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Spreading Christmas Joy: 50 Perfect Christmas Gifting Ideas For Newly Weds

Spreading Christmas Joy: 50 Perfect Christmas Gifting Ideas For Newly Weds

Wedding is a blissful occasion that celebrates the union of two souls in the bond of togetherness. A couple who gets hitched receives numerous gifts on their wedding of which some would near stand as mere showpieces in their homes. A wedding gift should be one that is of use for the couple. We know that finding the perfect wedding gift ideas for newlyweds is an arduous task. Typically you would want your gift to be unique and also would be useful for the couple. Deciding a gift for those couples who already have everything and are prepared for their new life ahead becomes all the more difficult.

 A wedding gift should be one that adds a personal touch to the occasions and also showcases the emotions behind. Gifts like a fancy showpiece although it would look beautiful while gifting but in the long run would not be of any use to the couple and stand remain laying around their corners covered in dust. Instead of the showpiece gifts like a customized penholder set or perhaps a dinnerware set would prove to be a practical and personal gift for the couple. You could gift them with things that have a class such as a getting them a couple’s sauna session voucher which would aid them to get rid of the wedding stress.

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With the festival of joy round the corner its that time of the year again that you sing the carols and binge eat on plum cakes. If you have some close kith or kin of yours who have recently got hitched then you must be looking forward to gifting them with a Christmas present. Christmas not only celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ rather it is also a festival that spreads the joy of giving. The month of Christmas also witnesses the union of two souls as many couples pick this period for tying the nuptial knot. For couples who get hitched in and around the festival it would be their first Christmas together. For those guests who have received an invitation for a Christmas wedding the first thing to strike their mind is the wedding gifts for newlyweds. If you’re confused about what unique gift you could gift to the couple then you have arrived at the right place. Here to resolve your query we have brought for you a list of the best Christmas wedding gifting ideas for couples. Scroll down to know about the various Christmas wedding gifts that you can consider for gifting to the couples.

#50 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Newly Married Couples

Christmas is the time of celebration and reunion. It is also the beginning of the holiday season. While some go off on a vacation with their families, some step in the door of new beginnings and get hitched. For those couples seeking to tie the knot during the holiday season finding a perfect gift for them would be a difficult task. If your hunting the market in search of best Christmas gifts for newlyweds then you would come across various options. The plethora of gifting ideas makes selecting the perfect gift a dainty task. You could take the traditional route and gift the couple with the same old gift of bedsheets, cookware or merely the Shagun ka lifafa or perhaps you can stand apart from the league and gift them something offbeat like Mosiac art photoframe or Home theatre which would be of their in the future ahead. Confused about what to gift the newlyweds? Worry not as we have got you covered. Read on to get inspired by these unique Christmas gifting ideas for couples

1. Decanter Set

Decanter Set
Credit :

Christmas is the time of celebration and for those couples who have got married recently must be planning for their reception and house warming party. Assist the couple to spruce up the party as you gift them with a personalized decanter set.  A beautiful decanter and whiskey glass set paired with a beautiful keepsake box are all that they would need on a cold winter party. To add a touch of personalization to the gift you could get the names of the couples and their wedding date engraved on the decanter set. Let the family and friends raise a toast in honor of the couple and share a round of drinks with the whiskey set that you gift them.  The keepsake box can be used by the couple for storing and safeguarding their wedding memories such as the invitation, wedding pictures, and templates. The decanter box would safeguard the whiskey set but also is perfect for putting up on display.

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2. Personalized Chopping Board

Personalized Chopping Board
Credit :

As per the saying that the way to a person’s heart lies through their stomach. What else could be a useful gift for a couple than a personalized chopping board? Engraving the couples name and wedding date on it adds dash of personal touch to it. The personalized chopping board is a not just a practical gift but also a beautiful addition to the kitchen décor. For those couples who love to cook together, this would be a gift that they would love for sure. He can chop the vegetables and fruits on it while she can prepare the sauces for the curry or she can simply use it for shredding cheese whilst he minces and marinates the meat. The chopping board would allow the couple to spend some quality time alone in the kitchen and would be an ideal Christmas gifts for newly married couples

3. Wine Glass Set

Wine Glass Set
Credit :

A couple who drinks together stays together, lol! For sake of those newlyweds who love their glass much as they love their food, a wine glass set would be a perfect gift. A glass of fine wine, good food, Netflix and chill this gives them a perfect start to a chilly winter night and also the ability for the couple to take a break from their monotonous life and spend quality time together. The couple might already have a set of wine glasses but their personalized glass set spruces up their romance. To add uniqueness to the gift you can gift them with an engraved cork shadow box that would help them to display all their wine corks.

4. A customized journal for their adventures

customized journal for their adventures
Credit : Pinterest

A cute and customized journal would give the couple a right start for their adventures ahead. It would aid them to jot down their travel tales as memories forever. While others choose to gift them with the traditional gift you give them a way to create memories that would last for a lifetime. The journal would be a great Christmas gift ideas for newlyweds and it would also aid the couple to create memories together.

5. Lovebirds Christmas Ornament

 Lovebirds Christmas Ornament
Credit :

What is the first thing that strikes your mind when somebody talks about Christmas? Perhaps a Christmas tree, right! A Christmas with a X-mas tree is deemed to be incomplete. It is the couple’s first Christmas together post the wedding. So are you looking for gift ideas for newlyweds first Christmas then why not  be their Santa as you gift them with a beautiful and personalized lovebird's Christmas tree ornament. Give the Christmas tree ornament a personal touch as you get the couple's name and wedding date inscribed on it along with the placement of their picture on it. The lovebird's personalized ornament would be a special addition to their Christmas tree. Enhance the charm of the ornament as you gift it along with a personalized tree topper for their Christmas tree.

6. Customized Name Plate

Customized Name Plate
Credit : Pinterest

Post the wedding many couples move their base and shift to a new house. For their new lovers paradise why not gift them with a customized name place. A wooden nameplate with their names or surnames engraved would serve as a perfect gift and give the guests the right welcome. It is a gift that they would cherish even in the longer run. The beautiful piece of décor would make their house a bit homey and it would also remind them of the special bond of love that they share.

7. Teapot With Infuser

Teapot with infuser
Credit : Pinterest

 Are the couple one of those ardent tea lovers? Why not then gift them with a teapot with infuser. The teapot with infuser not just gives a perfect start to their mornings but also the right ending to their day. Let the couple sip on the goodness of nature as they brew organic and herbal flavored tea in the teapot with infuser. The teapot with infuser Christmas gift would delight the couple for sure.

8. Matching Couple T-shirt

Matching couple t-shirt
Credit : Pinterest

 Let the couple to flaunt their couple goals to the world as you gift them with matching t-shirts. The couple can wear the t-shirt at during and show their #couplegoals to others. You can choose to gift them with t-shirts with slogans or caricatures or perhaps quotes of their favorite movie inscribed on it. If your looking for personalized christmas gifts for newlyweds then the matching tshirts would prove to be a great idea.

9. Bottle Of Exclusive Red wine

Bottle of exclusive red wine
Credit :

 Instead gifting something to the couple why not show at their Christmas party with a bottle of wine from their favorite brand. A bottle of exclusive red wine gives the perfect start to those conversations at the Christmas party thus serving as an ideal Christmas gift for the newlyweds.  Sing away the Christmas carols, chat over a glass of wine and munch away those gingerbread cookies, sounds so Christmasy right! What are you waiting for grab a bottle of the fine wine and head off to the couples house.

10. Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree Ornament
Credit : Pinterest

Christmas with it brings the happiness and joy of sharing. The endless shopping spree for Christmas also includes the tree decoration ornament. Save the couple from the hassle of shopping for the Christmas ornament as you surprise them by gifting a box of designer Christmas tree ornament.  Bring out the child in the couple as you gift them with the Christmas tree ornament. You can gift them designer Christmas tree ornaments like ones with characters of their favourite cartoon or perfect of a couple, sounds interesting, right!

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11. Monogrammed marble coasters

Monogrammed marble coasters
Credit :

During the cold winter season the hot beverages get cold soon. Allow the couple to sip on the hot goodness at their own pace as you gift them with a set of monogrammed marble coasters. The marble coasters with the initials of their names in calligraphy style engraved on them are surely going to bewilder them. Amongst all personalized Christmas gifts for newlyweds the monogrammed marble coasters adds class and sophistication to the couple’s home. The guests visiting the couples home would be impressed by the unique appearance of these classy coasters. Be it a cocktail party, family get together, board game night or movie night the monogrammed marble coasters are the perfect accompaniment for the occasions.

12. Board Games

Board Games
Credit :

Do the couples have an adoration for board games? Did the love for board games got them united? Then why not gift them with set of their favourite board games. The set of board games allows the couple to spend quality time with each other and also with their friends and family. So for those gaming nights the set of board games serves as the perfect Christmas gift.

13. PhotoFrame

Credit : Pinterest

While the other guests choose to gift the couple with showpieces, bedsheets you gift them with memories. Puzzled about what we are talking about? A photoframe with a picture of their best wedding moment inside it serves as the best christmas gift for newlyweds. Though photoframes are traditional wedding gifts but a customized one is what separates it apart from the league. A personalized photoframe with a love quote or First Christmas engraved on it along with their wedding picture inside it makes them nostalgic and to walk down the memory lane everytime they see it. The photoframe with their wedding picture inside it reminds them of their special day of love and is a gift that they would cherish forever.

14. Travel Bag

Travel Bag
Credit : Pinterest

Christmas is the onset of the holiday season. During the holiday season the couple would be planning for their vacation. Let the couple to get set with their vacation by gifting them with travel bags. Set of those travel bags would assist them in packing for their journey. Could there be any other thoughtful gift?

15. Christmas Quilt

Christmas Quilt
Credit : Esquire

Winter is her finally here and with the cold winds blowing outside snow covering the roads its that time of the year again when you bring out your winter essentials. This Christmas gift the newlyweds with some warmth as you give them a quilt. A quilt serves as the best gift ideas for newlyweds first Christmas. Let the couple to snuggle under the warmth of the cozy quilt and spend quality time together during the chilly month.

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16. Mason Jar Mugs

Mason Jar Mugs
Credit : Pinterest

Does the couple like to start off their day on a healthy note with a sip of nature’s goodness? Then a set of Mason jar mugs serves as the ideal gift for the couple. The Mason jar mugs allow the couple to sip on their favorite juices and cocktails.

17.  Coffee Maker

 Coffee Maker
Credit : Pinterest

Are the couple those ardent coffee lovers? Delight the couple as you gift them with a coffee maker. It is that time of the month again which calls for a cup of hot coffee or coco and marshmallows. The coffee maker serves as the ideal Christmas gift for newlyweds during the winters.

18. Tin Of Homemade Cookies

homemade cookies
Credit : Pinterest

Delight the couple as you gift them with winter goodness, a tin of homemade cookies. If the couples love cookies made by you or your family then the tin of cookies would serve as the best Christmas gift for them. This Christmas spread joy around and be the Santa to the couple by giving them with a box os sweet delights.

20. Christmas Decoration

Christmas decoration
Credit : Pinterest

 Christmas is all about decorating the house and the tree. These being the first Christmas of the couple, then why not surprise them by giving them boxful of Christmas decoration ornaments. They can pick to ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree or on the house. The box of Christmas decoration would help the couple to bring in Christmas cheer and decorate their home for the occasion. The boxful of decorations serve as best Christmas gift for newlyweds.

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21. Scented Candles

Scented Candles
Credit : Pinterest

Post the wedding the couple would have shifted to a new home. Gift the couple with aroma therapy as you give them scented candles. The scented candles would make their home to smell good all time.

22.  Baking Set

Baking Set
Credit :

Does the couple love cakes or cooking? Then why not delight them by gifting them exclusive baking set. The baking set would help to couple to spend quality time together and also to bake their favorite homemade cookies, cakes and other baked goodies.

23.  Custom Flasks

Custom Flasks
Credit : Pinterest

Let the couple to carry warmth with them to wherever they go. Gift them custom flasks to enable them to carry their coffee around. Custom flasks with the initials of their names written on it serve as best personalized Christmas gifts for newlyweds.

24. Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs
Credit : Pinterest

For the couples who like to start their morning with a steaming hot cup of coffee a coffee mug would be an ideal gift for them. To add a touch of personalization you can get the couples name inscribed on it or get their image printed on it.

25. Jar Of Hot Coco Powder

Jar of Hot coco powder
Credit :

Does the couple love chocolates? Then why not gift them with a jar of hot coco. The jar of hot coco during the cold season proves to be ideal christmas gift for newlyweds. A piping hot cup of coco would be welcoming during the winters and on the days when they fall ill.

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26. Custom tissue box

Custom tissue box
Credit : Pinterest

A red sneezy nose, watery eyes and a sore throat winter with it brings the chances of catching a cold. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Prepare the couple for their sick days ahead as you gift them with a handy set of custom made tissue box.

27. Coffee Powder

Coffee Powder
Credit :

During the foggy winter nights all that the couple would want snuggle under the warmth of their quilt with a hot cup of coffee. For those foggy nights why not have gift the couple with blended coffee powder from their favourite brand as their Christmas gift.

28. Book set

 Book set
Credit :

Does the couple love to read? Delight them as you give a set of their favorite book. What could be a better Christmas gift for newlyweds who are bookworms than a set of their favourite books by their favorite author.

29. Beautiful Night Lamps

Beautiful Night Lamps

Help the couple to illuminate the night as you gift them with beautiful night lamps. The night not just illuminate the room in the darkness of the night but also can be used as a décor essential.

30. Led Glow Wall Sticker Set

Led Glow Wall Sticker Set
Credit : Pinterest

Remember the days when the glow stickers were a trend. Revive back the charm of the glow stickers as you give the couple a Christmas gift of Led Glow wall sticker set.

31. Monogrammed mittens and Christmas Stockings

Monogrammed mittens and Christmas Stockings
Credit :

Have you always been fascinated by the Christams stocking and cute mittens? Then why not gift the couple with some warmth this Christmas. A pair of monogrammed mittens and Christmas stockings serves as the ideal personalized christmas gifts for newlyweds.

32. Paintings

Credit : Pinterest

Does the couple loves art? For those art lovers why not gift them with paintings. A painting by their favourite artist would delight them for sure.

33. Personalized jewellery

Personalized jewellery
Credit :

Who said jewellery is just meant for females? Surprise the couple as you gift them with personalized jewellery such as platinum bands or chains.

34. Cozy Robes

Cozy Robes
Credit : Pinterest

 For those chilly winter mornings when getting out from a warm bed seems like a task. Why not gift cozy robes to the couple for those early mornings. The robes would keep them warm and aid them in getting ready for the day.

35. Designer Toaster

Designer Toaster
Credit :

For those working couples who like to start with their day with a cup of tea and toast a designer toaster would be the ideal gift. A designer toaster is best gift ideas for newlyweds first Christmas.

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36. Cute Cushions

Cute Cushions
Credit : Pinterest

For some Netflix and chill moments why not give the couple a gift of cute cushions. The cushion sets are perfect décor essentials for livings rooms and drawing rooms and they also add a dash of color to the space.

38. Designer Dinner Set

Designer dinner set
Credit : Pinterest

Christmas is the time of celebrations and the couple would be expecting guests at their home for the party. Help the couple to get ready for the party as you gift them with designer dinner set. The designer dinner set serves as one of the best gift ideas for newlyweds first Christmas.

39. A Polaroid camera

Polaroid camera
Credit :

 Marriage is about creating memories together ones that last for a lifetime. A Polaroid camera helps the couple in creating memories and capturing them in frames. So for all their crazy moments of togetherness a Polaroid camera serves as the best Christmas gift.

40. Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones
Credit : Pinterest

For those couples who love listening to the music a wireless headphone is the perfect gift. Say goodbye to the tangled mess of the wires and introduce the couple to the world of tangle free music.

41. Sleek Sofa set

Sleek Sofa set
Credit :

 When the couple moves in a new house they go on shopping for new furnitures. Help them to save on a few bucks as you become a good friend and gift them with a sofa set. A sleek sofa set looks classy and sophisticated thus serving as perfect Christmas gift for newlyweds.

42. Bar cart

Bar cart
Credit : Pinterest

During Christmas or new year the couple would be hosting a party. Add class to their party by gifting them with sophisticated and elegant bar car for the cocktail hour soiree.

43. Book Rack

Book rack
Credit : Pinterest

 Are the couple ardent bookworms? Then they would defiantely need a book rack for arranging of their books. Why don’t you gift them with a book rack as a Christmas gift? Sounds like a great idea,right!

44. Personalised Rugs

Personalised Rugs
Credit :'

During the cold winter season help the couple to keep their house warm with rugs. The personalized rugs serve as best Christmas gift for newlyweds.

45. Aromatic self care box

 Aromatic self care box
Credit : Pinterest

 Winter with it brings dryness and flaky skin. During the dry winter season an aromatic self care box serves as the best Christmas gift for newlyweds. The self care box

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46. Luxury Pasta Making Set

Luxury Pasta Making Set
Credit : Pinterest

For the couples who have a love for Italian food a pasta maker would serve as the ideal gift. The luxury pasta making set allows the couple to satisfy their cravings for Italian food.

47. A lavish dinner date

A lavish dinner date
Credit :

 Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage but during the ceremonies the couple got less opportunities to spend quality time with each other. This Christmas play the role of cupid for the couple as you gift with a lavish dinner date. The dinner date would be a pleasant surprise for them and would allow them to spend quality time together with each other.

48. Doormat

Credit : Pinterest

Post the wedding the couple must have moved to their own place. A doormat would be the perfect Christmas gift for the newlyweds then.

49. Designer Laundary Basket

Designer Laundary Basket
Credit : Pinterest

In winters one tends to ignore the laundry and the clothes keep on piling up. Help the couple to get organized as give them a designer laundry basket as the Christmas gift for newlyweds. The laundry basket would help the couple in arrange their laundry washes in proper order.

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50. Electric Lunch Box

Electric Lunch Box
Credit : Pinterest

During winters a hot lunch is sure bliss. For those working  couples a hot lunch becomes a dream. Surprise the couple as you become their Santa and gift them with electric lunch boxes. The electric lunch boxes allow the couple to enjoy warm lunch during winter office hours.

So these are a few Christmas gifts for the newlyweds. Did we inspire you with these ideas? Which idea inspired you the most? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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