah Family

These controversies not only affected his personal life but also have an impact on the history of Indian sub-continent. He was well known about his politics and as a lawyer and more for his personal life. The popular belief is that Jinnah was an aloof and cold man incapable of love and romance. But, was it the real truth or something else was there?

His Personal Life & Weddings

Emi Baai

Jinnah was married first to Emi Baai at the age of 15 or 16 and according to the records of his school, he took leave for a month so as to spend some time with his wife. But, soon in February 1892, he moved to England for his further studies. In fact, as per the reports, there is no news regarding whether or not Jinnah ever saw his first wife again.

Emi Baai Jinnah

Emi Baai passed away when he was in England. At the age of 25, he turned into a successful lawyer somewhere in Bombay and was known to be the most dashing bachelor.

Rattanbai Petit

Jinnah was once again in controversies when his second marriage took place in the year 1918. His second wife was Rattanbai Petit granddaughter of Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata and Dinshaw Maneckji Petit. When she married Jinnah she took on name Maryam Jinnah but continued to be known as Rattanbai.

Rattanbai Jinnah

Rattan Bai Petit was the only daughter of the richest man of Bombay and Ruttie was well known because of her incredible beauty. Anyone who ever met this lady fallen in love with her beauty and in all over Bombay was named as Flowers of Bombay. Jinnah uses to spend two weeks every month in Darjeeling with Petit family in the year 1916 and here romance between Jinnah and Ruttie blossomed.

Although it is hard to guess why Jinnah fell in love with Ruttie, it was pretty clear that why Ruttie fell in love with his personality. Soon, they both decided to get married but at that time, Jinnah was 42 & Ruttie was just 16 and they have still wait for 2 years. Then on 8th March, Ruttie ran from her taking everything and married Jinnah in Jamia Masjid. This was a huge step for which Ruttie paid, she faced enormous trauma for being cut-off by her own family, community and friends. She never could talk about this to Jinnah, as he wouldn’t understand, she anticipated.

In 1919, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter Diana Jinnah. Both Jinnah and his wife wedding became a big battle which cracked their private lives, as well. Ruttie always in search of some quality time with her husband after the wedding, who didn’t focus on anything but his work. Jinnah didn’t even show interest in the upbringing of his child.

Jinnah was a self-made man who struggled a lot to support his family while Ruttie didn’t even think twice before making expensive purchases. The reclusive Jinnah and his free-spirited wife, it wasn’t a match made in heaven. Sheela Reddy, the senior journalist wrote in her book – The wedding that shook India. Though the personal life of Jinnah always remained under covers much was revealed by the letters written by Sarojini Naidu and Ruttie (placed at the Nehru library, Delhi).

The letters clearly indicated that Mrs Jinnah was trapped in many situations which were difficult to survive in. Jinnah growing interest in law and politics isolated her. Her last letter said, Remember me as the beloved flower that you plucked, not as the one you tread on. 


In spite of all the troubles, the Jinnah were attached to each other even after their marital life ended. Perhaps, it was their mutual affection only that a frolicsome girl like her eloped with a man of his father’s age and Jinnah too risked his political career by getting into a controversy and bad press.

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